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1 22nd April 13:09
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Default Guy Clark Song Sis D****r (tune)

In addition to a song about Soldier's Joy, Guy Clark has a song called Sis
D****r based on the tune Arkansas Traveller anyone familir with it and was
there really a Sis D****r? The Soldier's Joy tune he connects to Sis D****r
but I forget exactly how.

The chorus of Sis D****r goes

Sis D****r she's the Devil's daughter
Plays the fiddle daddy bought her
Plays it like her daddy taught her
She's a travelin Arkansawyer
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2 22nd April 13:09
dave douglass
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Default Guy Clark Song Sis D****r

I heard an interview with Guy Clark (my favorite songer/singwriter) and
there is a real Sis D****r. He mentions her in another song I can't
recall right now. I can't remember any details about Sis.

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3 23rd April 11:25
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Default Guy Clark Song Sis D****r (stories player think family)

I heard Guy Clark in concert last summer and he talked all about this
thread of songs. Another of which is "magnolia wind". He said that
this all originates with a friend of his who is a fiddle player, Sean
Camp his name was I think. Sis D****r was the woman who taught him to
play the fiddle. They then elaborated on these stories, coming up with
Soldiers Joy to tell the story of how fiddle playing got started in the
family. Terrific song by the way.
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