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1 22nd July 13:02
greg pierce
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Default The "Flying C" Svetlana EL34 V.S. the New Sensor Svetlana EL34? (glass may)

On Mon, 08 Dec 2003 01:05:00 +0000, the highly esteemed JTM50 enlightened
us with these pearls of wisdom:

The question about the winged C and New Sensor Svetlana tubes seems
to come up at least once a month.

Here's the deal: After the former Svetlana partenership here in the US
went under (shafting the factory out of a reported $750k or so in the
process), the "Svetlana" name and the two-tone "S" logo got sold to
New Sensor. Supposedly, New Sensor is marketing tubes made by
Reflektor as "Svetlana" tubes, with the "S" logo on the glass. They
are NOT made by SED in St. Petersburg (SED is an acronym for
Svetlana Electron Devices, the REAL Svetlana). This is standard
bullshit marketing, just like Richardson does with the Bugle Boy

You may still see some old stock Svetlana tubes with the "S" label
that are the real deal. They will have the winged-C logo on the glass
as well, in a goldish-colored semi-transparent ink. When in doubt, look
for the winged-C logo.

As for a redesign, I haven't heard anything. They may have made some
small change or modification.

Here is the winged-C logo that you need to look for:


--The software said it requires Win2000 or better, so I installed Linux.
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