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1 23rd May 09:57
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Default a quick lab poem - 'Arrival'


Peacefully asleep

Lightly snoring

A sound outside

Snoring ceases

Car door slams

Eyes wide; Ears up

Hope; Anticipation

Key in lock

Off the couch (they don't know)

Quick stretch

Knob turns

Heart racing

Tail wagging wildly

"Oh hurry, hurry!"


Let me lick your hand; your face


Rub my head

Scratch my chin

Give me a smile

Lets play

Where's the ball?

Can I have a treat/

Where's the ball?

Lets take a walk?
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2 24th May 05:26
paul foster
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Default a quick lab poem - 'Arrival'

Very good!

Just a couple of observations though....

'Lightly snoring' When our boy is soundly asleep, he wakes us up with his snoring! He's worse than a room full of drunks

'Can I have a treat?' You only said that once....... With Shadow (and most Labs I guess), he would be saying that every other word

Very good though!

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