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1 14th April 06:36
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Default Our Piggies Can Tell Time

they usually get fed at 7 at night, but lately they have started their
nightly squeak "I'm starving, I'm starving" at around 6. I am convinced
they are trying to beat us into submission to get
their dinner an hour early.

the two older ones have taken to standing up on their hind legs in the
middle of the cage so the squeak can bounce around the house
louder....they look so pathetic.....

I wonder if they know what they are doing.....

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2 15th April 04:22
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Default Our Piggies Can Tell Time

I think they know exactly what they are doing...indeed,i suspect THEY are
wondering what YOU are doing. Obviously after some discussion they have
decided to move dinner time up the priority list. Around 6pm they will be
watching you and thinking.......look at that..he's still fooling around and
hasn't feed us yet...lets stand on our hind legs and squeak as loud as we
can..give it a week and if that doesn't work we will have to try something
(From my unpublished paper..."Inside the mind of a Guinea Pig..Tips and
tricks for getting more food and getting it faster")

No Guinea Pigs were harmed during the writing or sending of this post.

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3 15th April 04:22
anna howard
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Default Our Piggies Can Tell Time

Hi All. Our guinea pig Susie can tell the time too. We started giving her
lettuce treat at 5.30 because this is the time that we get home. Any day
that we haveoff, come 5.30 sure enough she is wheeking the walls down.
Unbelievable! My life is dictated by a small moving wig!
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4 15th April 04:23
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Default Our Piggies Can Tell Time

On 15 Dec 2006 14:04:39 -0800, ""
<> sang the following hymns:

I wonder how they could tell the winter and summertime periods....



"What are we in time going by"-- Mountain ( For Yasgur's Farm)
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5 15th April 04:23
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Default Our Piggies Can Tell Time

My piggie Ginger can tell time and isn't fooled by weekends, either.
However Daylight Savings Time threw her off for a bit She probably
thought "silly human...must be some kind of mind game you're trying to

If we're out for dinner and arrive late back, she gets all cute and asks for
food, and when you open the cage and drop it in, she may touch her teeth
against your fingers as if to say "I could take you down if I wanted! Be on
time next time!"

We went away on vacation for 2 weeks once - when she came back to us, she
did laps around her cage to show her displeasure, and tossed out a lot of
her hay by clawing at it.

Guinea Pigs rule the world, we just live in it!

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