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1 13th February 17:35
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Default Rimadyl isn't Working

Hi all. I am new here, and have a question for you all.

I have a 12 yr. old lab/pit mix named Molly, who has hip dysplasia as well
as some pretty bad arthritis. I have her on Rimadyl 100mg per day, but it
does not seem to be doing much anymore. Molly limps all the time from being
stiff and cries if touched in the wrong spot. She won't sit down anymore,
preferring to stand or lay. Recently, she has had trouble eating. She would
cry when trying to lean to the floor to get into her food bowl. I have
solved this last problem by putting her dishes up on a low table, so she
doesn't have to lean in order to eat or drink.

Any suggestions on what might help her to be more comfortable? It breaks my
heart to hear her cry, yet I really don't think it is time yet to....

Thanks for any suggestions you might have. Molly is my baby - I'm sure you
all can understand that. That's why I came here. Thanks.


"When God closes one door, another always opens - but sometimes it's *hell*
in the hallway..."
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2 13th February 17:35
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Default Rimadyl isn't Working

Hi. You don't say whether you have tried glucosamine for your dog.
Now... It would only Help, not competely relieve discomfort... It takes
up to 6 weeks for full effect to occur... but I have seen some
improvement at 2 weeks.

Here's what glucosamine does... It thickens the fluid in the joint and
makes it slipperier, thus keeping the boney parts of the joint from
rubbing against each other with such friction. There is some
indication that it also reduces the inflamation in the joint. It does
NOT repair the joint.

It sounds like your dog's problem is quite advanced. Glucosamine will
not help nearly as much as with a less advanced problem, where it can
almost prevent depterioration or significantly slow it... but it may
make it possible for the Rimadyl to relieve the most severe pain.

If your dog is at ALL overweight, get that flab OFF. That is just
making the situation much worse much faster.

Check out dosages and product descriptions for Glyco-Flex and
glucosamine at The combination of the two is even more
effective than either one alone. Chondroitin, often given with
glucosamine, does not seem to be as effective in dogs as in humans.

Good luck....

Jo Wolf
Martinez, Ge****a
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3 13th February 17:35
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Default Rimadyl isn't Working

Where is the arthritis located? Is the hip displasia in one hip or two? What
does the vet say? My German shepherd started with hip problems at about two
years of age. She had hips replaced, acupuncture treatments, vitamin
supplements, etc. She made it to 12 years of age at which time I had her put
down due to neurological problems. My experience suggests that treatment of
your dog would depend on how many legs/joints she is having a problem with.
Surgery may or may no be the way to go, but again it would depend on many
things. What does the vet say? What do the radiographs show?
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4 13th February 17:35
the puppy wizard
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Default Rimadyl isn't Working

HOWEDY Mollypup1,

There's lots MOORE you should be doin than giving rimadyl.

Search Result 13
From: Jason J Hamilton (
Subject: Arthritis Drug "Rimadyl" Kills Dogs! Please read on ...
Date: 2000/03/13

Read the article on the front page of today's Wall Street Journal.
states that Rimadyl is toxic and creates deadly liver
complications in dogs.
Vets new this as early as 1998 as have not properly informed dog

My Golden just died of Liver Cancer and he was on a strong dose of

Please warn owners and friends of these risks. Vets are supposed
to warn
owners of the side-effects but they have not! My former vet
(Bradford Hills
Vet in Pittsburgh PA) certtainly did not! They stated that
Rimadyl was like
a prescription aspirin and handed me a bottle for my dog's first
I would not have treated my dog had I known otherwise.

Also, these Vets receive perks from the drug manufacturer Pfizer
when they
buy Rimadyl to sell to animal owners. Vets could get points from
Pfizer for
each Rimadyl purchase they made; points were redeemable for
PalmPilots, Zip Drives, and other equiptment!

Please reference today's Wall Street Journal for additional
details, and
please, pass this information on to other animal owners.

Thank you.
Jason Hamilton

Post Script: Rimadyl is a frequently prescribed anti-inflammatory
used to
treat dogs with arthritis. Pfizer studies as far back as 1997
show deaths
as a result of ingesting Rimadyl. Being that the drug is very
profitable to
vets and the drug manufacturer, many vets and Pfizer have not
the drug's deadly risk to the public as originally requested by
the FDA.
The FDA had asked Pfizer to state one of the drugs side -effects
"death". Pfizer chose to withdrawal their commercials rather than
"death" as a side-effect.

it's *hell*
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5 14th February 16:48
tara o.
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Default Rimadyl isn't Working

You might ask your vet about switching from Rimadyl to Deramaxx to see if
there is any greater relief from a different drug.

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6 14th February 16:48
External User
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Default Rimadyl isn't Working

Hi Scott. Thanks for the reply.

In her foreleg and spine. She was hit by a car many years ago and her
foreleg was dislocated at that time. Even though it was put back in place
and healed well, it seems to be where most of her arthritis is now.

The dysplasia is in both hind legs.

When x-rays were taken about 8 years ago, the vet said the dysplasia was
mild. When I have had her to the vet recently he keeps recommending the
Rimadyl and commenting on her age.




I don't know if, at 12 years of age, she would tolerate surgery very well.

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7 14th February 16:48
External User
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Default Rimadyl isn't Working

Hi Jo. Thanks for the response. No, I haven't tried glucosamine, but I will
definitely check it out. And I do have her on the lean dog food.

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8 14th February 16:49
External User
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Default Rimadyl isn't Working

With so many areas arthritic, I am not sure surgery would be of any value;
although, many years ago before hip replacements and the complete removal of
the femur head were popular, vets used an approach to hip dysplasia that I
don't think is used a lot today. Several of my dogs did undergo the procedure
and it was effective in reducing the pain in dogs with displasia. They would,
from the underside, go in and snip a small muscle on the inside of each leg.
By snipping the muscle the pressure on the joint was reduced, causing less or
no pain. The surgery was not real invasive. With two of my shepherds with
mild displasia the pain appeared to be eliminated. I think you would have to
find an older vet if you were interested. Newer vets don't seem to know of
the procedure, and I don't remember what it is called.

If you have access to an animal acupuncturist, you should give it a go. It
can be very effective at reducing pain.

I experimented with was the use of vitamin E. I found that 5000 iu of E a day
reduced inflammation and seemed to, as a result, ease the pain.

I also used Rimadyl and found it to be somewhat effective.

It does sound as if you need to prepare yourself for the possible loss of your
dog. A dog that cries out in pain is, in my mind, suffering.
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9 14th February 16:49
External User
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Default Rimadyl isn't Working

I second what Tara said - We have our 12 year old GSD on Deramaxx and so
far she is doing well with it. She used to take Rimadyl and it did not help
her out very much. She has tolerated the Deramaxx quite well and we have
seen good results.

Good luck with your old girl.

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10 14th February 16:50
kathryn stein
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Default Rimadyl isn't Working

I've been using a product called Syn-Flex which is liquid glucosamine,
which you can order on the net (do a google search for it and be sure
to use the hyphen in the name or you get a ton of weird engineering
sites :-)

I use it for myself as well as my old girl and it really makes a
difference in both of us. It also takes MUCH less time to start

Good luck!

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