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1 4th August 20:06
its only alimentary, dear watson
External User
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Default Should I take the 'Puppy Wizard' seriously?

HOWEDY diana aka lush,

HERE'S HOWE COME you're a miserable drunken
lying dog abusing punk thug coward MENTAL
CASE, lush:

Here's our dog lover lush, before she found out she
was a Thug. Since then, she's been organizing complain
to Jerry's ISP campaigns:

Subject: "On A Mission To Hound Me Out After My Statement. That
Statement Being That I Actually Like Jerry And His Stuff," lush

From: Diana (***t)
Subject: whoa - very long but you asked for it.

Date: 2001-11-10 05:19:06 PST

Cheers, Sionnch,

I was getting a bit paranoid there and I did think you were
just all on a mission to hound me out after my statement.
I've got some time now so I will answer you questions as
it so obviously caused great upset amongst you all.

That statement being that I actually like Jerry and his stuff.

Read carefully if you interested, because I know how easy it
is to miss things, grab the wrong end of the stick etc &
misinterpret... done it myself a million times. It also goes
quite in depth about the dogs I lived with as a child and the
methods my parents used to train both the dogs and us.

I barely remember the Shelti my parents had when I was born
-apparently she died when I was about 2, but we got Ivan the
Samoyed (visually - not pure) when I was 3(ish). I do remember
even going to pick him up as a pup and there were little
fluffy baby dogs everywhere... some were black and I wanted a
black one but Dad said we had to have a white one because
Samoyeds were supposed to be white and we wanted it to look
like we had a pure samoyed - don't hang me here - remember it
clear as day but I was only about 3. We lived in Vancouver
then.. if anyone's interested. I loved Ivan - but he chewed
our toys. This made Dad mad so he would hit him so hard he
screamed and throw him down the stairs. Tony (brother) was a
toddler - but I remember that I had to look out for any toys,
both mine and his to make sure they would not be chewed and
those that were got, got hidden. His temper and excessive
punishments were not just for Ivan. I remember clearly one
morning being up before my parents and playing in the kitchen,
pretending to be mum, as kids do... but got caught with the
electric carving knife. A leather belt across the backside
hurts. Even now I can not understand how he could have done
that to a 3-4 year old child... or a pup.

When I was four my parents decided that they wanted to come
back to England and I remember hating the little girl who came
with her dad to take Ivan away and being told he would be her
dog now.

We came o England & stayed at Nan's for some time. Nan had
Sheba- beautiful but elderly Rough Collie. Was so passive and
quiet . Then one day I fell down the stairs. As I tumbled
down, she came up and caught me... at four I was feeling more
and more fearful of people but safe in the company of dogs.

We moved out of Nan's and in to our own home. It was a large
house & had a huge garden & was opposite a large public park -
I think I was about 51/2 when Dad brought home Tisha - a
Borzoi pup. She wet & messed the floor and was punished by
having her nose pushed in it, a slipper across the backside so
she yelped and being thrown outside, I didn't like this - I
was sure they didn't have to do this to her. Dad loved her -
she was his dog and we had to ask permission to touch her. He
liked his big car ~ posh dog image.

The garden was big, the fence was big - the park opposite was
fun the road in between was fast. Tisha got big and took a big
jump. She made 18 months.

The discussions went on - Dad wanted a dog for himself, so it
was decided that they were going to get an Old English
Sheepdog for them and a Basset for us kids... then we went
around to loads of breeders and saw loads of pups - dogs being
very my passion I took it all in. I remember the Old English
Sheepdog lady telling Mum why she thought we shouldn't have
one with 2 young children, and so it was decided that while
Dad made up his mind what he wanted, Mum would take us to the
RSPCA to choose a dog for us.

We picked up Sadie in 1976 - 4 months old JRT x. I was 7 - I
was unhappy at school, I had never settled in,at first being
shy of my different accent and because I was a timid child
anyway. Sadie was my olny friend. Sadie messed the floor,
Sadie got her nose shoved in it, and the whack - Sadie did not
learn - she was so scared of people coming down the stairs in
the morning that she wet & messed the floor - so they hit her.
I would try and sneak down and tidy up before they came down -
I would get hit for being soft on her.

Sadie pulled on the lead. I never mentioned mum was a horse
fanatic ~ she showed me that the way to stop Sadie pulling was
to snap a shoot from a tree and use it as a whip on the dogs
nose. I didn't like it but I knew no better - I was
desperately looking for a better method - it was my job to
walk her after school.

Barbara Woodhouse came on tv... my love of dogs and all I had
learnt about breeds now extended and I learnt about choke
collars - much preferable to the whip - I also saw how she
used methods such as copying the dogs play stance and how she
had commended someone for using my trick of rubbing a dogs
chest to calm it - I was dead proud because I had already
learnt that for myself.

Sadie was a JRT x. She was also as afraid of my bad tempered
and unreasonable father as I was. We spent so much time curled
together, cowering behind the sofa.

I had always thought it would be great if I could teach Sadie
to speak. She got pretty good at the jumps and obedience games
we played in the garden and I was learning bout how to ask her
to do these things using enthusiasm as the motivation. 'Look,
come on, we can do this...' I wish my parents could have
looked out of the window to see this.

I was 9 when Mum got taken in to hospital to have Jonny.
Something had gone wrong and she was in there for 3 months.
Sadie went to kennels, Me & Tony went to Nan's.

Sheba had long since gone and she had Bridie, another rough
collie. Bridie had a long, long pedigree - she also had a
long, long nose... so long she could not close her mouth
properly. For a young dog she may have looked beautiful but
she couldn't / wouldn't do anything.I would walk her and
should float along behind - I had always dreamt of breeding
Old English Mastiffs when I was grown up. I decided I no
longer liked the idea of breeding beautiful pedigrees.

Jonny was born and we all came home. Sadie loved the baby. She
would, at any time when we were together, take my hand in her
mouth and take me to the crib, which she would stand up
against, watching. I realised that this was my childhood dream
- Sadie was talking to me. I realised then too that she had
been all along. It was my fault for not listening.

Dad's business started going wrong. We had to sell the house.
Sadie went to kennels & we moved around in rented
accommodation for a while. Sadie was my only friend and I
missed her. Eventually we found a place where Sadie could
come. It was great to have her back but she had been
disturbed. She had never been totally housetrained - due to
her fear of punishment - Dad's failing business made him even
worse & his bad temper was becoming more & more viscous. Sadie
messed the floor, Sadie jumped on the kitchen counter & stole
food, Sadie's punishments were beatings so bad I thought he'd
kill her. I would scream & cry, I would get some to.

Eventually, by the time I was 10 we found a cottage they could
afford and Dad started his business again. He struggled &
struggled and was becoming nastier and nastier. We all just
kept out of the way. Mum & Dad would go out to the Pub and I
would look after my brothers - while they were out we were
fine. Luckily they were out a lot. I was 14 when Dulcie, my
sister was born. I couldn't see why they did this - I was
already pretty much the only mother Jonny knew, Dad's business
was failing again and we had to sell the house again. Rented
accommodation again - no dogs. Sadie went to stay at Dad's
business property for a while. It was a fair way away and I
went with Dad to work on Saturdays when I could - but he
didn't want me there. I saw her loose her 'terrierness' and
she looked so sad - then Mum took her to kennels, this time
for good. I was completely broken by this but could do nothing

Things got worse & to be honest I blocked most of my memory of
the in-between years. I jumped into the first job I could get
to get me away from home as soon as possible & not so much
chose a career as made an escape. I left home but was so hard
up I worked day & night just for rent and food. I was doing
hairdressing - poor choice for a young girl nigh on phobic of
people. It did help bring me back out of myself but I knew I
was playing the wrong game. My boss at the hairdressers found
me the job at the sign makers and I was finally able to start
doing what I was good at. Unfortunately just in time for the
early 90's recession... so for the love of the job I struggled
on low wages and living in bedsits

All this time I could not have a dog. I needed a stable home
environment & I struggled & struggled on low wages just hoping
this dream would come true... In between time everybody's dog
was my dog. I was always willing to walk them & learn from
them. People were always happy to get out of walkies if there
was a willing volunteer... and I realised how much Sadie had
taught me. From JRT's to Rotties & Danes.. they responded to
enthusiasm, eye contact and body stance.

It never, ever occurred to me that you could get job as a dog
trainer except for in the police or army...

I had learnt my own ways of handling dogs, from dogs... not
problem dogs or aggressive dogs but generally peoples pets who
generally appreciated the attention.

I met Pete, we bought our home and I begged, bribed near
enough blackmailed my boss to let me bring a dog to work -
much of it on the grounds that I had worked beside him and
helped him through the grey days of recession - it was payback
time. He gave in & we got Stone.

She knew 'sit', she knew 'stay' and she was pretty good on the
lead. No was the stop it command ~ and on command she would
stop. She was, as I have mentioned many times before, in a
real mess both physically & emotionally, but we worked on this
on the basis that we only ever offered a 'no' when it was for
reasons of her own safety and offered her lots and lots of
praise - just for being there. Her confidence grew -

Eventually - behaviour became a popular thing on TV and I
could see 'behaviourists' putting methods in to play that I
had already used - namely Barking Mad (BBC TV) My interest in
this side started a revival and I started looking around the
internet. Then discovered and could share a
few of my ideas - Stone's problem with her flank ****ing
really became an issue in May this year. Looking for an answer
which no one in my ng could help me with I started looking at
the others - inc. this one. I posted My Girl here in about
July time and had a few responses - I got sent Jerry's book
and for the very first time I read a completely passive means
of dog training. I think of Ivan, I think of poor Sadie...
and I talk to people and hear them tell me of the time they
had to beat there dog for chewing or running off... and I know
from Sadie and I know from Stone that it is not necessary -
but then without showing them it's hard to prove it and too,
with all theory and no practice it's hard to make it sound
like a real means whereas they watch uncle Matty work miracles
with his choke collar and they love the convenience of crating
their dogs - so to prove it I need to come here and put these
ideas across and learn from them.

I hope that gives you good insight as to why I like jerry's

As for Jerry himself, when I thanked him for his book he was
as nice a person as one could communicate with. I see that he
is sometimes nasty, I can see that it's a pain ~ but too can I
see that in his mind he's standing up for the likes of poor
Ivan & Sadie.. and even to a degree me as a young girl.
That's not what I want... but I can see why. His sanity?
Questionable, as probably too is my own. It's taken me a long
long time to be able to stand up on my own and say and do as I
believe rather than hiding in shadows - a right I am not now
going to give up quickly... Jerry has got good stuff to say -
I can see also that some things may be questionable or could
be improved upon but the concept of a completely passive means
of working with dogs, or indeed any animal, has got to be an
ideal worth reaching for.***ana_pete.attwood "sionnach"
<> wrote in message

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From: Amy Dahl (
Subject: Re: whoa - very long but you asked for it.

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Newsgroups: rec.pets.dogs.behavior
Date: 2001-11-10 05:52:08 PST
Diana wrote:

I read it carefully, Diana. I can empathize better than you
probably know. I am not inclined to go into such detail about
myself, but will say that, as with you, dogs have been my
"salvation" from a less-than-ideal past.

I would appreciate it if you would read the following. Those
of us Jerry slams are not your dad. Some of us use physical
means to train our dogs--but they are worlds away from the
pointless punishments that teach nothing but fear. In my
case, if the dogs didn't respond with confidence and
enthusiasm (and rapid learning), I'd find another method or
quit altogether.

All-sweetness-and-no-correctio***ns is a pretty normal response
to the experience of physical abuse (of course, repeating the
pattern of abuse is another). But IMO it is possible to go
another step beyond that and recognize that many dogs like to
work. They like to learn and do complex things in partnership
with their person, and derive great confidence and stability
from this kind of activity. My observations suggest that the
"payoff" to the dog's happiness is well worth the few
corrections they experience.

And crate training, which you decry, makes it very easy to
housetrain a dog without the punishments you found so
ineffective, without so much as saying "no," and in a very
short time. My first puppy had it figured out in three days.
I had never even thought about training a dog before. It's a
matter of setting the puppy up to do things right.

I read what you wrote. I paid attention; I respect your point
of view. If you're ever in the Eastern U.S., plan to come by
North Carolina and I'll show you some dogs who LOVE their work
and are bursting with confidence--not to challenge what you've
written, but to introduce you to another aspect of potential
canine happiness and well-being.

Amy Dahl
Message 3 in thread
From: Jerry Howe (
Subject: Re: whoa - very long but you asked for it.

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Newsgroups: rec.pets.dogs.behavior, alt.pets.dogs.labrador
Date: 2001-11-10 09:04:35 PST

Hello lying frosty dahl,
"Amy Dahl" <> wrote in message


As stated. Most of our lying dog abusing Thugs are victims of
abuse, or they wouldn't HURT dogs to train them, and they
CERTAINLY wouldn't LIE about what they do to defend their
actions and beliefs...FACT.

That's right. I started off with that loudmouth drunken dog
abuser dogman and professor lying doc "scruff shake" dermer
and and professora "chin cuff absolutely doesn't mean slap"
gingold. Expose and cut off the head..., and now we're down
the the commercial purveyor of "PRESSURE" (PAIN and DEATH)...
that be YOU, lying frosty dahl. That be you and your pals
cindymooreon and lying "I LOVE KOEHLER" lynn and our shelter
dog killers like janet boss, john richardson and mikey ball et al.

You hurt and intmidate dogs because you're not bright enough
to outwit the cunning of the domestic puppy dog.

Pointless or "effective" are moot issues. You HURT dogs
because you don't know any better ways of handling and
training them. You say you're an expert professional trainer.

I've discredited you. Competent trainers do not HURT dogs FOR

There ain't no way you can suppose that whatever justifies you
applying "PRESSURE" to a dog, is going to result in anything

In your case you've been proven to be a liar on top of being a
dog abuser. That's gonnna cost you BIG TIME. You've libeled my
machine THAT SAVES DOG'S LIVE'S, dahl. That means I'm gonna
take you for everything your worth... WATCH.

Here's the deal... I'll give you thirty days to close out your
dog training business and I forget all about you... all you
have to do is retract your statements about Doggy Do Right
(And Kitty Will Too) and explain that you had no information
about my machine and that you spoke in error because of you
unfamiliarity with appropriate dog training and the technology
involved in BIOSOUND. Send me an email and I'll have an
agreement drawn and noterized.

Otherwise, you lose the farm. Simple, huh?

That's part of your BIG LIE, dahl. You hurt and kill dogs.

I train real life working dogs, dahl. You train dogs for
points. Is that why you got to pinch and twist their ears and
beat them with sticks and choke and shock and hang them when
they object to being beaten, choke, hit, and shocked? For
POINTS? Don't you know your dogs would work harder and better
if they were part of the team instead of being victims of your
Neanderthal mentality? Do you believe that hurting a dog to
make IT pick up a dead birdie is moore important than an
attack dog working to protect his family? If Jerry don't NEED
to HURT "dangerous" dogs to make them safe with families, why
then do you NEED to HURT and intimidate dogs to make them do
the MOST NATURAL thing in the world for a Retriever dog to do?
Hmm? Sounds like we got CHEDDAR.


Is that so? Why then do you need to employ "PRESSURE?"

You think dogs enjoy being shocked pinched and beaten? If that
was so, you wouldn't NEED to LIE about what you do to dogs.
That proves you intentionally hurt dogs because you have NO
regard for them.

That's why I came here to put you outta the dog business.

That doesn't stand up to scrutiny lying frosty dahl, just like
the rest of your lies. Crating inhibits HOWESbreaking by
teaching the dog the crate is its HOWES and your HOWES is his
territory... FIGURE IT OUT, DIRTBAG.

Sorry, you're a dog abusing lying Thug. Either that, or you
just don't know any better. I strongly recommend you accept my
offer to get the heel outta this business.

Perhaps that's why I say most of our behavior problems come
from inappropriate and ineffective methods of handling and training.



First of all, you're a proven liar. Secondly, you're a dog
abuser. Thirdly, YOU GOT CHEDDAR. Me. I'm your Cheddar.

INDEED. I look forward to you and cindymooreon demonstrating
your methods in front of a criminal judge and jury on charges
of animal abuse with ME as expert witness for the prosecution.
And I'll be glad to represent any civil cases if anyone will
come forward with a complaint about temperament problems in
the dogs you've abused.

And I look forward to meeting you in civil court to accept
your property as judgement for the damage you've tried to
cause my Doggy Do Right (And Kitty Will Too).

So, do as you see fit. Today's 11/10/01. You got thirty days
to think about your future and your retirement and your
estate, if you have heirs.

"I Would Never Advise Anyone To Slap A Dog I Do Not Believe
There Is A Single Cir***stance Ever, Where Slapping A Dog Is
Anything But Destructive," amy "Get A 30"- 40" Stick. CHUCK
IT Under ITS Chin With That Ever Ready Right Hand," As it
catches on, try using the stick and no ear pinch. When the dog
is digging out to beat the stick and seems totally reliable
without any ear pinch, you are finished" "This is continued
resistance to your increasing authority, and the job is not
done until it is overcome" If the dog drops it, chuck it
solidly under the chin, say "No! Hold!" "(stay on the ear
until it does)" "(perhaps because the ear is getting tender,
or the dog has decided it isn't worth it)" "You can have a
helper wield the stick, or do it yourself. Tougher, less
tractable dogs may require you to progress to striking them
more sharply" Try pinching the ear between the metal casing
and the collar, even the buckle on the collar. Persist!
Eventually, the dog will give in" "but will squeal, thrash
around, and direct their efforts to escaping the ear pinch"
You can press the dog's ear with a shotshell instead of your
thumb" "even get a studded collar and pinch the ear against
that" "Make the dog's need to stop the pinching so urgent that
resisting your will fades in importance" dahl.

"Chin cuff absolutely does not mean slap," professora gingold.

And from terri willis, Psychoclown wrote:
"Nope. That "beating dogs with sticks" things is
something you twisted out of context, because you
are full of bizarro manure."

"Warning: Sometimes The Corrections Will Seem Quite Harsh And
Cause You To Cringe. This Is A Normal Reaction The First Few
Times It Happens, But You'll Get Over It." mike duforth,
author: "Courteous Canine."

And here's one from me:

!CAUTION! Dog abusing lying Thugs. Enter at your own peril!
You are responsible for your own loss of credibility and
damages to careers and reputations resultant from being
exposed and discredited. Proceed at your own risk. This is a
violence free zone. Violators will be subject to prolonged
emotional, social and professional punishment and will be
pursued to the gates of Heel and kept within under guard of a
Wits' End Trained Dog.
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2 5th August 13:14
External User
Posts: 1
Default Should I take the 'Puppy Wizard' seriously?

HOWEDY alison you congenital idiot,

That so, alison? You're a dog abusing punk thug
coward liar JUST LIKE your pals here abHOWETS.

Yeah. That was pryor to tellin us HOWE you abuse your dogs.

You mean, LIKE THIS, alison?:
"Dan Moore" <>
wrote in message news:fS2Lc.114567$


AND LIKE THIS, alison:

Date: 5/22/03 11:24:35 PM Eastern
Daylight Time

Well, let me tell you, your Wits' End
Dog Training Method works.

My dog, Dasie, Loves to chase chameleons
around the barbecue on the patio. I
used this system on four different occasions.

When she went out today, she looked
everywhere else but the barbecue.
Amazing, just amazing.

I will write to Amanda about the video.

I am really excited to learn more, and
understand. Maybe just a little reassurance
that I am going about it the right way.

Thanks again


AND LIKE THIS, alison:
From: "nicole" <To: "Jerald D. Howe">
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 10:46 AM
Subject: Off to a good start!

Hi Jerald, Just wanted to tell you we read
your manual and have started working with
the dogs...

"Chloe" (the one we adopted--a. k. a.
"The Destroyer") has already shown
great improvement! (In Just 1 DAY!)

She responds even better than our other
(better-behaved) dog "Poe".

We tried out the surrogate toy technique, and
not a thing was touched when we got back!

We were both surprised because Chloe isn't
that interested in toys and was still very uptight
about us reaching for the door... anyway, it
seemed to work.

We both work all day today so we'll see
how that goes... Regardless, we will be
cool as cukes when we get home!

I'm just so thankful we might have a chance
to get through to her! We're very excited about
her progress thus far...

Thank You!

Nicole, Michael, Poe and especially Chloe!


AND LIKE THIS, alison:

Dave Cohen < writes:
Re: Barking Deterrants Needed...

Hi. Please understand that I do not know Jerry
and have spoken with him briefly once by email.

I have no stake or interest in the success of his
business. I simply want to thank him publicly for
one of his tips, with regards to separation anxiety.

I thought it seemed far fetched to praise a stuffed
animal and then say good bye to my own dog, but
I am usually a very open minded person, so I tried it.

Well, lo and behold- the damn trick worked!

I think Jerry has some intriguing techniques, and
personally I think everyone who constantly criticizes
him is not understanding his logic.

Thank you Jerry!


Or was you think maybe a little less simple,
maybe a little longer, LIKE THIS?:

"Leprechaun" <> wrote in message news:m01Hc.20882$ ..


according to YOUR OWN PAL marilyn rammell:

"Just Want To Second Jerry's Method For
Dealing With This (Destructive Separation
Anxiety). I've Suggested It To Quite A Few
Clients Now And It's Worked 'EVERY TIME
The Very First Time' - marilyn, Trainer, 33
Years Experience.

marilyn doesn't want to post here abHOWETS
nodoGgamenedMOORE on accHOWENT of she don't
want to have to call you and your MENTALLY
ILL PALS freakin liars and dog abusers, alison.

You mean, LIKE THIS, alison?:

From: Hoku Beltz
To: The Puppy Wizard
Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 6:12 PM
Subject: Mahalo

Aloha Jerry,

Just wanted to let you know that the surrogate toy
technique is working wonders. I have not had a
shredded sheet for over a week now. It is nice
to be able to leave the bed made and come home
to a made bed.

Your program is awesome, but you already
know that. Keep up the good work!
Hoku ==================

You mean, LIKE THIS, alison?:
"Hoku Beltz" <> wrote in message
news:SN2k9.45447$ ..

Aloha Sunny,

Just follow the training program to the letter, no matter how
insignificant some of the step seem to be and your pupy will
be a very well behaved dog in a few days.

I would seriously consider backing out of the training classes
as they will conflict with the Wit's End principles.

I went the training route first, and still had problems until I
found Wits' End. Now I have two "new and improved" dogs.
You won't be dissapointed if you follow the program.

Good luck,



Or did you mean FAST EZ GENTLE and SAFE LIKE THIS, alison?:

From: Eric
Sent: Friday, November 29, 2002 7:54 AM
Subject: just checking in..


You helped me with my pal Dundee about a year ago
regarding submissive peeing. Just wanted to let you
know he's doing great- he was "cured" in about 2 days
using your techniques!

He has since become the "smartest dog in the world"!
Once I stopped thinking like a human and got inside his
head, I can teach him ANYTHING, usually in a matter
of minutes. Makes me look like an expert dog-trainer.

I rescued two strays last week, cleaned 'em up, wormed
'em, and am getting them their shots. Time to get inside
their heads and teach them to teach themselves how to
be good dogs!

Instead of feeling like "training" is a chore, I look forward
to working with these guys a couple times a day...

Although I don't follow your instructions "to a T", I learned
from you to "think like a dog" and stimulate their brain rather
than beating ass or pinching, or any of that nonsense.

I know damn well I would NOT be loyal to
someone who beat MY ass lol!

Well, just wanted to thank you for rattling the bushes
out there and teaching folks the RIGHT way to "train" dogs.

A horseman friend of mine uses very similar techniques in
training his horses- he calls it "natural horsemanship". He
is hated by nearly all the local "trainers" yet somehow he
repeatedly wins at every show he attends. He rarely shows
any more, but goes now and then to rub their noses in it
(pun intended)... Too cool....

Have a great holiday season and keep up the good work!

Eric , Dundee, Sammy, and Maynard


AND LIKE THIS, alison:

From: Paul B (

Subject: Re: dog chewing he paw raw.
Date: 2004-01-01 22:19:01 PST

Both my dogs at some stage have licked a spot somewhere on
their bodies and I have always managed to train them to stop.
In all cases there was nothing wrong that licking would have
helped (Roz has had cut pads, stitches in her belly and skin
irritations, all tempting her to lick), none of their licking
has been due to any allergies. When I see the dog licking more
than normal I look at the spot to see whats there and decide
if a vet appointment is needed or to wait and see, keeping a
close eye.

To stop the licking I distract the dog and give it
some friendly banter, when it starts licking again I repeat,
usually after about 4 times the dog stops, for the moment at
least, if it starts again then repeat, before long the dog has
no more desire to lick that spot at all.



From: Hennie van Dalen Hennie van Dalen

The same thing worked with my lab licking/chewing problem too.
He had an itch due to blocked **** glands and started chewing
and licking his tail at the root.

After the glands were squeezed, and the itch was gone he still
wouldn't stop. (because the place he chewed raw was itching)
After some training (roughly the same methode as yours) he
Hennie van Dalen

AND LIKE THIS, alison, you freakin IDIOT:
schreef inbericht newsLpzb.2640$

My dog (a 1 year old Yellow Lab) was biting his tail
at the root (Vet said his **** gland was blocked, and
was causing an itch).

After squeezing it, he still wouldn't stop biting his
tail. The vet advised a neck-funnel (don't know wat
you US-guy's call those) so he couldn't reach his butt.

I hate those things, i think they will drive a dog nuts.

I tried the wits end method. (difficult to read such a long
textfile if English is not your native language) Luckily this
is without all the "HOWE's" at least it's readable for
somebody like me.

The minute he started to bite i trew my key's
next to him on the floor, and praised him (he
stopped biting and looked up when he heard
the sound) I did this 7 times,

after that the tailbiting completely stopped.
Just give the wits end method a try.

One of the possible downloadlocations
Hennie van Dalen ===============

Yeah, she IS. Lucy CURED her dog's aggression, barking
ALL The Amazing Puppy Wizard's 100% CONSISTENTLY NEARLY
Method Manual Students ALL OVER the WHOWEL WILD WORLD
you doGgamened lying dog abusing congenital idiot.


REMEMBER, you congenital idiot?

<snip crap link>

The Amazing Puppy Wizard has posted to your punk
thug coward pal gil mitner white, alison. SHE CENSORED
the SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION The Amazing Puppy Wizard
sent her dog lovers forums on accHOWENT of SHE SEZ
problems like separation an***IHOWESNESS and fear
of thunder car sickness and self mutilation MAY
NEVER be able to be rehabilitated.

She's a FRAUD, alison. She can't answer ANY behavior
problems on her forum on accHOWENT of SHE GOT NO
METHOD, alison. She SELLS obedience classes and
relies on fear force bribery intimidation and
avoidance, not effective non physical scientific
and psychological conditioning techniques <{) ; ~ ) >

If you throw cans of pennies you'll be causing
PROBLEMS like when you scold and ignore your
own dog for his an***IHOWESNESS whining, which
FORTUNATELY for your idiot self you CAN'T HEAR
so it DON'T BOTHER YOU that he's CRYING, alison,
you freakin IDIOT <{) ; ~ ) >

You mean if you don't know HOWE to DO IT, alison.


Chris Williams writes:

"The FREE Wits' End Dog Training Method manual
I do find valuable. Much of it I recognize as what
I've always done without thinking of it as "training".
New stuff, I've used. His anchoring technique erased
the last of Mac's fireworks trauma,"


And LIKE THIS, alison you freakin lyin idiot:

Subject: Re: Dog will not listen to anyone but me!
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 11:33:36 -0500
Message-ID: uim43blqq1h...@corp.supernews.*com

Okay, I gotta speak up here... We've been using Jerry's
methods with our dog. We had the same problem as the
original poster has with Buzz. One day working with the
family pack exercise and practicing the recall command
with the family and she'll now go out with hubby and
daughter instead of needing me to reassure her or even
refusing to go with anyone but me.

I really urge you, regardless of the negative things you
might hear about Jerry & Wits' End here, to try the method
and *judge the results for yourself*.

Let's see what other areas she's improved in... always
comes when called, not chewing stuff even if we leave
it laying around, "re"housebroken after long shelter stay,
walks perfectly on leash, doesn't try to steal food from
our plates or beg... probably a few more things I'm
forgetting to mention. *(Yeah, the kats lay off the koi
and don't wander. jh).

That's in about a week's time.

Her overall demeanor has changed. When we brought
her home she was very untrusting and ultra-submissive
(except with her area/toys where she was possessive and

She had been abused and beaten by previous owners,
then she was in a shelter for months. They (most of them)
wanted to give up and kill her Now she's gained confidence
and trust with us. Last night was another big breakthrough
(in my eyes). She barked! Big deal, she barked just once
when she heard the front door. Great!

Anyway, you'll be told lots of nasty stuff about Jerry or that
the Wits' End manual is culled from other sources. In my
opinion, even if it is, it takes only the good stuff and leaves
out the bad. Works for me.

(And I suppose I gotta say this... I don't know Jerry personally.
I've emailed him and instant messaged him. I have not bought a
"Doggy Do Right". He's offered help for free.)

Ms. Mick Owen Crneckiy &
E-mail & MSN Messenger:
AIM & Yahoo!: MickCrneckiy ~ ICQ: 72461227 ----------------------------
"Hennie van Dalen" <h.vandalen11***removethis...@*>
wrote in message news:TlsCb.2895$7U1.7896@amstwist00...

RTFM is age-old computer lingo.... It stands for "Read The
F***ing Manual" ;-) I used the manual and it works very good!

But it is a long text to read (76 pages printed on A4-size
paper) My lab is 1year old now, and teaching him something
new takes about 30minutes (depending on what to teach

My other dog (a 7year old staffordshire terrier-mix) is a bit
slower in learning, but he is used to me calling him a "bad
dog"whenever he did something i didn't want him to do, or
it might be the age.

Sometimes it looks like Sam (the lab) WANTS to learn
something new: he wants me to bring along the can
filled with washers whenever we go for a walk. It is a
very "humane" way of teaching: the dog is allways a
"good dog", and never a "bad dog"

There is nu punishment or prong-collars involved.

For a fact i tought him to heel in 15min's without
beeing on a leach at-all !!! When he spotted a dog,
he used to run towards it, but now i tought him to "ask
permission" first, and to my surprise it worked!

My dogs never went to puppy-training (lucky for them),
maybe this helped too.

Manual can be found at*3.html

-- Hennie van Dalen*tografie/doggy-pictures/


And if THAT ain't enough to CONvince you The
Amazing Puppy Wizard's Methods WORK JUST LIKE
HOWE EVERY WON SEZ, The Amazing Puppy Wizard
for ALL critters within five hundred feet.

LIKE THIS, alison you freakin lying dog
abusin mental case <{) ; ~ ) > :

From: Chris Williams (
Subject: Re: Thank you Jerry Howe
Date: 2002-03-26 08:16:19 PST

Engrossing account, Anthony. Our best to Angel
and your family.

A friend, who socializes the kittens I've taken
from a feral cat colony, is using the DDR.

She reports far fewer panic problems than
she's had before. ============================

AND LIKE THIS, alison:

"Anthony Testa" wrote in messagenews:c603fe9c.0203260607.77c283ce@posting.g



<c603fe9c.0203260607.77c28...@*** m>,


My student Anthony summed it all up:

"Alpha" <> wrote in message


And THAT'S HOWE COME you punk thug coward active
acute long term incurable mental cases CAN'T POST
HERE abHOWETS nodoGgamenedMOORE.

AIN'T IT, alison.

The Amazing Puppy Wizard and a few of HIS 100%
WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method Students from

Go ahead alison, CALL THEM LIARS.
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3 6th August 07:28
doug weller
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Default Should I take the 'Puppy Wizard' seriously?

Alison's post wasn't in any of these groups. Howe is just going wild and
madly crossposting from a thread in another group. However, since I am now
reading uk.rec.pets.misc and she posted a nice UK website, I'll repost my
response to her post:

On Sat, 28 May 2005 21:01:36 +0100, in rec.pets.dogs.behavior, Alison wrote:

Thanks for the url, for some reason I haven't run across that forum. I
like the fact that you have to agree to this statement:
"It deals with them in a positive manner using positive methods. It does
not advocate, agree with or suggest the using of harsh, negative methods
(such as choke chains, pinch collars or electric collars)."

Howe gives positive training a bad name by his hysterical abuse. He's
also dangerous if what I've read about his blaming owners for diseases is

There's a wealth of information and help on the web for people who want to
use positive methods. Ignore Howe, find help from people who like dogs
and people.


Doug Weller -- exorcise the demon to reply
Doug & Helen's Dogs
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