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1 19th April 12:00
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Default Super Duper Terrific Vet! (long-ish) Sorry!

But what do you give in appreciation?

Thomas had his left eye enucleated today. That eye had always had a
slightly "froggy" look to it, but in the last month it had gotten
worse to the point that the right eye was sinking in. He was rushed
to the emergency vet one night when it seemed he had a fever &
something behind his eye imploded. My regular vet, who is super,
duper special herself, referred me to an Ophthalmologist that after an
ultrasound of the eye determined there was a mass behind the eye &
that the eye was basically useless. The vet & her staff made what
started to be a very traumatic ordeal for us into a very positive
event & Thomas, who only had the surgery about six hours ago, has been
up & demanding to be let out of his cage already. He's eaten baby
food, g****s, & ferretvite & sharked & danced his way up & down the
hallway. She said it was very interesting working on him because she
had to use a magnifying glass to get the tube down him. Her
receptionist thinks he's the coolest things with four legs & is
totally taken with the idea of hammocks in his carrier. Tried to make
a collar for him so he doesn't scratch at the stitches, but he's so
tiny nothing works. We're just watching him very closely.

We would like to very much do something for this very super, duper
lady & her staff, but we're not sure what. The first thought was
flowers, but they can be poisonous to animals & even aggravate
allergies a pet may have. So no flowers. What do you do for your vet
if anything when you want her/him to know that you think they're just
the greatest person in the world? Our regular vet will be taking
Brunos massively, enlarged spleen out next month, so this will come in
handy then too, hopefully. We've gotten hit kinda low & sneaky with
the fuzzums the last couple of months. Thomas' eye, Brunos spleen & a
growth removed from under his chin & Freddums has started losing his
hair. The latter had his first lupron shot last month. Thomas fixed
first because of infection, Bruno next, which considering he's eight
is kinda scary, & Freddums will be fixed after that since his is
manageable right now & he's a youngun. The family thinks we're crazy
for spending the money, but these people are super special to do what
they do & love the animals they're helping. Considering where we live
the costs are a bit higher than some other places, but ya gotta fix
'em when they need fixed. Will put new pics of Thomas up tomorrow
hopefully. We were just so glad to have him home & so alert we forgot
the camera! It looks very nice though considering. Any suggestions
appreciated & sorry it got so long. If I posted more often i'd not
have so much to say at once. P

One other thing.....Thomas is on clavamox, an antibiotic, twice a day.
He's been on it before, but we have to scruff him to get him to take
it. Obviously with the stitches in the side of his face I feel
uncomfortable scruffing him in case it puts any strain or pressure on
the area. Any suggestions for another way to get it down him? Tried
holding him in a towel, but he's so little he just squirms out. He's
less than 900 grams? or whatever the measurement is. I always forget
that part.

Jinxie & the Fabulous Fivesome

Bruno the badass, Thomas the twitchy, Freddy the (itchy) freeloader,
Larceny the lazy :& Felony the feisty.
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2 19th April 22:54
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Default Super Duper Terrific Vet! (long-ish) Sorry!

Ouch, poor guy.

My vet enjoys it when I pay the bill ;-) What's wrong with sending a
thank-you card--maybe with a picture of that thankful people/furries?

I've only encounter Clavamox once. When I giving it to Grey, I had to
scruff him (for dear life), tilt his head back, and squirt it quickly at
the rear corner of his mouth. Not such an easy task for my g/f though,
so my vet flavored it somehow. She used a molasis flavoring of some
sorts saying it tastes like Ferretone. How she knows this I have no
idea, but I do know that Grey would lick the stuff down and beg for more.


Get rid of that OE crap you're using:
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