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1 30th November 01:01
avian health network, inc. for stoppdd
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Default Avian Health Network Jan 2004 Newsletter

Avian Health Network, Inc. Newsletter ~ Volume II, Issue IV
C&L Aviaries donates 10% ~ Help ring in 2004 for the month of January at C & L
Aviaries, CAS ~ Len of C & L will be donating 10% of sales during the month of
January to PDD Research in the Memory of Scully and all the other loved ones
that have been lost to this horrible disease!

Just place your normal supply order for January at and know that 10% of your purchase will go
towards PDD Research! What an easy way to help StopPDD!
Pet Expo ~ Avian Health Network will be at the Pet Expo February 13th thru 15th
in Edison, New Jersey, as well as April 2nd thru 4th in Chantilly, Virginia!
Speakers will be Liz Wilson, CVT, Parrot Behavior Consultant, and Dr. Joanna
Burger, Author of "The Parrot Who Owns Me. Please visit for more information on the Pet Expo.
Bird Safety by Valerie Wixen ~ The use of a self-cleaning oven can cause your
bird to keel over on the spot. The self-cleaning feature heats the oven hotter
than usual. The self-cleaning cycle of an oven releases toxic fumes and can
produce deadly results for your bird. Use your hands and a scrub-brush to clean
your oven. According to Gillian Willis, well-known Canadian toxicologist and
pharmacologist, the toxic fumes produced by the high temperatures generated by
the self-cleaning cycle of a self-cleaning oven are not PTFE. They are
pyrolysis products of fats and other materials inside the oven. Maytag puts
this warning on their ovens.

the kitchen or in rooms where the fumes from the kitchen could reach. Birds
have a very sensitive respiratory system. Fumes released during an oven
self-cleaning cycle may be harmful or fatal to birds. Fumes released due to
overheated cooking oil, fat, margarine and overheated non-stick cookware may be
equally harmful.
Website Review of the Month by Debra Standiford

This month's website is If you
are new to birds and you have not heard of Dr. Margaret A. Wiseman, you will
want to be sure to visit this site. This is her and her husband's website and
is very informative for the pet bird owner or the breeder. If you happen to be
in avian practice, you will also find some excellent articles here.

The first article under 'The Avian Home' is GIARDIA. This disease is quite
common in some breeds, difficult to diagnose, and difficult to treat. Actually,
Dr. Wissman says some birds will never be cured. Other articles under this
section include Proper Wing Clip, Avian First Aid Kit, and Top Ten Bird Killers.

You will find several excellent articles under 'The Avian Breeder'. I was

bird, lab testing, developmental and husbandry problems, infectious diseases,
and traumatic problems among other topics.

Ever seen an African Grey secrete bloody tears or wonder if your bird will catch
your cold? I just could not end this review without referring you to Dr.
Wiseman's "Strange Facts You Probably Don't Know About Birds." You will find
this article at

We hope you enjoy our website review for this month and we will see you next
HOLIDAY SPICE POTPOURRI (Bird Safe) by Judie Wellman
4 oranges, 4 lemons, 1/2 c whole cloves, 1/2 c whole allspice, 10 cinnamon
sticks broken, 10 Bay Leafs, crumbled, 8 oz. jelly jars with bands and lids.
Using a vegetable peeler, peel fruit carefully, removing only the peel, not any
of the white pith. Cut or tear into 1" pieces. Spread peel on paper towel
lined pan.

Place in preheated over 175F, or set oven to WARM. Dry in oven 1 1/2 hours,
tossing occasionally. Peel should be leathery and or slightly crunchy. Spread
peels on dry paper towels and let air dry for 24 hours. Combine with remaining
ingredients. Fill jars with mixture, place lids on, and screw bands on tightly.

Yield: 3 or 4 half pint jars.

To use: remove lid and leave band on for decoration to fragrance a room, OR
put 1 tbsp into a jar and fill jar with boiling water to release fragrance.
Remember your companions Hatch Day
Avian Health Network, Inc. is announcing our new Hatch Day pages. You can have
your companions hatch date placed on our pages by donating to the Stop PDD
Campaign. Your special companion's names along with an animated hatch day
graphic will be displayed on the Hatch Day pages at for
the whole year. What better way to celebrate their hatch day then with a
donation to Stop PDD to help us fight this disease. Do not forget our toy of
the month drawing at
AHN's Avian Experts On-Call Program ~ Ever spend hours searching the internet
for parrot-related health information, only to come up with dead links and
outdated info? The days of wandering aimlessly through a sea of electronic
misinformation looking for one jewel of knowledge are over - Avian Experts
On-Call has arrived!

Each month AHN will feature a health-related question from a bird owner in need,
along with an answer from a qualified avian expert. From toe nails to blood
feathers, nutrition to molting, and wheezing to sneezing - if you have a
question, AHN will find the most accurate and up-to-date answer available from
some of the world's top avian health experts. This is where you come in. we
need your questions! So if your bird is exhibiting an unusual symptom that has
you puzzled, or you have questions about the lab report from your recent vet
appointment, do not wander through life uninformed. Simply send your questions
to, and we will find an expert with an
Avian Health Network, Inc. #54-2068091 is a 501(C) 3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit,
headquartered and incorporated in the state of Virginia. We are an organization
of volunteers with no paid personnel. We are committed to raising public
awareness and funds for avian diseases such as PDD. Financial Statement is
available upon written request from the State Office of Consumer Affairs
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