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1 10th August 14:54
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Default Summing all this up in a nutshell.

Sharon I think I finally have this figured out. It took me a while, I
am used to dealing with sane people and to deal with this bunch, well
lets just say to begin with you have to think like an idiot, be a drunk
and a druggie would probably help as well, ate up with jealousy, and
your basic garden-variety bitch.

Girlfriend, you and I discussed it about this bunch getting their
knickers in a knot when you book came out and this is nothing more than
the old green-eyed monster.....petty jealousy in other words. You have
done something not a one in the group could ever hope to do and it is
chapping all their big fat asses. They may rant and rave and stomp
around but I betcha each and every one of em will have a copy of your
book as soon as it hits the shelves in whatever city they park their

McKabe, you are a moron plain and simple.

Now as far as me and what I have done and it is nothing like you all
have tried to make it look, you have tried to turn that into something
else. A family takes their ferrets and for whatever reason they ban
them to their garage. Summer is coming on, high temps, lots of
humidity, not an ideal situation for ferrets and Sharon don't you have
something in YOUR book about temp extremes and ferrets?? It is a very
poor set up and Rosie gets out. She spends 2 weeks on the streets, TWO
WEEKS ON THE STREETS and somehow she manages to not starve to death or
get eaten by another animal. Someone sees her and takes her to animal
control and turns her in. Director takes one look at her and first
because she is turned in as a stray, he is required to hold her for
X-number of days to give her former owners a chance to find her if they
would get up off their asses and make a few calls. He then makes the
decision if she is not claimed or adopted right away when she becomes
available for adoption, she will be put down due to the adrenal

Now........ all this is happening 60 miles away from where we are. I
get an email alerting me to the fact there is a little ferret at animal
control in bad shape and needs help desperately so I check it out. I
call, talk to the people, get all the particulars on the situation,
John and I discuss it, we talk about the money aspect of it; we know
about the adrenal disease and we also know if we take her we will be
responsible for her surgery. Now....... while all this is going on,
the previous owners live right there where animal control is located,
NOT some 60 miles away like we do. And yes they did call three times
and ask if a ferret had been brought in but the idiots neglected to
leave a name or phone number as a contact in case one does come in.
Not real bright on their part, to me it was a half-hearted effort on
finding her, they didn't run an ad in the paper which they could have
done for FREE, even their own vet Dr. T. told me they did very little
to try to find her.

Okay............. she becomes available for adoption on Monday but we
don't go to pick her up until on Friday so that gave them an additional
4 days to locate her.

When we went to adopt her we were asked where we live and since we live
outside the county, we were asked if we had any ties to the county;
either one of us work there or have family there and I said no but we
were members of a ferret club based in the area and I also had my
membership card with me and the lady said that was good enough for her.

Her adoption was done legal, everything about it was done legal.
Animal control was so happy that someone was taking her, they never
charged us adoption fees on her, they sincerely wanted this little girl
to get a chance at a home with someone who cared. The lady at the
front desk asked me to let them know how she does and I told her Rosie
would be going the next week for a pre-op exam and get her adrenal
surgery scheduled and she said that is great, I am so glad you all are
taking her.

Following week I get the phone call which that woman could not have
called me had I not given our ferret club prez permission to let her
have my number. Seems to me if I was doing something bad or trying to
steal someone's ferret I would have refused permission to give out my
number. Did we need another ferret?? NO. Did we want to take several
hundred dollars and pour it down a rat hole just for the hell of it??
NO. BUT we saw a little ferret that had been terribly neglected by her
former owners and we had the opportunity to do something to help and we
moved on it. Nothing criminal or malicious I can see about it. I had
2 very simple questions to ask that woman, what took them so long to
find her and why had her adrenal disease been let go for so long. At
the time I asked those questions, I had every right to ask it, we were
the legal owners of Rosie at that point, they had been stripped of all
their rights to her by the state, I was under no obligation to even
talk to her. I did tell her husband during our last conversation that
if nothing else I would think they could appreciate the fact Rosie had
been adopted by someone who cared about her future, cared about what
she would be going back to and cared about if she was going to get the
medical care she so desperately needed. His response?? He said
something to the effect for me to go **** myself.

Ok........ I stopped answering my phone, screening my calls and I could
see on the caller ID it was her calling but she wouldn't leave a
message. I had spoke my peace with the idiots and wished to have no
further contact with them, my mind was made up, there was no way in
hell I was sending Rosie back to them.

I called animal control and spoke to the director and told him what was
going on. He pulled Rosie's paperwork, went over everything with a
fine-tooth comb to make sure everything was exactly as it was suppose
to be and it was. He said he would give them a call and tell them to
knock it off, the adoption would stand. I start getting phone calls
from Malisa our ferret club prez and she said this crazy woman was
calling her day and night, screaming, cursing her, threatening her,
basically acting like a total jackass. And I would like to remind you
up to this point, NOT ONE QUESTION had been raised about Rosie's
health. I was not asked once if she was eating, playing, NOTHING.

Later in the day their vet Dr. T calls me. In the beginning he was
leaning on me about keeping Rosie but this was before I sent him pix
showing him how bad of shape she was in. HE HAD NEVER SEEN HER, HE HAD
what these people were telling him. He all but called me a liar about
all the crazy phone calls and the threats and the screaming and
carrying on so I told him fine, they are your clients, you call
them................. and unfortunately for them, he did call them and
he found out I was not lying, they went off on him and THAT is exactly
when he washed his hands of the whole situation. I called animal
control again and talked with the director and told him we need some
help getting the phone calls stopped and I also told him about Dr. T
calling me. The director was pretty surprised, he said you mean Dr. XX
*** called you and I said yes he did and he said I will take care of
this right now, the guy was pretty ticked. He assured me again, Rosie
was our ferret, the previous owners had been stripped of all their
rights to her, and he told me he thought it was a very decent thing
what we were trying to do for Rosie.

John got home from work, I was upset, told him about all the phone
calls including Dr. T's call and he said what is his number...... I
gave it to him and John called him. They talked for a good little bit
and that is when Dr. T told John he was out of it, he had talked to the
people or attempted to talk to them and they go into a tirade on him
and he said he was washing his hands of the whole matter.

On Friday of that same week Rosie goes to our vet for her pre-op exam
and we scheduled her surgery. Dr. C doesn't do surgery every day and
he only schedules 2 or 3 procedures at the time so it was going to be 3
weeks until he could do her.

This is not the first time I have attempted to explain this to you all
but it will be the last time. I thought maybe one of you would have a
lucid moment and might sober up long enough or be straight long enough
to be able to read it and absorb it.

Do what you want, think what you want, say what you want but we did
everything we could for Rosie and everything we did for her was done
with a hell of a lot of love. None of you are willing to see any of
it, you have to twist things around, re-write things, keep the lies
going because it is me and I find that so dam funny. You all are
willing to make total jackasses out of yourselves to try to make me
look bad.

You have tried to attack Sharon about her book just because you don't
like her and I find that so petty and small-minded but those would be
the only kind of friends you could attract to your coven; petty and
small-minded. For the rest of us, we see what total bitches, liars,
and troublemakers you are.

Hey McKabe, did you know Deb Godwin is very much alive?? lol lol I
would be pretty pissed if someone had done a number like that on me and
made me look like a complete fool. Oh and I loved your post on the
FML.... yes I have known Ms. Poehlin for several years. Lying bitch,
ferret two and a half years ago and didn't know you s*** bags for
probably another year so how does that amount to SEVERAL YEARS?? Just
like everything else you do, you have to take it and twist it and put
it out there for the way you see it and not how it really is. McKabe,
you think maybe you been riding your BOBs too much and you are
absorbing excessive amounts of mercury from the batteries??
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2 12th August 16:27
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Default Summing all this up in a nutshell.

It only takes one partial word out of the title of this post to sum you

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