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1 23rd May 01:13
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Default hohner electravox (hohner)

You will need to supply some more information. What kind of accordion,
what brand power supply, How old, model number etc. There is just
not enough info here to go on. Do you know the part numbers for the
bad parts?

John C.
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2 23rd May 01:13
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Default hohner electravox (hohner)


what you really need then is the schematics, and
they should be available from Hohner... once you have that,
a decent tech can figure out a new power supply for you
based on the voltages and amp's that the system requires.

power supply technology is not complex, modern components
can easily replace older types (we even have/had little
plug in diode arrays that were direct replacments
for the 5U4 tube (rectifier tube) in all the old amps.

even many old style complex transformers are still available
though often a different size...

good luck


It uses many obsolete parts like germanium
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