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1 10th May 14:21
External User
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Default Hearing Loss Due To MP3s?

I came upon this information and the implications are vast enough that I
thought some of the group might want to be aware of it. Check out the site:

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2 10th May 14:23
al evans
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Default Hearing Loss Due To MP3s? (compression blue)

Hmmm, well, I looked at it, but saw nothing but some strong assertions. for example:

Where does this "likely" come from?

Uh, right. Fatal. Isn't that a little strong? :-)

Now let's talk about the danger of looking at images with lossy
compression, reduced from nature's full spectrum to only red, green,
and blue... If you sit too close to that TV you'll go blind! :-)

Sorry, I just detest pseudo-science. Even if it's put on the internet
by the "teachmaster of LOGOLOGIE - the first cyberage-religion".

--Al Evans--
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3 10th May 14:24
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Default Hearing Loss Due To MP3s? (the last head them)

I agree with your concerns over the author using terms that over state things
for drama's own sake.

I also agree that techo babble / "religion" is a dangerous thing. Just like
too much of anything. Both science and religion have as many supporters as
detractors for any position taken on any subject.

No I was not offering up today's Dogma. It was just something that I found

But, there are aspects of the author's concern that are consistant with other
concern's expressed by digital designer's at places such as MIT that I have
spoken with over the last year.

For me......I am from the 1:1 ratio ****ogue school. My concept of "quality"
audio is based on a two inch tape running over an eight track head at thirty
inches per second. I prefer the "sound" of a point to point wired tube amp and
/ or preamp mounted in a steel chassis over almost any digital that I have
My second fave being a class A discreet transistor design with plus and minus
supplies. The one exception for preamps in my book are the new D/A's and A/D's
from Benchmark Audio. I found those to be quite breathtaking. I heard things
that I had never heard before coming off of known tapes.

I was not and am not saying that the author is "correct" about anything. I
was just sharing the information for future points of reference for all.

I find that when I hear similar information from different sources, only then
do any assertions become more plausable.

Truth and realities are where we find them.

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