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1 15th June 09:14
External User
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Default slow downer program (them guitar parts)

Hi all, was wondering if anyone knew of a slow down program for computer
that is best one to use. Is the program Transkriber any good for starters
or is there a better one out there?
One that you can take out tracks like singing or bass would be awsome to
separate the guitar parts to learn them would be awsome.

Thanks in advance .

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2 16th June 07:17
stephen messenger
External User
Posts: 1
Default slow downer program (love)

I don't know if that's the program you meant, but I love "Transcribe!"
It's the best slow-downer I have found (beats all the WinAmp plugins
both for features and functionality). I would not be where I am today
in terms of learning songs and writing tabs if it weren't for this
program. The best part is that it will loop any part of a song so you
can play along, at any speed, over and over, with very little sound
degradation compared to other slow-downers.

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3 16th June 07:17
lon smith
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Default slow downer program (free)

Many people like transcriber, I however really like The Amazing Slow Downer
found at You can try a trial version for free.
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