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1 5th May 22:16
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Default Question about Three Dog Night's LIAR (instrumental the last tune strings solo)

It's been mentioned a lot of times, but many DUnhille ABC singles were
different edits, takes and mixes than the same songs as found on
stereo LPs.

LIAR seems to have three instrumental parts that were either
subsituted, remixed or edited differently:
the intro (LP: keeps a guitar backing, single: has strings right
before the vocal)

the midsection (LP:repeats the aforementioned intro, single: has a
flute solo; both versions have this section's sharp guitar "stings" to
the tune of the chorus)

most of all the ending (LP: a organ solo; singlergan, sax, and
guitar freakouts..)

I bet those were just edited in different places besides the editing
(halfing, to be precise!) of the 2nd and 3rd chorus and the last part
of the midsection and the shorter fade...

BTW thanks to his 1965 solo ROSES AND RAINBOW I know WHICH Three Dog
Nighter does vocals, Danny Hutton, and he in point of fact sound
EXACTLY like the grown up (and then-PARTRIDGE FAMILY scamp) Danny
Bonaduce ('s KYSR/STAR 89/7 FM's Jamie (White) and Danny
(Bonaduce) show).

(Still having trouble telling Chuck 'n' Cory apart, and I was
actjually AROUND then).
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2 5th May 22:16
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Default Question about Three Dog Night's LIAR

I saw Chuck Negron in concert here in Las Vegas two weeks ago and found
myself wondering what songs he didn't sing lead on, on the records. The only
hits he left out of the concert were "Try a Little Tenderness" which he
mentioned was sung by Cory, and "Black and White", which wasn't even
mentioned. I've always thought Chuck didn't sing lead on "Mama Told Me Not
To Come", which he did include in the show. The whole thing left me
wondering who sang lead on each of their hits.
The Other Diane
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3 5th May 22:17
marc wielage
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Default Question about Three Dog Night's LIAR (instrumental them)

Yes, that's very true. In most cases, only the mono single mix was the one
played on most radio stations. The stereo mix was the one released on the
album, and my memory is that they didn't often do a stereo single mix for a
lot of the hits from this era (late 60s/early 70s).

In the case of "Liar," the mono single mix is on the "Celebrate: The Three
Dog Night Story 1965-1975" CD, and there's an interesting extended stereo mix
on the Time-Life "Sounds of the Seventies - 1971: Take Two" CD. You'd have
to compare them back and forth, preferably in a recording studio on a digital
audio workstation, to really determine the precise differences. Sometimes,
they're fairly radical: totally different instrumental backing, different
vocal takes, etc., but often it's just a mix difference, with some
instruments and vocals sounding louder (or softer) than others.

This kind of thing is discussed frequently on Mike Callahan's BOTH SIDES NOW

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4 5th May 22:17
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Default Question about Three Dog Night's LIAR (solo)

Try A Little Tenderness (Cory)

One (Chuck)

Eli's Comin' (All three sing on the intro in this order: Danny, Cory,
Chuck....the main song is sung by Cory with brief interjections by Chuck
(the high parts).

Easy To Be Hard (Chuck)

Celebrate (All three take a turn on different lines)

Mama Told Me Not To Come (Cory)

Out In The Country (All three sing in unison throughout)

Joy To The World (Chuck)

Liar (Danny)

One Man Band (Chuck and Danny sing in unison except for a brief solo by
Chuck in the middle)

Never Been To Spain (Cory)

Old Fashioned Love Song (Chuck)

Family Of Man (All three sing lead on different this order:
Danny, Chuck, and Cory)

Black and White (Danny)

Pieces Of April (Chuck...also Chuck did all the background vocals on
this one by overdubbing...Danny and Cory don't appear anywhere on this

Let Me Serenade You (Cory)

Shambala (Cory)

Sure As I'm Sitting Here (cory)

Play Something Sweet (cory)

The Show Must Go On (Chuck)

Till The World Ends (Chuck)

For other in depth Three Dog Night reading materials I have a Three Dog
Night tribute on my webpage
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