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1 19th August 17:02
External User
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Default Feedback about my bedding

Lyn, I think you must be confused about some things dear, that must be
why I received these emails from those of you and others who have
brought from me.......

I got it yesterday and we are all very pleased!! Meeko, Maxi and
Fudge have all cuddled up in it and have approved it! It fits their
cage just right, too.
Thank you so much! Mind if I tell everyone on-line?



All I can say is WOW. I love the hammies so much! I just got them
, put them in the cage and my boys are going nuts over them. ~ They
are absolutely beautiful ...expect many future orders from me, as much
as my ferret account allows.

Thanks again!

~ Erika ~

I am so glad I found your website, you will be getting more orders from

Sandy (SanguineSandy)

Beautiful, beautiful job!! My mom was impressed too, she said she
couldn't believe the ferrets' bedding looks better than hers now ;o)
I'll definitely buy some more when summer comes ... in fact, I don't
think I'll ever waste my money on pet store hammies again.
Yep, that's right, you'll hear from me again )


Hi Karen,

Sorry I didn't get a note out to you yesterday. The bedding arrived

It's darling, so warm & inviting. I almost want to change their
bedding just to see it in the cages...but not quite . Even the new
bedding isn't going to make me do the weekly bedding change & laundry
before I have to.
But it really is lovely.

The bedding itself is functionally designed & appears well constructed,
as well as being very, very attractive (which is why I like it in the
1st place).

Thanks for getting it to me so quickly.

Best wishes,


I heard your stuff was nice but they didn't do your bedding justice,
this is beautiful. Can't wait to order more.


Very very nice and so pretty.

Katherine (gator)


the eggs arrived today. They are awesome! Hotspur (our youngest)
promptly grabbed one and stashed it under the dining room table while
she was out exploring.

I've got some cat friends that might be interested as I suspect we
might have a war here in our house!


Thanks for the eggs!! They like them
I let them out for the first time in a couple days (outbreak of
earmites, had to dry everything in the dryer and sanitize everyting in
their room) and they went nuts, especially with your eggs

Thanks again, you do beautiful work!!

Just wanted to you to know , got the hammies and they are wonderful my
baby's love them. My big boy Dakota started to lounge on them as soon
as I got them out of the box. Also wanted thank you for the eggs Dakota
also loved them as soon as one rolled out of the box he picked it up
and started to play with it and took it under the couch along with one
other one and was shaking them, would not even let my 2 girls Nikita
and Peaches have them. Now they have both disappeared under the bed
hidden in his special spot. The other 4 did not give to them yet
because he probably would take them and hide them. Thanks again I am
sure I will order from you again.


Karen! Your hammies are GORGEOUS. The best I've ever seen. Thanks! It's
too warm to try them just yet but I know they will be a big hit. I got
them just one day after you sent them but keep forgetting to send you
the pics of Magick "checking out" his new present Here you go,


Hi Karen,
Sorry for the tardy response - there is much on this small mind of
mine. Yes, everything arrived as anticipated. I have two wonderful
girls, Tilly - 6 yrs. and Sadie Mae - 1 and a half yrs. Tilly is
slowly developing an interest in the crochet eggs, however Sadie Mae's
joy was spontaneous. She now devotes a substantial part of every day to
her new fascination. They are wonderful fun. Also, the hammy is
wonderful! The combination of colors and patterns is quite nice. It
even smells nice. I especially like the overall construction. The joint
of the fabric to the nylon loop at each corner is quite strong and a
very clean design. As you might expect, I have a variety of other sleep
hammocks, sacks and tubes. None of them show the intelligence and
quality that your hammy does. I had intentions of using it as sort of a
blanket throw for the top floor to my two level carrier which I use to
bring the girls to the park in (we go for walks quite regularly).
However, fine art must not be hidden - it must be conspicuous and
appreciated often. Our new hammy is the center piece of our evening
sleep cage. I, Tilly and Sadie Mae thank you very lots.

May hard times tire and turn away before they reach your door.

Mike Lagrou


this is my second order for your bedding. Im so impressed with the
quality. for awhile I needed to wash the ferret bedding everyday and
your bedding came thru washing and drying daily with absolutely no wear
or tear!! My ferrets often go to bed without needed to be rounded
up!!! just awesome is the only real description I can give. thank you
so much for offering such inexpensive high quality bedding.


Dear Karen

I cannot tell you how much I love your products. Thank you so much for
contacting me threw the ferret club. My order arrived today and I am
just so impressed with the quality of your items. I just can't wait to
meet up with my ferret friends and show them your products.

Please let me know, if and how I can help you with your quest for the
fuzzies. I would be more than proud to help in any way I can.

I will be moving on Oct 1st, but I will email you my new mailing
address and I will keep my aol log on.

I only wish I lived closer to you so I could help you with your quest
to help the wonderful creatures.

Please let me know if I can be of any kind of help to you, I really
want to help your quest.



Karen, you bedding is very nice, I especially like the quilted centers
you use in the bedding. I will be ordering more.

Lyn Love

Hi! The first part of my order came in. I'm really pleased with the
bedding! Do you ever do special orders? If you do special orders
please quote me a price.
Thanks again,



I received it the other day and it was absolutely beautiful! You do
such good work. I immediately replaced our store bought hammy with
yours and all our furbutts LOVED it. Things are always nicer when they
are homemade. They also went nuts over the crocheted eggs but my alpha
male, Rudy, insisted on picking each of them up and hiding them in his
cubby hole . . . he's a little selfish that way!


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2 19th August 17:02
External User
Posts: 1
Default Feedback about my bedding

I know you wish you were me. Just a word of advice.....if you're going
to pretend to be someone you're not, at least learn to spell their name
correctly!! LMAO

Too bad you have to make letters up since you don't have any real ones.
That says it all.
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3 19th August 17:02
External User
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Default Feedback about my bedding

OMG!!! LMAS!!! Making up your own reviews. Oh Crap!!!! BTW, KFK,
you attribute this to me

"Karen, you bedding is very nice, I especially like the quilted
you use in the bedding. I will be ordering more.

Lyn Love"

I attempted to order a piece of your bedding, yes as a joke but I paid
for it. I have never ordered from you, nor would I except AS A JOKE!
LMAS! Add in, you spelled my name wrong! Show the origional paypal or
copy of my check KFK. You can't because like most you spew it's a lie.
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4 19th August 17:02
External User
Posts: 1
Default Feedback about my bedding

Ladies you are both sputtering, calm down, take a chill pill.

Hey I have had these comments from former bedding customers on my site
for over a year. Did I make all this up well over a year ago?? I
think not. As I stated earlier, I rest my case.

Eat shit and die both of you because you are both liars and coudn't
tell the truth if your sorry ass lives depended on it. lol lol

Go find a new target, you are no longer a worthy adversary. Not to
mention I refuse to do a battle of wills with an unarmed IDIOT.
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5 19th August 17:02
External User
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Default Feedback about my bedding

Lyn, I hate to embarass you further, but I do have my own standards, I
refuse to take RUBBER checks from people. Don't make me have to go
into details, that is why you used PayPal the last time when you tried
to do that bullshit order with me but I am a little smarter than you
and it didn't work did it precious........

Now please, go find a new target, I am getting extremely bored with all
this. For a little excitement and certainly more entertaining than you
and your bitch squad, I am going to wash m windows today. Have fun
without me.........

Lynnie, I do believe your are TOAST bitch. Hon, you really should try
to stay in your own league. Don't try to play with the adults if you
are not equipped to play and join in with the grown-ups.
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6 19th August 17:02
External User
Posts: 1
Default Feedback about my bedding

How about producing my order for your can't. In fact,
you can't produce one single email communication from me, ever. Never
happened. Never will.

And, LynN and I (KathArine) know how to spell our names. You
apparently don't. If you're going to lie about bedding sales, since
you don't have any real testimonials, at least learn how to spell the
names right.

Idiot!!! LMAO

You really are desperate, aren't you.
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7 19th August 17:03
External User
Posts: 1
Default Feedback about my bedding

Oh, ok. I get it. You were faking reviews all along, not just
recently. My gosh, KFK, you really do need help.

Again, prove me a liar. Show proof that I have ordered from you prior
to May 05, the order that you refused and then piddled around with me
over the refund. I will be checking Killer, my name(even spelled
wrong) better not be on your site as a testimonial. Don't bother
asking what I'll do, you'll find out soon enough.
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8 19th August 17:03
External User
Posts: 1
Default Feedback about my bedding don't even want to go there, KittenKiller.

You are pathetic.
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9 19th August 17:03
External User
Posts: 1
Default Feedback about my bedding

WOW what a LIAR you are. I have NEVER bought any of you BEDDING! Why
would I buy bedding from AMERICA when I can get it here, plus I make my
Your one sicko cow! I've not done anything to you.
After reading this site, I've come to the conclusion you must of
escaped from a mental insitution or are heading for one. Your sad.
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10 23rd August 22:40
External User
Posts: 1
Default Feedback about my bedding

hey gatorbait
This is my fight
stay out of it unless you want to tangle with me next
I'll handle KK all by myself.
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