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1 18th December 06:30
brian link
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Default Foaming at the mouth, vomiting

My son's visiting his girlfriend in LA. Last night I got a panicked
call from him - his girlfriend's (12-yr old, spayed, immunized,
indoor) cat had foam around her mouth, and was scrambling around the
house vomiting (mostly unproductive dry-heaves). The cat is otherwise
healthy. My son is 16, and can't drive yet, and he was home alone with
the animals.

My first thought is that she'd eaten some little indigestible fragment
she found around the house, and it had gotten caught in her throat. I
asked him to grab her and look in her mouth and probe to see if he
could see a needle or other object. He said no. Then I thought maybe
she'd eaten some poisonous plant in the house (there are lots of
plants in the house, but he couldn't ID any of them), and I asked him
to look at her gums and see if they were red from an allergic or toxic
reaction. No.. just light-pink. Finally I asked if her breathing was
shallow or labored, and he said she seemed fine other than she was
arching her back obviously trying to hork something up.

I called our local (Minneapolis) emergency clinic and asked them for
ideas, they basically echoed what my guesses were. They suggested he
remove food and water to give her GI tract a chance to settle down.

Then I googled his location (Yucaipa, CA) and found an emergency
clinic there. I called them and they were somewhat more alarmed than
our local clinic, but thought that as long as breathing and other
signs were okay atm, he could wait a few hours till his girlfriend's
mom got home.

A little later he called back, and said the mom had gotten home and
the cat had calmed down. I talked to the mom (not the best kitty-mommy
I've encountered) and she said "oh it's okay, she does this every now
and then". There's also one Jack Russel-like mutt in the house, and
another DSH cat.

These folks are economically challenged, and I know they won't haul an
animal to the clinic unless it's urgent. I'm just asking if anyone can
think of a chronic condition that might cause this behavior, or if
there's indeed a toxic plant in the house (is there a list of
cat-endangering houseplants on the net anywhere?). Or could this just
be hairball behavior I haven't seen in my own cats?

It's just an example of my sickness that I worry about all cats, even
ones I know of remotely. Thanks as always for any info you can pass

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2 18th December 06:30
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Default Foaming at the mouth, vomiting

Since this apparently happens often, is sudden, and foaming at the mouth
is often caused by eating something bitter, etc., my guess is that these
people have one or more toxic plants in the house that the cat is
getting into. Tell them to look at this list and remove all plants that
are on it:

Safe plants are listed here:


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3 22nd December 23:42
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Default Foaming at the mouth, vomiting

Step on its head as soon as possible. Until you hear a crack.. then
back off just alittle.
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4 26th January 02:34
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Default Foaming at the mouth, vomiting

Hi Brian,

I found a link where several other people were asking vets about their
drooling or foaming cats. You might want to read through these:

Hope it's nothing serious.

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