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1 3rd March 09:06
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Default Google Multi Million Dollar Lawsuit

Hi, My name is Kevin I have been trying since 2004 to make money with google adsense. I have failed every time they have cancled my account over 8 times and I have never received a check over 800 dollars from them and would like to start a class action lawsuit against them for click fraud. I know for a fact they generate illegal clicks themselves and have a group of people who's actual job at google * employed by google * to click ads. The global average of any converting click through in advertising is .3 percent and am looking for either lawyers or people that have had not received money and accounts cancled by google to get their money back. I feel a lawsuit of at least 5 million is required to pay back enough people emotionally affected by spending hours of their life trying to make a living doing this. If your interested please contact me at 402-403-0084 or try my cell.

Also if you interested in trying another advertiser that doesn't use decivious measures to encourage click fraud I recommend the following advertiser. .

* Please for me if you own goog shares sell them why would you want to invest in a company that is mearly a front for something else * Invest in me at least your time.

As well I invite any google advertiser that does make a living with adsense to contact me and tell me how you did it. I challenge any man/woman that is not --- or was independantly wealthy to start saying it is impossible to make a living with adsense. Actually if your a hot women only you need to get back to me.

*** Investors if you want to know about the company your investing in call me I will tell you all about it ***
*** Course if your a trader and just want to make money dont call me we know your all about the money ****
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