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1 11th August 00:08
no more retail
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Default Declawing challenge

I never can understand the need to respond to a troll and than want us to
read the troll's post.
I guess people never learn
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2 11th August 15:54
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Default Declawing challenge

That's the charm or whatever of a troll. Make it a game if you have to, to
see if you can ignore them. I think there was a time or two when I didn't
know better I did the same thing.

"Other than telling us how to live, think,
marry, pray, vote, invest, educate our
children and now, die, I think the
Republicans have done a fine job of
getting government out of our personal
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3 11th August 15:54
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Default Declawing challenge

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4 11th August 15:54
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Default Declawing challenge

From: "meee" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 02:10:52 GMT

Subject: Re: hummph!! Jasmeen is NOT FURRY HEPPY!!

i duuno eeffur. She sayz she is wun of dem mad cat ladies
you sees onna teevee, ceptin a liddl bit yunger. she sayz
itz becus she cuddent haf kittiez when she wuz liddle, so
sh's makin up fur lostd timz.

ann sh sayz cos she has two liddluns anna her winkwink
dere will be enuff huggles to go round. but i is not

i fink she is just beein greedy anna selfish.

but at least i has mine own rum now, anna she is takin
me kissamous shoppin affur mine kitties are gone to their
onetru homez.


You're doin your Xmas shoppin with the PROFIT
you earned from irresponsibly breedin your kats:

From: "meee" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 02:24:05 GMT

Subject: Re: Home for Love-Starved Cats?

"Brandy Alexandre" <

Like you been doin with Jasmine, eh meee? You're
a kat collector and abuser accordin to your own
posted case history which I've quoted below.

You "RESCUED" a litter of kittens and STARVED THEM TO DEATH
because you thought their TALKIN was askin to PLAY not knowin
any better that kitty kats NEED to be FED every two HOWERS.

You're INSANE. You're a kitty kat miller. You
You give the same tender lovin care to your
own children: Newsgroups:
From: "meee" <>
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2005 12:11:56 GMT

Subject: Re: meee's introduction ( was: Re: on thursday... )

wow, so nice to hear back from so many of you. is it just me,
or do we have a predominance of boy-children in here? And I'm
envious of your mum-access cheryl...I've just moved across state
from mine-she's an RN and midwife, so anytime I had a funny
pregnancy bump, or one of the kids turned purple or something,
i could ring her and she'd just 'pop over' (as grandma's love
doing) and be very professional (as nurses love doing) at me
til I calmed down....miss my mum!


You're CRUEL and INSANE, meee: Newsgroups: rec.pets.cats.anecdotes
From: "meee" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 10:03:40 GMT

Subject: Re: Extremely frustrating lost cat story

did he scratch her? Hopefully next time he'll bite her.
she was obviously hoping to get lots of praise and didn't
expect to have to use her brain in the process.


That was kindly of you, meee, you freakin mental case.

HOWEDY meee, meee wrote:

The Amazing ***** Wizard isn't gonna EMBARRASS or
CONDEMN you for being dirt poor and not takin care
or your own critters, meee. You got the right to
be trash and neglect and indiscriminately allHOWE
your critters to breed like your momma raised you
to spawn more trash just like yourself, that's your

That's a load of crap you piece of trash. Ooops!
Nothin PERSONAL, meee, that's just an OBSERVATION
based on your PERFORMANCE based on your own POSTED
CASE HISTORY, you barefoot pregnant sleaze.

Let's talk about you lettin you kat outta your
trailer and gettin bred to have more kittye kats
for you to SELL so you can pay a babysitter so
you can get stiff, eh meee?

HOWE COME? Don't you care to read your own POSTED
CASE HISTORY I so relentlessly repost to IDENTIFY
E***POSE and DISCREDIT you as the s*** you are?


You mean the mentally ill lying animal abusin
cowards like yourself, meee?

Don't you have a BRAIN, meee? Can't you simply
NOT READ your own reposted CASE HISTORY, meee?

You're welcome. HOWEver, for those of us who DO
CARE about the heelth and well being of our critters,
here's just a couple posts which will clearly PROVE
to any SANE CARING READERS E***ACTLY what kinda
GARBAGE you REALLY are, meee. Here's MEEE, without
a word from ME, meee:
From: "meee" <>
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 04:46:58 GMT
Subject: Re: Pregnant jasmine
Wendy <> wrote in message

That is a good idea wendy- we have two shelters up
here, the young animal protection society and the

i will see how we go with this first litter, as i
have toddlers, they are very good, but i want to
make sure first.

I have fostered a couple of kittens i rescued, but
they were too far gone by the time i got them, and
i didn't have access to proper medication and help,
so unfortunately they didn't make it. it was so sad,
they were beautiful little babies.


SEE? The Amazing ***** Wizard doesn't got to say
WORD WON to CRUCIFY you, you stupid ignorant mouth breeder.

Kinda makes WON WONder what amir got to HIDE, eh???

Perahps that's because dana ain't bright enough
to read all them big words like DON'T HURT and
INTIMIDATE innocent defenseless dumb critters?

But dana's NEXT POST is about not being able to
WALK her new dog on leash because SHE CHOKES IT!

But it's DANA who CAN'T MAKE her new dog follow
her down the street even wavin a pork chop in

Dog trainin AIN'T LUCK and NOT LETTIN a female
kat outta the HOWES to get indiscriminately
bred like meee done AIN'T PRICEY like FEEDIN
the new kitty kats SHE MURDERED because the
stupid mouth breeder was TOO LAZY to FEED
THEM EVERY TWO HOWERS like a momma kat does.

You mean, anonymHOWES COWARDS like amir and lazy
dirt poor barefoot breedin machines like meee?

meee can't even learn not to let her kat out
when she's IN HEAT and is too stupid and LAZY
to FEED the new kittens she was FOSTERING.

That's a few big words that MEAN I SIMPLY
which to CRUCIFY YOU ignorant dirtbags... BWEEEEEEAAHAHAHAHHAHAAA!!!

From: "meee" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 23:06:07 GMT

Subject: hummph!! Jasmeen is NOT FURRY HEPPY!!

Hsssspitttz!! exkews da bad langwidge, but my hoomin
is bein furry unpleassant to minownself lately. I is
not allowed owtsides anymores, i gets the insiderain
when i effen lookz near the door, i am forced to eatz
disgistin fudz, anna the rum she fixd fur me? I am
loked in effery nite...meowmi said sumfin bout kitties
not bein borned in the clofes cuppords...well reeely!

I should be able to haf mine kittens whereffer i wants
too!! An if I feels like killin birdies or likin meowmies
ears all nite I should be llowed To!!!An to top it off,
meowmie is torkin of gettin, not one, but two new kitties....

anna one is a GIRL kitty!! I am the onely girls kitty around here!!!

It will apparently be comin in December. I Am NOt AMUsed!!!

I am showin my displeshure but ignorin all the rules,
jumpin onna da keyboard, jumpin onna her lap then diggin
clawz in anna jumpin off agen, constanlty followin meowmie
anna meowin, scratchin her wheneffer she walks past me,
bitin ankles, anna lyin down in front of her when she walks
anna on top of whateffer she is doin.

These hoomins need some disiplin. I haf been to nice to them.

Well that is about to change. And what is it abount me that
needs to be fixed? I is not broke, i is just furry cross.

well REELY!!!! Newsgroups:
From: "meee" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 09:27:27

Subject: Re: hummph!! Jasmeen is NOT FURRY HEPPY!!

Well I am glad to see dat sumbody appreciates me!! Nobody
heer dus. Anna iffn I wasnt to fat to rach it, i wouldhaf
mauled the rain-bottle lon ago!!

well, at least i has mine own couch inna the room. anna dere
is no childrens to annoy me anna good view offa birdz too. so
I guess it izznt alla bad, i just needing to get it offa my chest.

And I will wait anna see bout da other kitties....i likes the
idea offa boy kitty, but we'll wait anna see bout a
girlkitty...!!anyways fanks fur your sympafy


That's all for now, animal lovers.
The Amazing ***** Wizard <(@: ~ ) >

`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((

|\ _.-'~~""'~`'~)
/, ~-,__,,,.'~ ,-;;--''
|,4) ./ ' ; ;/'
'-~~;'@ ( ; ;
_.--'' _.-_..' .;.'
(,_..----''' (,..--''


( ' ; ')

(' ; ') kiss me

( ; ' ) kiss me here

( ; ) kiss me here

( * ) and KISS ME HERE!
The Amazing ***** Wizard <{@); ~ } >

<{#}: ~ } >8< { ~ :{@}>
<{#}: ~ } > < { ~ :{@}>
<{#}: ~ } > < { ~ :{@}>
<{#}: ~ } > < { ~ :{@}>
<{#}: ~ } > < { ~ :{@}>
<{#}: ~ } > < { ~ :{@}>
<{#}: ~ } > < { ~ :{@}>
<{#}: ~ } > < { ~ :{@}>
<{#}: ~ } >8< { ~ :{@}>

Please DON'T BE The Amazing ***** Wizard's PREY.


<{@); ~ } >
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5 11th August 15:54
External User
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Default Declawing challenge

I can never understand the need to control how others post.

Read what interests you and ignore the rest, or move to a
more controlled communication genre such as a moderated

It must be clear to even the dimmestg bulbs that the term "troll"
is, err, relative.
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6 11th August 15:55
no more retail
External User
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Default Declawing challenge

you just did it yourself
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7 11th August 15:55
External User
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Default Declawing challenge

Again - so laughable - trying to quote his own bullshit.

Here we go again with "you mean."

"You mean..."

Give us a name, phone number, and dates of work with Ringling.

You won't, because you are lying.
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8 11th August 15:55
External User
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Default Declawing challenge

I have (occasionally) held (almost) coherent conversations with Jerry,
but his contention that there are no differences between cats' and dogs'
genetic borne specific traits is dangerous and potentially harmful if
somebody takes him seriously.

I'm not sure how this is flying in "alt.parenting.spanking" or what
parallels, if any, Jerry is trying to draw.
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