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1 30th January 09:24
lou crowley
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Default Greyhound Racing - Who is the real winner?

For the greyhounds at least, it isnīt as simple as "first past the
post". No matter how hard they try, how fast they run, ultimately they
will be the losers.
So who are the winners in this sport?

The Winners!

· the greyhound industry as a whole, which generates enormous annual
· The owners of the best registered dogs, who profit from prizes
· The registered dog owners who can sell the best dogs on to the
independent sector, once they have no further use for them.

The Losers!

· the puppies killed because they wonīt make the grade as a racer.
· The thousands and thousands of greyhounds racing in the independent
sector whose welfare is not regulated.
· The dogs kept in appalling, dirty, cramped conditions.
· The injured greyhounds, many of whom go untreated.
· The dogs abandoned or killed when they canīt run fast enough to win
a race.

How can you make a difference to the dogs, and help the greyhounds
become the winners?

Sign our petition on
.. We are aiming for 20,000 signatures to present our protest to
Governments around the globe in March 2008.

Members of Facebook can join the following cause: This has been set up
to give people a voice. You can post media links and chat with other
greyhound lovers at the same time!

Better still, make one special dog a winner! Adopt a greyhound and you
will gain a loyal and rewarding pet. Your dog will then be the
ultimate winner with the best prize of all - a long and happy life!
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