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1 8th December 09:05
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Default limping dog

Tilly is my 13 month old labrador who has been limping on one front
leg recently.

At first I assumed she had something in her paw - she held it up for
me to look at - but could find nothing, nor did she react to each
little bone and joint being squeezed, so I am pretty sure no bones are
broken either. She did break a bone in her foot 12 months ago when
mis-judging a low wall - ouch.

It is particularly bad in the mornings and when she has been for a
walk, so is it likely that she has pulled a muscle/dislocated her
shoulder or something?

I have tried to give her rest by not letting her off the lead too
much, but she is a labrador, after all & runs around like an idiot,
chasing any other dog/cat/fly/bee/tail/shadow she can find.

I haven't taken her to the vet because I thought I'd see if it settles
down & there wasn't really anything he could do last time for the
broken bone.

She's my poppet so can anyone give me some advice, please.
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2 8th December 09:06
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Default limping dog

My Border Collie started limping one day and was stiff getting up, he was
only 10 months old. As I also have a collie cross who was 12mths old at the
time I guessed it was a war wound as they run around like idiots sometimes.
When it hadn't got better after a few days I took him to the vets where they
found nothing wrong but recommended no exercise and keeping him quiet. So I
took my other dog up to my sisters (they often come with us to visit her and
stay there whenever we go on holiday) to stay for a while to give Doug a
rest. When he was still limping more than a week later we had him in for
x-rays where we discovered he has hip dysplysia, his limping was just down
to too much rough play but if he hadn't hurt himself we may not have
discovered the bad hips until later on. I'm led to believe that hip dysplyia
isn't that common in BC's is that right? and why does it happen??

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3 8th December 09:06
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Default limping dog

Mark/Shell said in

Hip displasia is fairly common in Border Collies. Its often not
tested for in working BCs so can go undetected.

--Matt. Rocky's a Dog.
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4 8th December 09:06
don squires
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Default limping dog

Your post does not indicate where you live. If you live an area where ticks
are found, your dog may have Lyme or other tick borne disease. When my dog
continued to limp after three days, I took him to the vet who diagnosed Lyme
disease by means of a blood test. Antibiotics cleared up the infection with
no after effects.

Good luck with your dog.

Don Squires
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