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1 14th April 13:45
the puppy wizard
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Default Watch Out For Instructors Who Advertise Positive Reinforcement

Watch Out For Instructors Who Advertise Positive
Reinforcement:"I Felt A Bit Like A Traitor Guy Giggled
At Her "Skinny Little Neck" While Fastening On The Ecollar
Moon Let Out A Yippy Little Gargle And FLEW Straight Up
In The Air Her Tail Was Above My Head

Date: 2001-03-30 14:06:08 PST

The guy said "Jeee-zus."

"When Moon hit the ground, she stuffed her head
between my legs."

Puppy raising tips from professional trainers John
and Amy Dahl

"In an obedience class, a knowledgeable instructor will help
you establish a relationship of authority and teach your dog
manners. Your dog will have the opportunity to practice
self-restraint around people and other dogs.

These are excellent benefits, but be forewarned that most
obedience instructors are not specifically familiar with
retriever work (and will, for example, criticize you for not
teaching steadiness before retrieving). Watch out for
instructors who advertise "positive-reinforcement" methods.
Experience suggests these methods do not provide a good
foundation for retrieving work."

Says our lying, dog abusing Thug...lyingfrosty dahl.

Yeah. It's a static shock that siezes the dog's throat closed,
like a strangle hold (my favorite move...), and dogs often
$#!T and piss themselves and scream.

Here's webbweave's account of shocking her Moon Pie:

But you didn't, huh?

I'll bet you were getting off in anticipation, weren't you?

Can't imagine that you know anything about training. No wonder
your dogs back out of their collars, you are using too much
muscle, and absolutely no brains... You are doing everything
wrong, and you are teaching others to do likewise. That's piss poor.

I wish I could have participated in the revelry. I'd like to
try some skinny little necks on for size...

Is NYC too far for her to want to go from you punks?

And you missed the opportunity to BURN her, what a shame. What happened next?

The dogs got more brains than you, what's the problem, are you jealous???

Bet you got off, huh?

Yeah, that's the best part, isn't it? Gets your cookies off!

Poor dog, she doesn't understand that you are her tormentor,
does she? Maybe she does, she'd have to, but just like abused
children, they still love their abusive parents. At least till
somebody smartens them up. I can't smarten up your dogs, but I
can smarten up the people that read here, and you are looking
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