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1 26th May 16:09
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Default Insurance

Can anyone recommend specific carriers and give opinions on them?
Also, are there carriers to watch out for?
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2 26th May 16:10
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Default Insurance

What KIND of insurance are you talking about?
Pet health insurance? These companies are all much like dealing with
HMOs and human medical insurance companies. Consumer's Union suggest
setting up a seperate bank account with regular deposits to use for pet
medical needs.... but it does take Time to build up an impressive amount
of $.

Homeowner/personal liability insurance? This can be a regular bag of
worms today. An increasing number of companies are cancelling coverage
and refusing new coverage to owners of breeds the company feels are an
increased risk for requiring pay-outs due to bites. Over 35-40 breeds
have been cited by various companies.... so ASK. This seems to change
almost daily. If you have a Rottie, Pit Bull Terrier, American
Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, Dobe, Chow
Chow, or Geman Shepherd Dog, and other traditional "protection" and
"guardian" breeds, you will find more companies that will not insure you
than if you have a Chihuahua or Brittany. There are a few states
considering legislation which prohibits this type of insurance company

I'd suggest that you start with State Farm.... Another option is to
work through an insurance agent who is independent and represents a
number of companies... and be honest about the breed(s) you own. Once
you have had a policy cancelled due to breed, you move into a high risk
category with almost all companies.

To be on the safe side, if you have any large breed, complete at least
basic obedience training with your dog(s), and earn the AKC's Canine
Good Citizen certificate for each one. These are "reasonable man"
representations that you are a responsible dog owner and that your dogs
are not slavvering monsters.... <sigh>

Jo Wolf
Martinez, Ge****a
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3 27th May 11:50
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Default Insurance

Thanks to all for the ideas.

I've bookmarked the percareinsurance site to look through in detail
later, but does anyone have an address for PPI?
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4 27th May 11:52
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Default Insurance

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