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1 6th May 03:49
the puppy wizard
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Default HOWEsbreaking, Housebreaking, House Training - Supervise? Supervise?? Supervise???

HOWEsbreaking, Housebreaking, House Training -
Supervise? Supervise?? Supervise???

Date: 2003-08-21 18:53:48 PST

HOWEDY People,

All the dog abusing self proclaimed trainers like captain
arthur haggerty and booby maida and uncle matty and lyingdogDUMMY
and lying "I LOVE KOEHLER" lynn
and Master Of Deception blankman and professor SCRUFF SHAKE, ad
nauseaum, warn us to SUPERVISE, SUPERVISE, SUPERVISE, HOWER dogs
to AVOID little problems like DOMINANCE PEEING, destructive
chewing, HOWEsbreaking, garbage bin raiding, and all other related
problems, and of curse,
HIDE anything the dog can "get into" and NEVER LET IT have
the OPPORTUNITY for a mistake cause that'll UNDO any "progress"
they've made.

Here's the problem for that, People.

Dogs do not LEARN SELF CONTROL when their
hypervigilance will overstimulate the dog and train
like as if you was on a hunt, as a team.

As your dog cruizes through the HOWES lookin for a
spot to wet or a item to destroy, and you're on his ass
like a dirty diaper just WATCHIN HIM, the dog THINKS
you're PARTICIPATING in the HUNT, and are BONDING
with him and his INTENT.

That's HOWE we train dogs for field work. The domestic
puppy dog who ain't gonna be doin no hunting will get
the same same same same THRILL of the hunt lookin
for bugs in the backyard or the tv remote or your shoes
and socks.

You can't HOWEtwit Mother Nature, you got to WORK

Prevention and supervision TEACH NUTHIN, except
to FOCUS the dog on HOWER behavior and teaches
him his activities will become a source of REWARD
for YOUR ATTENTION, just like on the hunt.

Dogs HOWEsbreak INSTINCTIVELY at five weeks old.
HOWE then, can the dog NOT be HOWEsbroken?



Your efforts to force control and limit food and water
and restricting the dog to a box and hiding everything
they can destroy TRAINS the dog TO DO those things
YOU ARE INVOLVED WITH, as a competitor, peer,
or participant, like in the hunt.


Same same same same as grabbin a DEAD BIRDIE.

He gets YOUR participation in removing the cherished
DEAD BIRDIE or tv remote or garbage. LikeWIZE, you
FIND his wet spot and put your mark over it with enzyme
cleaners or whatever, thereby REINFORCING the IDEA
that MARKING TERRITORY is the thing to do.


That's HOWE COME they can't train a dog NEARLY
INSTANTLY to DO what Mother Nature TELLS the
dog TO DO. Like markin his territory. If your HOWES
mark, cause the HOWES is HIS DEN.

Dogs piss in OTHER DOG'S DENS, not their own.

That's HOWE COME the crate that "HOWES TRAINS"
the dog, only trains IT to be NERVHOWES cause IT
can't GET HOWETA the den to relieve himself... makin
being INSIDE the DEN, a PROBLEM if he's got to go.
Going into the den means the dog will not have an
opportunity to relieve himself or have a nice drink of water.

NO WONDER they have crate anxiety...

Giving the dog a SAFE HAVEN only REINFORCES
HIS FEARS when he runs to it to avoid noises or
arguments or visitors. The dog has no NEED to DEAL
WITH normal stressors so long as IT is HIDING in its
den, and CANNOT LEARN to overcome his BOOGEYMEN.

Here's Disciple Paulie writing today, to The Puppy Wizard:

----- Original Message -----
From: Paul Bousie
To: The Puppy Wizard
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 8:00 AM
Subject: Geday.

Hey J,

I see nothings changed on the NG. Still the same
old crappy advice and misunderstanding of the
only advice worth reading.

The problem with your method J is that I can't
answer the questions on the NG no more, people
are after a quick fix, they don't want to understand
that dog training requires a disiplined method, I'm
now really understanding that they are all result
orientated, they want the dog to sit, to down, to
stay, to come, to stop it's "bad" behaviours, they
want to stamp out each anxiety one at a time not
realising they create a new one as they deal with the last.

I feel sorry for them, they don't understand, they
don't even realise the errors of thier ways and
they arn't self thinkers, they follow the majority,
after all if everyone says thats the way then it
must be. I've finally realised people don't want
to learn to train dogs they want a trained dog,
they want a little puppet that sits and stays and
downs and does all the nice doggy stuff or so
they think, then when the dog acts like a dog
they come squealing to the NG asking how to
stop the dog being a dog.

I have a nice little visulisation of a dogs mind
that I think demonstrates the way we approach
dog training. Imagine lots of little circles all in a
cluster, each one representing a dog anxiety or
behaviour ( desied or not), each circle represents
something about the dog, all of them create what
a dog is.

The traditional way to train a dog is to stamp out
the "bad" circles, try to eliminate as many as you
can, problem is each one you stamp out another
takes it's place (anxiety circles can't be destroyed
they just change), obviously it's a futile exercise,
but thats the traditional way.

Now imagine a big circle that completely surrounds
all the small circles, this big circle is the whole dog,
that's what we get hold of with all the little circles
inside, we don't see the little circles we see the BIG
circle the macro as you put it and use that to train.

I laugh now when I see posts critisising you, they
are critising something they don't even understand
or even have the capacity to understand.

See ya,

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