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1 22nd April 16:38
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Default For Fogelberg Fans (acoustic electric)

Sounds great Stan. I'll check it out. Really enjoyed the IA album. Funny. I
found myself just the other day staring out my office window, strumming the
intro to Nexus off that album. His early stuff really influenced me to ditch
the electric and focus solely on acoustic, particularly fingerstyle. Along
with JT of course. And early Windam Hill stuff. And, and....<yawn> too tired.
Goodnight and thanks for sharing.

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2 22nd April 16:38
david wolfe
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Default For Fogelberg Fans (love guitarist time hot acoustic)

Thanks for the 'heads up' Stan. I really liked the 'golden era'
Folgelberg stuff (Innocent Age, Phoenix, Neverlands, Twin sons..) but
not much since.

Kind of funny though - the only time I ever saw Dan live was back
1986 or so. He did an incognito tour through the Colorado mountian clubs as
'Frankie and the Aliens'. This was back in his beard days - he had just
shaved and
no one knew who it was. He hired a couple a hot Chicago blues players (a
and a blues harpist) and did a all blues set with his own drummer & bass
No Folgelberg stuff at all - almost two hours of non-stop blues. When he
played in Denver it ws leaked out who he was - so his two shows at the
Rainbow Music Hall (held about 800) sold out in hours. Great show -
really showed me how good the boy can play. ButI still love his
acoustic oriented stuff best....glad to hear he is finally back to form..

Denver Dave
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3 23rd April 14:57
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Default For Fogelberg Fans

Ah! I miss the Rainbow. Only had to seat behind the pole once.

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4 23rd April 14:58
stan milam
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Default For Fogelberg Fans (so the band time the end)

Dan is quite the consumate musician. In the liner notes it is quite
emphatically expressed that he played ALL the guitars on the new CD. I
saw him in concert about a year and a half ago and much of the second
set was dedicated to playing blues music with the band.

The first time I saw him in concert in 1979 it was just him, two
guitars, and a piano. I was disappointed at first that he was not
playing with a band. By the end of the show I was so glad I came
because the guy just blew everyone away. I did not know one guy could
play a guitar so well.

This is an interesting story about Dan too. I wish I could have seen
this concert.
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5 23rd April 14:58
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Default For Fogelberg Fans (stories)

I haven't paid much attention to Mr. Fogelberg in a while, but this mention
reminds me of when I used to hear him in little joints in Peoria, Bloomington
and Champaign, Illinois.

When Irving Azoff left his booking agency in Champaign, after installing his
agency's bands at every possible bar in the state of Illinois (a major boon for
those of us in high school - we could hear great bands everywhere and the
small-town bars were doing too much business to card hard.... All you had to do
was drive down to the next town and you could get right in...), he went to
California taking only Danny F. with him.

The rest of Irving's and Danny's stories are pretty well known, along with the
creation of the Eagles and all, with Irving peaking (?) as chief of the MCA

It's nice to hear that Dan is back.

Thx for the memories,

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