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1 7th June 21:52
philippe kirsch
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Default Little Woohoo! (them fender strings)

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, i went to Trier, Germany, because i wanted to have the
pickups in my esh bass changed. The low and the high strings sound
quiter than the other 3, because the pickup blades are too narrow. I
also took my fender j because i wanted to have new pickups for that one
too. I had tried basslines stacked j's and i didn't like them at all. So
i thought maybe the kent armstrongs would do. So i got a set of PUs and
a setups of the J. Boy what a difference! setup is now marvellous! With
a little extra money and work, a standart fender can really sound and
feel great, but right out of the box...
I'll post a picture of my "customized" J...

Best regards,

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2 10th June 15:32
kirk cazee
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Default Little Woohoo!

How do you like your Esh bass? I have a chance to buy one but I have never
played an Esh. A small review of good and bad would be appreciated.

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3 10th June 15:33
philippe kirsch
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Default Little Woohoo! (neck sustain armstrong taste switch)

So this is what mine is like:
In fact it is a copy. It has an ash body, sunburst, and a rockmaple
neck with a rosewood fingerboard, black hardware. It's got 2 kent
armstrong musicman pickups, a piezo integrated in the bridge and 4
controls: volume, tone, pickup selector (4 position switch: neck PU, PUs
serial with midboost, PUs parallel, bridgepickup) and a output selector
(4 position switch: studio, passive, passive with piezo, active with
piezo); i.e. you have a lot of sounds at yours fingertips!

Okay, i'll try to do my best to give you the good and the bad points:

Good points:
*Extremely lightweight
*Very low setup
*Good sustain
*Perfect neckshape (well i had it made to my taste, the esh company is
just around the corner over here)

Bad points:
Th pickups have to small pole blades, so the lowb be is a bit weak, BUT
i will have them replaced in 2 weeks.

In general, esh basses are ver good instruments, where you can get
classical sounds out of, as well as more modern ones. What you get for
your money is a lot more than you would get from other companies.

What model could you get?

BTW, the us site is
and the German one is

Let me know if you got one!

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