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1 16th April 06:33
the puppy wizard
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Default Discipline


It's all the same same same same, kids, dogs,
spHOWESES, all the same same.

Right, like when we scold a dog or child for doin sumpthin BAD.

The body invents DIS-EASES in response to those stresses.

RIGHT. Those are LEARNED qualities. And you\
can't learn to concentrate if you're anxiHOWES.

No. There's nuthin that bein lienient is gonna
LHOWES UP. It's the intermittent negative
interactions or neglect, that cause opposition and DIS-EASE.

Right. But in your work with scouts you're working
as a leader, teaching respect and discipline by
demonstrated self example, not force.

That reference regards to GUIDANCE, not punishment.
The rod is used to GUIDE, not BEAT the animals, unlike
it's use HERE by melanie chang and Master Of Deception
blankman and their ilk who BEAT their dogs in the face
with their shepherd's crooks so they don't ATTACK the
sheep. Unless they're doin a sheep herding clinic, then
they can beat the sheep till it's nose gets bloodied and
everyWON will say the sheep didn't get hurt...

We've got to teach parents better methods
and criminalize ALL punishment and punish
the abusers. Hmm.... that's a contradiction,
ain't it.

I guess we gotta TEACH the parents and E***POSE
the TEACHERS we got like professor SCRUFF SHAKE
who CAUSE these problems and PUNISH THEM.


Perhaps we'll just EDUCATE J.Q. Pubic and warn
them of the DIS-EASES we can contract from listening
to university behaviorists. And THEN punish them if
they should ever try to DEFEND themselves.

Perhaps THAT'S HOWE COME professor SCRUFF
SHAKE and his ilk won't DIS-CUSS BUSINESS with The Puppy Wizard.

You're missing the point, EEng. If appupriate methods
are USED you won't NEED ineffective inapupriate
methods as a LAST RESORT, cause after THAT,
comes a life of misery abuse and incarceration
and it continues generation after generation. "The
son of a slave, is a slave," A Creole Expression.

No. What we're SEEING are the RESULTS of
HOWER E***PERT behaviorists who TEACH
us to scruff shake and punish and lock dogs and
children in boxes and ignore their cries so we don't SPOIL them.

NO, EEng. That's what JUSTIFIES abuse.

There's NO BLAME for all this, it's HOWE we've
been TAUGHT. If you wanna BLAME anyWON
let's BLAME the univeristy trained behaivorists
who jerk and choke and shock and bribe and
punish and allHOWE dogs and children to E***PERIENCE their CONSEQUENCES.

Webster's defines discipline as TEACHING

Of curse. But scruff shaking insulting tormenting
denial and bribery are not discipleship.

That's cause they're repressed, not cause they're
given TOO MUCH freedom. Like Adam & Eve,
they had it ALL except WON SMALL THING that
they didn't even NEED or know nuthin abHOWET,
till they took the opportunity when the boss's back
was turned, to break the WON "NO!" that they had...

Right. Perhaps that lesson from the Bible would
teach us not to tell HOWER dogs "NO!" if we
don't want them to steal HOWER stuff soon as
we turn HOWER backs.

The fastest way to get a dog or child to take
sumpthin IT ain't supposed to have is to tell
him he can't have it... and give him free will
and turn your back.
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