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1 24th October 12:15
high pocket
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Default guinea pig losing hair

she is only about 2 or 3 months old, and she was housed with females, one
about the same age, the other two are older. I have not noticed any biting,
but I will keep a look out. there aren't any sores, just no hair.
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2 24th October 12:15
patricia simon
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Default guinea pig losing hair

Where's the bald spot?
Piggies are naturally bald behind both ears. They're also often bald on the
inside of their front legs (from washing themselves).

A bald spot anyplace else, especially in the middle of the back or lower down
towards the rump, could be from parasites (lice or mites), which means all the
GPs will have to be treated. It could also be from a fungal infection. In
older female piggies, symmetrical bald spots on the sides are sometimes
indicative of ovarian cysts or (very rarely) something like Cushing's disease,
but I haven't heard of this in a piggie as young as yours.

Is it completely bald, or just shorter hair on the spot? If it's shorter
hair, it could be that one of the pigs is "barbering" her, which isn't really
a problem except perhaps aesthetically. If it's completely bald AND you see
cuts or bite marks, it could be from injury -- bite marks of course would
indicate that the other pigs were not accepting their new cagemate.

You can find more information on these topics on the Guinea Lynx site:

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