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1 3rd April 08:42
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Default What's a Sohmer & Co Cabinet Grand Worth (may grand)

Cabinet grand was a marketing term used to promote the taller upright model in
a company's product line, it has no other significance. As far as worth, most
old uprights (what you have) aren't worth much at all. There's no antique
value, and at its age it is ready for some seriously expensive restoration
work. It may look nice, and it may even play nice. But age takes its toll on
felts, wood, etc.

Sohmer made some good pianos, but that doesn't mean anything much at this
point. It's just too old. If it is doing what you need it to do, enjoy it. But
don't spend a lot of money on it thinking you've got anything valuable. It's
just another old upright. They're a dime a dozen.

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