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1 23rd July 17:48
john lucas
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Default Lucas: Cake farting (time)

To tell the truth I don't like fake women. Pamela Anderson & Jenna Jameson
don't interest me at all. I like real women. Not that Hollywood cookie
cutter blonde type.

So that was his first clue right there.
Don't know if he simply typed that up or that he found someone else named
"John Lucas" who wrote that but that's not me.

Everything I write I am not ashamed of. I don't use aliases because I don't
have nothing to be ashamed of. Though I understand why people do as
evidenced by the actions of you sickos.

He wants to post a post that shows I like voluptuous women? So what? (raises
hand) Guilty. Love 'em. Love 'em to death! Nothing finer than full figured
fine females. Mm-MM! I got nothing to hide. I'm proud of it. He's not
embarrassing ME.

See the truth of the matter is YOU GUYS. There's something disturbing about
people who invest their time into stalking & hunting people over the
He was SO threatened by my presence in this newsgroup & SO threatened by my
standing up for MJ that he couldn't take it anymore & chose to try to
"expose" me for some odd reason. To "debunk" me whatever that's about.

Stalking PEACE, stalking Pam, stalking Deggie. What's with you guys? If you
can't handle the heat stay out of the kitchen. Keep it in the group & do
battle like a man.

I'm of the opinion that YOU brought him here Tournishit. He acts just like
you. You pulled this stupid shit earlier. Just like Pam says you are the
*****-ass coward. But I already knew that anyway. I been here long enough to
know what kind of character you have.

So keep up your stalk routines. It's not gonna do you any good. I'm not
going anywhere. This will only make me get in your face more. If anything
it's a testament to my standing in this group. I MUST be a force for you
guys to go all out like this like you did with Pam & that PTA shit you
pulled. The General is still here & ~I~ am still here. You boys will just
have to be threatened like the song says. John Lucas
"Tourniquet" <> wrote in message
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