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1 25th July 01:29
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When I first saw the Soler and a few other Larrocha items I had not
seen reissued before for sale on the El Corte Ingles website and
ordered them, I had not paid much attention to a tiny line running
along the bottom of the covers.

It indicated that these were "new remasterings" (in Spanish).

I have investigated further, and now received all the other volumes in
a series entitled "Grandes Compositores Espagnoles". (Incidentally
there are a total of 18 volumes in this series all advertised in a
full colour insert in all the volumes. Think of it! EMI actually
telling you what else is available!)

Immediately I put on the "new" remastering of Larrocha's famed Spanish
Hispavox recording of Iberia.

I could hardly believe my ears. Quickly I put on the 1992 remastering,
released on EMI for comparison. There IS no comparison. Gone is the
nasty hiss and brittleness of the first job. In its place is Larrocha
in her prime. Of course the piano tone itself is not ideal, a trifle
more metallic than I would like, but no longer the beer-barrel I have
been used to for so many years. What a transformation!

I have yet to compare all the other items which have been "newly
remastered", but one suspects that they will all have received a
thorough sonic cleaning.

Since I have always felt that this period represented Larrocha's best,
I can only applaud whole-heartedly. My wallet is considerably lighter
as a result - ARGH!!! - but I don't give a damn. The first set will be
sold off immediately.

Let's hope that EMI sees fit to distribute these formally through
their system. There are English notes, but no French or German,
unfortunately, which makes the internationalization of the Spanish
product quite difficult. In the meantime, for those who simply cannot
wait - and I am one of those - El Corte Ingles is the source.

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