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1 4th July 15:52
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Default Cat Health Problem - Long

I'm trying to decide how to deal with a cat problem, and was looking for
different points of view. I have a 15 year old cat. She is a domestic
short hair, and has lived inside her entire life. She has easy access to
her litter box, water, and food, which are in the garage, accessible via
a cat door. She spends most of her time inside, sleeping on the bed or
couch. I am meticulous about keeping her litter box clean, and scoop it
every morning. I use clumping litter.

Over the course of this past year, she would, maybe once a month, have a
bout of diarrhea on one of the bathmats in my bathroom. While nasty, I
was glad she was at least going on the bathmat. This was new behavior,
and I wasn't really sure why it was happening. Her litter box was always
clean when this happened, and she would frequent the garage for food and
water no problem, so I don't believe it was trouble getting to the box.
In December, because I noticed that her stool was very, very loose, I
took her for a full medical exam, including blood test & fecal exam. The
vet found nothing wrong. But, we switched her to a low-allergy food to
see if it helped. It seemed to help for about four months.

Now, this behavior has increased, and expanded. In the past three weeks,
she has made messes on my bed and two area rugs. Also, if I give her a
full serving of cat food (dry, Science Diet Low Residue) she throws it
up immediately. I did just switch to this food a few weeks ago at the
suggestion of the vet. I have to feed her small amounts during the day.
Again, she goes to the garage just fine to eat and drink. If she does
wander into the backyard, 100% of the time she'll eat grass, come
inside, and throw it up.

The vet says the only other thing he can do is perform an Endoscopy,
which I've been told including the biopsies & everything will be $500.
He thinks it's irritable bowel syndrome, some kind of infection, or some
kind of cancer. Other than the puking/diarrhea stuff, she seems happy
and playful. I'm having a hard time justifying the $500 fee on an
elderly cat. For now, she has become a garage cat, which she isn't
really thrilled about, but I don't know what else to do. I just can't
have her crapping on things in the house.

Anyway, I'm just looking for some quick thoughts. What would you do? Pay
the $500, keep her in the garage indefinitely...what else? Does anybody
have a similar experience, or anything else to try?

I'd appreciate any advice; thanks for reading such a long post!

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2 4th July 15:52
External User
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Default Cat Health Problem - Long

Now this is far fetched I understand but since you are really at a loss as
to what to do---.When my daughter was a baby and had diarrhea the doctor
told me to give her pectin[apple sauce]. I was wondering if you could ask
your vet if there is any reason a cat could not be given pectin.You can
get liquid form and maybe put a couple of drops on her food.Decrease or
increase as needed to bind her up a little but not too much. Just a
thought--trying to help.
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3 5th July 09:01
jason and holly harper
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Default Cat Health Problem - Long

I do understand your financial concerns. I've also heard of using canned
pumpkin to try and create a firmer stool. Maybe this is an option? Would
your vet be willing to let you make payments on the $500? It kind of sounds
like irritable bowel to me too, but with her age ya never know unless you
actually do an endoscope.
Best of luck to you and your kitty.

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4 5th July 09:01
External User
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Default Cat Health Problem - Long

Thanks for the suggestion. We tried the pumpkin, and surprisingly, she
liked it! It did help firm up stools. The main problem though is not the
actual loose stools themelves, but why she won't go in her litterbox when
she has a bad case? Sometimes she does, other times she doesn't. I'll give
her the benefit of the doubt & say that it's a sudden urge, but from her
spot on the bed to the litter box versus the bathmat isn't that different;
probably a 3 second walk versus a 10 second walk. Who knows.

We talked to the vet, and he is willing to let us make payments, so I made
an appointment. She goes in Tuesday, and we'll see what they say.

Thanks for the response!

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5 5th July 09:01
External User
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Default Cat Health Problem - Long

Cats seem to do thatwhen they have a bad case, or a urinary problem. I think
they get nervous, need a change of scenery or something and a quick release
helps them.
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6 5th July 09:02
jason and holly harper
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Default Cat Health Problem - Long

Well now that may be something that never gets answered. When my kitties
have loose stools they always seem to make it right near the litterbox, but
never actually in it. I wonder what would happen if you got rid of the
bathmat and got a different one? Or maybe used Nature's Miracle on it??
I'm sorry I can't remember if you've said you tried that or not. I'm glad
the pumpkin has helped a little. Also, would it be possible to put a
litterbox in the bathroom for her in case she has an emergency poo? Maybe
if you could just change her habit from using the bathmat and using a
different litterbox that might help. I'm so glad that your vet is willing
to let you make payments!! That's great news! Keep us posted on what

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7 5th July 09:02
External User
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Default Cat Health Problem - Long

Best of luck, Bean. Meantime, I have one other suggestion that I don't
think anybody has mentioned. I'd get a few litter boxes for her, and
position them around the house, especially in proximity to the sites of her
"accidents". I'm sure you don't want to keep cat litter in your bedroom and
bathroom forever, but as a temporary measure it might save your bedspread
and allow her the run of the house again. I hate to think of her being in
exile in the garage, at the age of 15 and with a health issue of some kind,
and I'm sure you do, too!


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8 5th July 09:02
External User
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Default Cat Health Problem - Long

It probably wouldn't hurt to allow her a small amount of plain yogurt
(not very much, as dairy has it's own problems), one with active
cultures. The intestines of any animal are constatly lined with various
bacteria (some help digestion, some just mooch). Sometimes chronic
diarrhea is caused by harmful or just unusual bacteria in the bowels.
That's why Americans aren't supposed to drink the water in Mexico, it
has a different kind of bacteria that our bowels aren't used to. Yogurt
contains cultures of "harmless" bacteria, which take up residence in
your intestines and make less room for harmful kinds. I've found my
cats will always try yogurt, but get tired of it quickly, which works
fine. (No bowel problems, I just buy too much yogurt).

And if she is always going in the same place then it is certainly on
purpose. Perhaps she doesn't think it's the same thing as normal BMs,
or some form of cat logic.Maybe a seperate uncovered litterbox on that
same mat will work?
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9 5th July 09:02
External User
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Default Cat Health Problem - Long

I've gotten a couple of similar responses, thank you very much to all
who replied. The bathroom in question is attached to my bedroom. It's a
very small bathroom. Literally, there is no place to put a litter box on
the floor; it's that small. Well, you could put a box, but you'd have to
stand in it to brush your teeth...

I could put a small one in the tub, and take it out when I shower, but I
don't relish the idea of a cat box that close to my bed. The bathmat I
have now is fairly new in the past few months, but still the same
behavior. When she has gone on it, I hose it out, and put it through the
washer & dryer.

No incidents since last week, but she did throw up this morning. She
goes in tomorrow for the endoscopy & biopsies. I'm still just hating
having to spend $500, and I suppose I'm going to be really annoyed if
there isn't anything wrong with her. I will post back after I find out
from the vet what's going on.

Thanks again everybody for all the suggestions!
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10 5th July 09:02
jason and holly harper
External User
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Default Cat Health Problem - Long

Well that's a shame that there's not enough room for another litter box. It
may have helped. If it happens again on the mat I would try adding some
Nature's Miracle to your wash cycle....maybe it would help. I can
understand being annoyed if nothing is found, but I think it'll be money
well spent. Or at least I hope so. I'm very curious as to what's going on
with your kitty.

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