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1 26th June 00:16
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Default Pearl & kids-Hello Mel

Pearl moved the kids across the house into a bedroom closet a couple of
days after your last post to me.They are really growing--starting to move
around a little so she put them inside a storage box I had some tools
in[pretty uncomfortable sleeping on tools]so I moved the tools and got a
quick chance to check them out[until the little buggers started hissing at
me--unbelievable].The last born, the little runt,white with small grey
spots on it's head is a girl and the other white one with lg. blk. spots
around the head and neck is a boy.When they started hissing Pearl became
alarmed and got that big wide eyed look so I skeedaddled.Not going to
press my luck with that gal--no way.It poured all weekend here and looks
like it is trying to do more but the weather guy says not til Fri. &
Sat.Have a bunch of stuff I'm weeding out besides clearing out my late
husband's things and had wanted to sell at the swapmeet but after I had
loaded everything in the truck Fri. afternoon, it looked so threatening, I
unloaded it.Did manage a quick look around Sat.though and found a great
cat condo for Pearl.It is in nice condition and only about 3 or 3 1/2 ft.
tall.Cylinder shaped with 3 shelves that are open in back to crawl
through.I could actually lift this one. Some I have seen were absolute
monsters.Anyway it was dirt cheap and now I guess I will be buying catnip
because Pearl is not catching on that it is all hers.
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2 26th June 16:52
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Default Pearl & kids-Hello Mel

I don't think the evil Jasper and Pearl are related.Pearl had a legitament
excuse to act the way she did.I think Jasper is just plain onary[not sure
I spelled that right but you get the drift].I'll bet Saskatchewan is
pretty. I miss the 4 seasons.If I plant anything here the critters eat
it.I out smarted them with Mexican"bird of paradise".I take 3# coffee cans
and put around the bottom of the young plants and then 2 ft. of chicken
wire around that.They are suppose to be bushes but I have converted them
to trees.Like tree roses are.They do great as long as I keep the lower
branches clipped off. Once the trunks are pretty large the prairie dogs &
rabbits can't bite into them. I have a row across the front of my house
that are about 7 ft. tall and since my house is 4 ft. up in the air I can
see them out my two 10 ft. windows.I have tried several times to put in a
lawn but the rabbits eat the sprouts faster than it can grow.I think soon
as I get rich and famous[ha,ha]I will lay a lot of concrete.Put up a block
wall around slabs with flower bed spaces inside.Maybe that will keep the
critters away. With my luck the rabbits will come flying over the
wall.Maybe I will try window boxes.I have a little camera. Don't know
exactly how it works.I'll try to figure it out.I have more or less taught
myself on the computer.I had an aquaintance come over and show me a little
bit but that is all.I have done the rest on my own.When I got this thing I
didn't even know how to turn it on correctly. I've come a long way
Baby.Bye the way--my name is DEW[like in honeydew]I don't care much for my
user name on this site but at the time I was having trouble coming up with
one that would be accepted.At the time I was calling Pearl "knucklehead"
more than anything sooooooo.
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