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1 29th January 11:21
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Default Red Dobe Pups?

I'm looking for a high quality Red Male Doberman puppy - preferably in the
NY area - anything within a reasonable drive. This Red guy must have
excellent confirmation potential and be large boned. I don't want a giant
just a good sized dog. He will become a family pet as well as participate
in Obedience trials and agility competitions. I am having a hard time
finding a Red - Blacks seem pretty easy in this part of the country. I am
experienced in the breed and know what I'm looking for - just can't seem to
find it. Anyone have any leads? Thanks, David
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2 30th January 11:13
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Default Red Dobe Pups?

Since you are experienced in the breed, have you attended your local dog
shows and asked Doberman people there?
If you subscribe to Doberman magazines, you will also find lots of links I'm
sure. How about your nearest Doberman Club or Association?
I do find it a little odd that you require a "large boned" dog. A Doberman
with large bone or at least larger than his breed/size would call for, would
certainly not conform to the Standard.

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3 30th January 11:14
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Default Red Dobe Pups?

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003 04:28:19 GMT D&LBusch <> whittled these words:

If you want a "high quality" dog your best chances of connecting with
such a breeder is at the sources where people are showing off those

That might be a contradiction in terms. The doberman is supposed to be
an agile dog. That quality doesn't fit well with "large bone". I would
not expect a dog with heavy bone to do well as a conformation prospect.

"Large boned" is a good quality for a dog whose work involves brute
strength, such as a draft dog. A heavy or dense bone structure will
impair jumping ability and often structural flexability.

I recommend going to agility and obedience events, contacting and even
joining your local Doberman club. Check yahoo and other discussion lists
for groups relating specifically to your breed. You can quickly narrow
down your list of breeders by checking who tests for cardiomyopathy. If
both sire and dam have not been cleared by a cariodologist you probably
want to keep looking.

Diane Blackman
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4 30th January 11:20
darby wiggins
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Default Red Dobe Pups?

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