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1 7th September 23:35
jim graham
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Default Pickup Hum Help Needed (acoustic electric)

Teach it the words......, sorry, couldn't resist. But seriously, could it
be the guitars jack? I have had to replace the jack in my Takemine electric
acoustic for a different reason(contact wear causing cutting out), but the
repeated action of plugging in and unplugging does wear these out. Whether
it could cause the problem you're having or not I don't know but replacement
jacks are about $10.00 to $15.00,

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2 7th September 23:35
david enke
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Default Pickup Hum Help Needed (pickup)

Hi Chris,
most likely, the shielding foil paper on the pickup has developed a small
crack in it. This might be able to be fixed, but adding extra copper to the
active part of the pickup in the saddle will also likely 'damp' the sound.
If the break is not in the saddle area, you can probably patch it with some
conductive backed copper tape.

David Enke
Pick-up the World
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3 7th September 23:36
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Default Pickup Hum Help Needed (taste time)

Hi Chris,

I've had this problem develop, over time, with two Yamaha pickups (the
original and the replacement) in a Yamaha APX-4A. The first
replacement was under warranty, but Yamaha wanted $115 for a second
replacement. I decided that, for that kind of money, I'd be better off
replacing the pickup with a Baggs LB6. As it turned out, the LB6 is
perfectly compatable with the guitar's onboard preamp, it hasn't given
me a bit of trouble, and it's "thick" sound goes very well with that
little guitar. For my taste, it sounds much better than the original

Getting to the hum thing - as I understand it, this happens when the
insulation peels back and the actual sensing material is exposed. (I
vaguely recall the Yamaha tech support guy saying something about the
laminate coming apart.) In any event, a new pickup is needed. (Sorry,
I know that's not what you wanted to hear.)

I recall that David Enke has answered this question on occasion, and
I'm sure that he could give a more understandable and thorough answer
than I just did. Why don't you bring this question back around later,
after he's finished with the NAMM trade show.

Good luck,
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4 20th September 12:48
tony done
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Default Pickup Hum Help Needed (wire pickup)

Mine developed the same fault, caused by the problem noted by David Enke. It
was fixed (by a good repairer) by putting a thin brass shim under the
saddle, earthed directly to the jack by a wire through a second hole in the
saddle slot (at the opposite end). No problem for a few years, then it
started humming again. I cleaned the foil wrap on the pickup, removing the
flaking varnish, and it has worked fine ever since.

The brass shim was too thin to affect the tone.

Tony D
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5 20th September 12:48
External User
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Default Pickup Hum Help Needed (them pickup)

Oops, I stand corrected by both David and Tony. You might not need a
new pickup, afterall, Chris.

My only excuse is that I have no experience with a Fishman pickup
breaking down in one of my guitars. I've always pulled them out of the
guitar long before they had a chance to break down. I could send you
one of them, Chris, but they are for the 1/8" saddle width.

Sorry for the bad advice.
Gary Hall
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6 20th September 12:49
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Default Pickup Hum Help Needed (pickup)

Thank you all.

Maybe a good excuse to change to a different pickup?

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