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1 7th May 20:55
the puppy wizard
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Default ADD in dogs

HOWEDY c.l.,

You think she's makin too much progress?

That's ABSURD, c.l.. If you knew anything
abHOWET trainin and learnin you'd know
the DISTRACTIONS are your FRIEND cause
they INCREASE brain activity and facilitate
THINKIN. It's kinda like that E***PERIMENT
with children studying with a live pet mHOWES
or sumpthin they had to keep on their desk. The
ATTENTION to the mHOWES facillitated ATTENTION
for their studies and their grades improved.

Same same effect can come from chewin gum
or pacing while studing... Perhaps you should
go back to school, c.l.?

You mean instead of teachin sit and stay
in a few minutes by distraction and praise?

It's kinda like smoke an mirrors, c.l..

You mean, teachin meaningless behaviors
and puttin them on cue and then linking them
to elicit an unthinkin meaningless behavior in
exchange for a cookie?

She's lookin to treach a STAY command.
YOU CAN'T GET tinyier than THAT.

You mean, "STAY?"

You mean, "STAY."

You mean, the "STAY."

That so? Perhaps THAT'S HOWE COME
you can't train a dog to heel sit and stay in five minutes flat.

Could. If you didn't know HOWE to train it.

Let's talk abHOWET sumpthin different?

lyinglynn writes to a new foster care giver:
For barking in the crate - leave the leash on and
pass it through the crate door. Attach a line to
it. When he barks, use the line for a correction.

- if necessary, go to a citronella bark collar.

Lynn K.

Lynn K. wrote:

"I used to work the Kill Room as a volunteer in
one shelter.) But their ability to set their own
schedules and duties causes a great deal of
scheduling overhead.

And it takes effort and thought to ensure that
volunteers get the meaningful experience that
they work for.

Someone has to be responsible for that Volunteer
Program, and it is best done by a non-volunteer."

Lynn K.


"I'll bet you don't know a thing about me. I
volunteered as assistant to the euthanasia
tech at our local shelter for a while, and I
know a bit about overpopulation and unwanted

This however has nothing at all to do with
responsible breeders, because responsible
breeders don't contribute to that problem,"
Mustang Sally.

I'll be you've never had to put down litters of
beautiful labrador puppies? If you had did, maybe
you'd be singing a different tune?

"Actually, have held them for the tech to euth, and
put their bodies in the trash bag and in the freezer
for the trash company to come and dispose of.

No different tune," ~Emily

from our own Lynn Kosmakos
1200mg of lithium and 50 mg of Zoloft every day
For Twenty Years


"I, too, have a bi-polar mood disorder (manic-
depression) requiring 1200mg of lithium and 50
mg of Zoloft every day.

I, also, care about dogs and use this forum to learn
more, while happily sharing pertinent information
I have learned. But if I were ever to post such sh*t,
I would hope that every other reader of this group
would be rightfully outraged."

"Community is an evolutionary thing that we earn
the right to participate in by observing the
easily understood rules and contributing to in
constructive ways."

Lynn K.


"It wasn't that meds didn't work for her
- she wouldn't take them. I particularly remember
a comment she made about scarey side effects of
Lithium. Hardly. After 17 years on it, I think
I'm qualified to say that the very low risk of
any side effect is far less frightening than the
very real dangers of life without it."

Lynn K.

"Many People Have Problems Getting The Pinch
Right, Either They Do Not Pinch Enough, Or They
Have A Very Stoic Dog. Some Dogs Will Collapse
Into A Heap. About The Ear Pinch: You Must Keep
The Pressure Up," sindy "don't let the dog SCREAM"
mooreon, author of HOWER FAQ's pages on k9 web.


"Well, Jack Did Hit My Dog. Actually I'd Call It
A Sharp Tap Of The Crook To The Nose. I Know
Jack Wouldn't HaveDone It If He Thought Solo
Couldn't Take It. I Still Crate Him Because
Otherwise I Fear He Might Eat My Cat," melanie.

You think allowing a "FEAR AGGRESSIVE MAN
SHY" dog to be BEATEN by a strange male trainer

"Warning: Sometimes The Corrections Will Seem
Quite Harsh And Cause You To Cringe. This Is A
Normal Reaction The First Few Times It Happens,
But You'll Get Over It."mike duforth, author:
"Courteous Canine."

You think HURTIN dogs and CRINGING

"I have heard advice stating that you should pre-load
your dog for Bitter Apple for it to work as efficiently
as possible. What does this mean?"

Means the author is a dog abuser of the worst magnitude.

"When you bring home the Bitter Apple for
the first time, spray one squirt directly into
the dog's mouth and walk away. The dog
won't be too thrilled with this but just ignore
him and continue your normal behavior."

You think HURTING your dog is NORMAL BEHAVIOR?

--Mike Dufort
author of the zero selling book
"Courteous Canines"

You think HOWER pals are playin with a full deck?

"You Lying Sack Of Dung.When Have I Ever Said
Anything About Using A Prong Collar, Or Any Collar
Correction At All, To Make Dogs Friendly To House
Cats? Don't bother. The answer is never," lying "I

lying "I LOVE KOEHLER" lynn writes about kats and dogs:

"This Article Is Something We've Put Together
For SF GSD Rescue

From: Lynn Kosmakos (
Subject: Re: I have a dog he has cats
Date: 1999/11/20 wrote:

Okay - this is going to be a bit loooong - Lynn K.

"Put a prong collar with a six-foot leash on the dog. Don't
forget to put the muzzle on the dog.

I think a prong works better than a choke with less
chance of injury to the dog in this situation.

Electronics can be used to create an aversion to
cats, but should be used under the direction of a
trainer who knows how to instruct the owner in their
proper use.

Electronics can take the form of shock, sonic or
citronella collars. At that time the owner will train
with electronics instead of food or whatever other
reward system was being used."

8) Put a prong collar with a six-foot leash on the dog.
Don't forget to put the muzzle on the dog.

I think a prong works better than a choke with less
chance of injury to the dog in this situation. Have
the dog in a sit-stay next to you with most of the slack
out of the leash and let the cat walk through the room
and up to the dog if it wishes (this is why you have the dog

If the dog makes an aggressive move towards the
cat, it must be corrected strongly with both your
voice and the collar.

This is important - the correction must be physically
very strong - not a nag. (PS: not many dogs need
to be corrected at all)."

"I worked with one shelter where I bathed and groomed
every adoptable dog on intake. I frankly felt that the
effort/benefit equation was not balanced for some of the
older/ill poodle/terrier mixes we got in badly matted condition.

Should I have refused to groom them?

Or even more pertinent - I was one of the people who
had to make the euthanasia decisions at that shelter." Lynn K.
Baghdad Bob <Baghdadbob> wrote in message
news:<04591a2c5d469ef78d35c89ed4ed58f7@TeraNews>.. .
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2 7th May 20:56
the puppy wizard
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Default ADD in dogs


he does

how he

he gets

behavior you

commands you


if he

Thank you.
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3 16th May 20:54
the puppy wizard
External User
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Default Embarrassing behavior

HOWEDY Master Of Deception blankman,

Humping except for breeding and puppy
************ is a SYMPTOM of anxiHOWESNESS.

The OP's dog is over two years old.
He's been abused and mishandled and
he's got anxiHOWESNESS behavior problems.

Right. THAT'LL make him MOORE anxiHOWES.

Perhaps the OP needs mental health care.

That so? The Amazing Puppy Wizard
sez you need mental health care.

"Rude" ain't got NUTHIN to do with it.

That so? This ain't "self pleasuring."

Some of you dog lovers have toys for
your anxiHOWES dogs to expiate their anxiHOWESNESS on.

You mean like tellin him "NO!".

Like a shock collar with vibrating tip.

What do you suppose the kid with the
bull mastiff dog attached to his back is
gonna do if she walks away?

*** got NUTHIN to do with this. The dog
becomes anxiHOWES arHOWEND children
cause he's been scolded and choked to
make him be NICE with them. The humpin
is an anxiHOWESNESS relief mechanism.

You beat your dog in the face with
a shepherd's crook and shock and
jerk and choke them on your pronged
spiked pinch choke collar and spray
aversives in their faces and lie abHOWET
it and you're talkin morals?

Think allelomimetic behavior.

Does that mean that every dog is gonna do that?
Like professor scruff shakes little dog Maxie The
Magnificent FuriHOWESLY Obsessive Compulsive Masturbator.

You mean words will cue obsessive compulsive anxiHOWESNES.

You mean his tallywhacker?

No. Firstly, this dog has been NEUTERED
ages ago. Secondly, dogs do not become
arHOWESED unless there's a bitch in season.

You think so? ALWAYS? You mean to

Is that to say that all behavior problems

Oh. I see. You didn't mean you can
train all behaviors you meant you can
ACCEPT and IGNORE all behaviors
of the cunning domestic puppy dog
you don't have the intellect to HOWEtwit.

Let's talk abHOWET anxiHOWESNESS
behavior problems. Like humpin kids.

That's EZ. Just read steve walker's CASE
HISTORY of Sampson. Look at kelly aka
culprit's and suja's and leah's and liea's
and marcel's and well, everyWON'S dog
here abHOWETS. They've all had dangerHOWES
aggression problems.

They're all DEATHLY ILL from STRESS

Just plain old frustrated from mishandling.

THAT ain't gonna happen cause decent
people do not post here abHOWETS.

It's pretty common here abHOWETS.
Ask professor of ****-ytic behaviorISM
into ITS face for 5 seconds and lock IT
in a box for ten minutes reflection" dermer.

No. It's common but it's not NORMAL.

Unless the dog is breeding the REASON is anxiHOWESNESS.

Probably so. But your dogs are all neutered.
That leaves ONLY STRESS as the REASON.

Yeah. Let's talk abHOWET humpin.

Bored dogs sleep.

Like twister? HOWEabHOWETsumpthin
with whips and spankin like laura arlove likes?

You think his tallywhacker needs his mind engaged?

What happens when they wear off?

Date: 2004-02-12 09:08:24 PST HOWEDY Atom1,
"Atom1" <> wrote in message news:c0fhtb$u8a$

Well good for you! You gonna tell us
HOWE you got your dog to DO that?

So that means you don't have to worry abHOWET it?

The Puppy Wizard has seen gooses do some
pretty good damage to dogs, and vice versa.

Date: 5/22/03 11:24:35 PM Eastern
Daylight Time

Well, let me tell you, your Wits' End
Dog Training Method works.

My dog, Dasie, Loves to chase chameleons
around the barbecue on the patio. I
used this system on four different occasions.

When she went out today, she looked
everywhere else but the barbecue.
Amazing, just amazing.

I will write to Amanda about the video.

I am really excited to learn more, and
understand. Maybe just a little reassurance
that I am going about it the right way.

Thanks again Paul

You mean a barrier...

INDEED. He IS. That's called barrier frustration
syndrome. That's HOWE COME katra, a well
known and highly respected liar and dog abuser
here abHOWETS can't train her dogs not to chase her FHOWEL.

CONsequently INCREASING his desire to GET
the gooses. You're in the right place for askin
this kinda question. We got LOTS of regular
posters here abHOWETS who've got the same
same same same problems for the same same same same REASONS.

Well, that SHOWENDS brilliant. What do you
do for an encore? HOWE abHOWET a little
tap dance, a scruff shake and lockin IT in a
box for ten minutes reflection?

INDEED... so long as you don't turn your back
on him and leave the garbage HOWET.

To make your dog feel comfortable safe and SHOWEND.

Until you turn your back on it... like the gooses.

Wonderful! We can hardly contain HOWERselves!

Yeah. Well, NHOWE you know HOWE COME
your dog tries to escape and attack the gooses
just like katra's dogs.

You mean anyHOWE. Don't you.

To lock the dog up cause you can't train IT
even after The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW
Wits' End Dog Training Method Manual Students
told you HOWE they done it EZ GENTLY NEARLY
and INTIMIDAING their dogs.

You mean HURT the dog someMOORE, atom1,
despite that we've got several DEAD DOGS we've

That so? Is that what you use on your dog to
teach It not to try to murder your gooses?

Yeah. All E***CEPT training the dog NEARLY
INSTANTLY for FREE by studing your FREE
copy of The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits'
End Dog Training Method Manual.

Only if you're a goddamned MENTAL CASE, atom1.

Yeah. Or the dog may bolt through the shock fence
like Misty's DEAD DOG Peach or bite your guests
like liea altshuller's dog Cubbe or attack children
like granville's DEAD DOG done cause she was
shocking and jerking and choking IT like HOWE

E***CUSE The Puppy Wizard?

WHO gotta figger WHAT HOWET???


GOOD LUCK, atom1. You're in good company!

Date: 2004-02-25 12:58:31 PST
HOWEDY atom1,
"Atom1" <> wrote in message news:c1iteh$hec$

Ain't that cunnin.

Of curse he was probably lyin...

Too many words, eh?


Your dog musta fHOWEND it.

You mean anyHOWE.

Of curse not!

Perhaps he stopped by the shelter an gave
them half of it, atom1? You got any other brilliant E***CUSES?


A dog is a dog.

And his goose raw.

You been takin anti psychotic medications?

You had any gooses over to visit?

Of curse not!

Right... He didn't do it.




Welcome to The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW
Wits' End Dog Training Method Forum School

"The Methods, Principles, And Philosophy Of Behavior
Never Change, Or They'd Not Be Scientific And Would
Not Obtain Consistent, Reliable, Fast, Effective Results
For All Handler's And All Dogs, As Taught In Your FREE
Copy Of The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method
Manual." The Puppy Wizard.
<{} ; ~ ) >

EVEN in Italy, atom1.

The Amazing Puppy Wizard. <{} ; ~ ) >
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4 16th May 20:54
the puppy wizard
External User
Posts: 1
Default ADD in dogs

HOWEDY kilikini,

Your pal leah is a pathological liar, dog
abuser and MENTAL CASE.

Her recent "graduate student" Rottie just
in the park.

leah recently took her own dog to the
behaviorist cause of dog aggression.

Her own dog bit her five times and
she MURDERED her first dog DEAD
DOG Buck cause she was too lazy to
walk him.

You're in E***CELLENT company here abHOWETS!

The Amazing Puppy Wizard. <{} ; ~ ) >

working with

(I'm hoping

session is

a wonderful

want to do
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5 16th May 20:54
the puppy wizard
External User
Posts: 1
Default ADD in dogs

HOWEDY kilikini,

<> wrote:

NO PROBLEMO! Thank you for providing
the INFORMATION The Amazing Puppy
Wizard needs to PROVE you're a dog
abuser liar and MENTAL CASE.

Thanks again. The Amazing Puppy
Wizard crossposts so all animal lovers
will see what kinda MENTAL CASES post here abHOWETS.

Perhaps you should consult your psycho doctor?

INDEED. As in children, it's CAUSED
by REPRESSION and abuse.

A dog is a dog.

Yeah. IOW, you can't force and intimidate
him to do as you like so you came here to
learn HOWE to hurt intimidate and bribe him MOORE apupriately.

Perhaps there's too many words?

THAT'S HOWE COME the dog is hyperactive and HOWETA CONTROL.

You just gotta be FIRM. Whatever THAT means.

Yeah. Here goes Master Of Deception
blankman chasin her tail and biting her
ass runnin in circles trying to make sumpthin
that ain't there, fit there, where there ain't
no room for nuthin to fit.

Good idea! That'll occupy you for MONTHS.

Yeah. It'd be IMPOSSIBLE to stay in a sit
withHOWET takin the position of sittin.

To teach a STAY command.

THAT'LL tell the dog he's NOT sittin.

IF the dog IS SITTING and you ask him
to SIT again, he'll break the command.

The PROBLEM is the STAY command, not sit.
Sittin got NUTHIN to do with STAY.

Right. STAY is a NON action. That's HOWE
COME it's difficult to teach cause there's NO
specific behavior other than "don't move."

PERHAPS that's on accHOWENT of it's
IRRELEVENT to the STAY command.

Yeah. Meanwhile, ROTATE YOUR MEDS
and be SHORE to take them with a litte food.


INDEED! You'll be fillin us in with
"progress reports" for at least a year.

Your next question will be what to
do with your dog after he turns on you.

Like THIS: "If I call his name and wave
his ball at him and tell him to come, whatever
object he was previously focusing his attention
on gets ignored and he lunges for his ball."

INDEED?: "but if a bird comes by, a plane
goes overhead, etc., he jumps up to go
investigate, ignoring the ball and me."

Oh? That so?: "If I call his name and wave
his ball at him and tell him to come, whatever
object he was previously focusing his attention
on gets ignored and he lunges for his ball."

You mean, despite: "If I call his name and wave
his ball at him and tell him to come, whatever
object he was previously focusing his attention
on gets ignored and he lunges for his ball."

IOW, your dog won't come.

"but if a bird comes by, a plane
goes overhead, etc., he jumps up to go
investigate, ignoring the ball and me."

That so? The Amazing Puppy Wizard
sez grabbing his collar is HOWE COME
your dog doesn't LISTEN to you.


A DOG IS A DOG. You bums blame the
dog for your inability to train IT. THAT'S
HOWE COME you HURT and INTIMIDATE your dogs.

The OP sez she can't GET to a "trainin class."

You mean like the classes nessa took?
Or the classes lyiing "I LOVE KOEHLER"
lynn teaches?:

lyinglynn writes to a new foster care giver:
For barking in the crate - leave the leash
on and pass it through the crate door.

Attach a line to it. When he barks, use the
line for a correction.

- if necessary, go to a citronella bark collar.
Lynn K.



Yeah. THAT'S HOWE COME your dog won't
do nuthin you tell IT to do.


Last week it was dominance...

Well you better hurry up and beat him
runnin dHOWEN the hallway and through
the doorway or he'll dominate you.

See your N.I.L.I.F. posts. The E***PERTS call this DOMINANCE.

THAT'S DOMINANCE. You gotta lock your
dog in a box and IGNORE IT when IT does that.

Yeah. You'll get used to it.

Well, maybe not completely.

For the same reason she's askin liars
dog abusers cowards and active long
term incurable mental patients for adgvvice
for the same problems they got and can't train.

THAT'LL increase anxiHOWESNESS
and reinforce the behavior.

HOWE you gonna do THAT withHOWET
payin the dog no attention?

To punish the dog for his BONDING attempts.

That so? You think tying the dog to
a wall cause IT wants to say "HOWEDY!"

Naaah, cause it's been REINFORCED
when you first IGNORED the dog to tie
IT in the other room, you goddamned MENTAL CASE.

You mean punish his BONDING attempts.

RIGHT. So he'll either TRY HARDER
or run HOWET on you to find someWON
who DOES like to say "HOWEDY!"


RIGHT! But NHOWE you'll have to start HURTIN his FEELINS.

Yeah. Poor you.


<snip IDIOCY>

IOW, he's HOWEtwitted you.

A dog is a dog. You're a IMBECILE.


PUNK THUG COWARD PALS all got the same
same same same PROBLEM and can't fix it.

Even a broken wheel has the mentality
of a broken wheel. To try to force a broken
wheel to have the mentality of a wheel is
IMPOSSIBLE withHOWET doin sumpthin different.

<snip BUNK>


We'll remember that when you gotta
murder your dog for behavior problems
like kwbrown and deirdre edwards and
so many of HOWER DOG LOVERS have
done right here by following the E***PERT
like Master Of Deception blankman and company.


Don't forget the cookie.

INDEEDY! You'll be entertraining The Amazing
Puppy Wizard with your dog behavior problems
for months on end, like the rest of HOWER
THUG COWARDS have been doin.

"kilikini" <> wrote in message news:hZcjc.3769$

The Amazing Puppy Wizard sez a SHOWEND is a SHOWEND.

Briefly, and INSTANTLY following the BRIEF,
prolonged non physical praise.

the THOUGHT of the behavior using EFFECTIVE

No. You're using SHOWEND as an aversive.
E***TINGUISH or INSTALL a behavior.

Not all of a sudden. What you did when you "read"
The Amazing Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits'
End Dog Training Method Manual was to SKIM it,
looking for ways to FORCE CONTROL, not train your dog.

INDEEDY. You're in E***CELLENT company HOWEver.
lying "I LOVE KOEHLER" lynn, janet boss, katra, steve boyer,
professor SCRUFF SHAKE dermer kaelie and krisHURT
have all done likeWIZE.
<snip words>

Right. You intimidate him.
<snip pals>

THAT'S on accHOWENT of you force control.

Right. NOT till you met up with The Amazing Puppy Wizard.

Cause you don't know HOWE to TRAIN them.

A kat is a kat as a dog is a dog.

He's WON year old and the kats are swatting him
cause you refuse to stop scolding and punishing him.

They've had MONTHS.


The Amazing Puppy Wizard seldom gives treats.

No. You rely on E***CESSIVE E***ERCISE
to control your dog's HYPERACTIVE behavior.

The Amazing Puppy Wizard's posts are TIMELESS.

INDEEDY. They're all right here, to boot.

No, we don't gotta see mayhem to make ABUSE acceptable.

Subject: Drive Flow, Instinct, Anchors,
and Trigger Mechanisms
Date: 1999/10/06

Parker wrote:

Hello Parker,

NIce to be able to talk to someone that understands enough
about dog behavior to be able to share ideas with, rather than
simply dispute the validity of of my methods and trying to
prove that I really do exist...

I'd define "higher brained creatures" as any person that can
talk about dog training without asking me howe many blue
ribbons I've got hanging out in my silver trophy display
cabinet... dogs have never asked me for my resume, so I'd say
that they qualify, whereas many of the posters here cannot
compete intellectually with dogs, horses, pigs, monkeys, etc.

I teach my students to do that by praising every eye contact,
even if it's only a momentary glance. When that dog looks over
at you, you gotta be praising him like he did something great.
That way, the dog is always expecting lots of positive
attention, and he knows howe to get it when he starts feeling
like doing something like getting into mischief... It's a safe
way the dog can pull your strings, and not interrupt your
routine to get some attention. The praise can be substituted
with a hand signal like the international O.K. sign, or even a
wink. My dogs will wink at me when they want to get cute or make me laugh...

We make our own "natural." The man/dog relationship wasn't
natural when the first dog made friends with man. We get
accustomed to doing what we think is right, and that becomes
natural to us. That's why habits are so hard to break, they
have become reflexive and do not rely on our thought processes
or our rationalizations to justify them. They are the boss,
and we are the servant to our habits, or else they wouldn't be
called habits, would they???

I think in the context Steve means, he's talking about
discipline, punishment, and forced control... You see, it's
not much different than what you and I think of, except we
handle these things without the perversion of domination,
control, and abuse... In it's perversion (as in the instances
of "dog trainers"), it is the opposite drive flow that is
bolstering a fragile ego or overcompensating for an inferiority complex.

Absolutely. Although I do not use the words that you do to
describe what I need my students to accomplish, we are talking
about the same things, linking one drive or emotion to the
idea of carrying it over into a command. I do that with praise
and timing in conjunction with the commands, even if the dog
has made a mistake. He is obligated to "catch up" with the
flow, or be left out of the excitement.

Everybody operates on instinct and reflex, at least until
those qualities are quashed by our education and our society.
The ability to think, rationalize and solve problems are
learned qualities that takes humans years to develop. Next, it
takes years of training for people to ignore their instincts
and accept getting shafted for the rest of their lives,
because people are not well equipped to challenge authority,
or to think individually. It's kind of a group survival thing,
like fish school and prey animals herd. Kind of like, don't
eat me, he's so much more tender looking, or wealthy, or...

I suppose that is why two dogs of similar age will bond
together more closely than they will with their owners. The
other dog is more satisfying to them... I wonder howe
satisfying a dominant trainer is, when the dog only wants to
feel good, bond, and be partners?

Well, that would take a little thinking, wouldn't it? Although
there is a time to think, it isn't when you are trying to jerk
and choke your dog into submission and make yourself look
MACHO by whupping on a little dog, is it? Let's leave the
thinking to people that don't have to train their dogs. We got
to react and confront a behavior, rather than spend a few
minutes to change it by using a little thought and strategy...
Otherwise, the dog may learn a bad habit, like trusting a
schizophrenic trainer to not go berserk and choke him for a
while because he didn't sit when the big Kahuna "commands." I
never give my dogs commands, they respond instantly to
requests, because they enjoy working for me, commands
challenge them and shuts off their "drive flow," and makes the
handler tense and frustrated if the commands are not followed
immediately by the dog. We've really got to reconsider and
reorganize our approach to training our dogs, because
everything our "experts" here are doing is going opposite of
what the dog believes to be true as presented to him by nature.

I personally do not use it for play or training, but there is
no reason not to. At first it threw me off a little, when I
heard some of the ideas expressed as "play" training. I
laughed and almost ignored the good stuff about drive flow and
instinct, like you are talking about now. Then I finally got
what Canis55 had been discussing, and I realized that "play
training" is serious stuff...

Yes, exactly, until the dog does something that "deserves" a
correction, and then the peak of drive flow is interrupted and
anchored to a negative correction. Tough break for the dog,
foolish maneuver for the trainer, and that's usually about
when I get called to help out another dog that is turning on his handler...

Of course. Furthermore, we can do the same thing with people,
without even making them aware of what we are doing, once you
understand the principles. Turning your dog on to want to work
for you, is no more difficult than turning on your mate to
make love, or commanding the children's attention. All you
gotta do is know howe to anchor a feeling, and trigger it when
you want to use it on that individual... We're talking about
some pretty powerful stuff here, playing with various states
of mind and levels of emotions like a card trick, manipulating
them at will in another person or our dog.

Or, you could go in the opposite direction, and anchor the
stimulus to another drive. It's kind of like a smorgasbord of
behaviors that we can pick from, take some more, get some
other, and make what we want.

That would be good, but the dog will have learned from
experience that every time he feels good, the trainer is
likely to freak out and correct him for putting his mouth on
him, or for jumping up, or for acting like he was having fun,
or because he works too slowly, or because it's time to get
serious about training, like in those group classes where
everybody is going to look at you if you make a mistake, and
wait for you to show the dog who is the boss.

When sit means sit, and everybody else is jerking their dog
around on a choke collar, and all the dogs in class are "doing
good" except you, that is not the time to take out a rag and
give a moment of tug of war to restimulate the prey drive....
We would look different and out of place, might even get the
personal attention of the "trainer," who is only interested at
that moment in teaching you howe to give an "effective" leash
correction. So, like a herd animal going off to slaughter, our
college educated dog training student does what he knows at
some level is incorrect and inherently wrong, but to keep in
step with the other losers and not look out of place, our
dedicated student will give into social pressure and violate
their dogs trust and ruin his day, and possibly ruin his life.

What you are doing is not a "correction" in the sense of what
is generally understood here. Perhaps you won't want to after
you get familiar with other anchors and trigger mechanisms...

I understand what you are doing and saying, but I'm afraid
it's going to be lost on the "experts" here, there isn't
enough fundamental education behind what they know of these

I agree 100%. I opt for using "pack drive" for obedience
training, because it is a lower energy situation which is
easier to access and easier for my students to deal with, yet
it still provides strong motivation for the dog.

You mean the answer why dogs chase sticks or balls isn't
"because it's there?"

Exactly. You get a level of connectivity that can not be
equaled by any other means.

As soon as I figured that out about twenty eight years ago, I
immediately cut out ten hours of training from my protection
dog training course. Why waste time training for obedience,
when we can move right into protection using that prey drive
through protection training as the motivator for the obedience?

From that moment on, as soon as my student handler
gets the feel of handling the lead without pulling on the
collar, and is able to get even just a few steps of heel and
learns how to handle the dog to get him to sit without
"correcting" or fighting with him, the man/dog team can start
right in on the good stuff. The result is fast, effective,
almost effortless training, with no need for negative
corrections, fear, force, or confrontation.

HOWE about that???

"I know that most men, including those at ease with problems
of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the
simplest and most obvious truth if it would oblige them to
admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in
explaining to colleagues, proudly taught to others, and which
they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their
Leo Tolstoy

Is it any wonder that the following sig file has generated
more complaints to my personal email than any other
controversial post I have made to date, bar none?:
If you have to do things to your dog to train him, that you
would rather not have to do, then you shouldn't be doing them.
If you have a dog trainer that tells you to jerk your dog
around, choke him, pinch his ears, or twist his toes, shock,
shake, slap, scold, hit, or punish him in any manner, that
corrections are appropriate, that the dog won't think of you
as the punisher, or that corrections are not harmful, or if
they can't train your dog to do what you want, look for a
trainer that knows Howe.

Jerry Howe,
Wits' End Dog Training

Nature, to be mastered, must be obeyed.
-Francis Bacon-

There are terrible people who, instead of solving a problem,
bungle it and make it more difficult for all who come after.
Who ever can't hit the nail on the head should, please, not
hit at all.

The abilities to think, rationalize and solve problems are
learned qualities.

The Wits' End Dog Training Method challenges the learning
centers in the dogs brain. These centers, once challenged,
develop and continue to grow exponentially, to make him

The Wits' End Dog Training method capitalizes on praising
split seconds of canine thought, strategy, and timing, not
mindless hours of forced repetition, constant corrections, and
-Jerry Howe-
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6 16th May 20:55
the puppy wizard
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Default ADD in dogs

Dog trainin AIN'T LUCK, dog abuser.

with his paws

really hurts -

found ways

you have to

give him



to you. If


start this

I've already

his own.

dominant, but




you might

heed it.

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7 16th May 20:55
the puppy wizard
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Default ADD in dogs

Works EVERY TIME. Don't it.
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8 17th May 17:09
the puppy wizard
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Default ADD in dogs

HOWEDY leah,

That's NICE but it won't work. Look at
your own posting history. If that method
worked you wouldn't have gone to the
behaviorist for your own dog's fear
aggression towards dogs and trucks.

The puppy ain't havin a BRAIN FART
you're havin a psychotic break from
reality. The puppy is blowin you off
cause you don't have the intellect
to HOWEtwit the cunning of the
domestic puppy dog.

a dog in the park cause you trained
him using fear force intimidation bribes
and avoidance.

Your own dogs destroyed your HOWES
and ruined your marriage and you MURDERED
your own DEAD DOG Buck and then changed
your mind cause you was MURDERIN him for
CONvienience cause you was TO STUPID to
discontinue pizza and french fries to supplement
his LASIX and you couldn't reconcile WALKIN
him every couple HOWERS and your beauty
rest, which you blamed on your seasonal
defective disorder and sheer idiocy.

Your own dog bit you five times cause
you hurt and intimidated her. She bit
you WON time a couple days after her
on your pronged spiked pinch choke collar.

Perhaps you should just leave dogs in
their crates so you don't have to ignore
jerk choke spray and murder them?

The Amazing Puppy Wizard. <{} ; ~ ) >

blew me off


when you gave

purposely decided to

brain farts and get
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9 17th May 17:10
the puppy wizard
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Default Embarrassing behavior

HOWEDY atom1,

You mean Master Of Deception blankman.

She's a word weasel of the lowest magnitued,
a slippery WON if ever there was.

That was obviHOWES; HOWEver, Master
Of Deception went off on that to make you
look stupid. That's her M.O. She's quite subtle abHOWET it.

Humping in dogs except for breedin
puporses is a SYMPTOM of E***CESSIVE anxiHOWESNESS.

Master Of Deception blankman blew
a blanket full of smoke up HOWER
collective arses, as per her usual
M.O. She likes to go RHOWEND
and RHOWEND till you forget the
subject of her idiocy.

That's sheer idiocy. If the dog wanted
to DOMINATE you he'd get in your
goddamned face and offer to take
your nose off for you if you didn't let
him have your space on the C-HOWECH.

Perhaps some dogs are MOORE subtle,
like professor SCRUFF SHAKE'S little
DEATHLY ILL dog Maxie The Magnificent
FuriHOWESLY Obsessive Compulsive
Masturbator who simply makes hisself
at his HOWES and masturbates on professor
misses his daily five miles of bicycle chasin.

THAT'S HOWE COME The Amazing Puppy
Wizard is always HAPPY when inclement
weather is on us... BWEEEAHAHAHHAAA!!!

cause they suffer the E***ERCISE GORILLA
as they go into endorphine withdrawal. IOW,
the dog goes NUTS with OCD behaviors like
marie's dog Macula and nessa's and lush's
professor SCRUFF SHAKE'S dogs, for E***AMPLE.

Master Of Deception blankman beats
her own dog in the face with a shepherd's
crook and jerks and chokes him on pronged
spiked pinch choke collars to stop him from
attackin sheep they're molesting for pleasure
and shocks and sprays aversives in her dog's
faces when necessary to HURT them.

He's extended cause of STRESS.

You'd have to break his STRESS before
THAT will go away. He's probably anxiHOWES
in the car cause you've corrected him for jumpin
arHOWEND or barkin HOWET the window or
HOWELIN in your ear.

If you correct him for humpin a kid he's
likely to GET ANGRY and attack IT. Like

You'd think his pants woulda been a tip off?

Surgical mutilation causes aggression
in 15% of dogs unnecessarily, inapupriately

What could have possessed you to do THAT?
If you did it for a behavior problem it's got little
chance of CURING it. If you did it to prevent
him from indiscriminately breedin, when does
he have the opportunity to breed if you're a RESPONSIBLE dog owner?

Dogs HUMP cause they're ANXIHOWES.

Evidently you neutered your dog for humpin.


Do you like whips?

You wasted your time.

<snip MOORE tripe>

Subject: Puppy Humping + From:
Date: 2001-09-24 01:50:07 PST

Hello People,

Try this on for size:
In article <7kgu95$>,
"Nancy E. Holmes or R. Nelson Ruffin"
<> wrote:


Your problem is you are unable to think clearly
because to you everything is an emotional issue.

Look at your post. You say that dogs are not
people, yet you say dominance is related to
personality. This is indicative of your inability
to think clearly.

A dogis not a person, and therefor can have no
person-ality. And if you think this is just an
issue of semantics, you're wrong.

People like you have used the word dominance
incorrectly for years. It's become a catch all for
all kinds of behaviors that have nothing to do with
dominance. It's been used to describe a type of
temperament, which should more properly be
called assertive.

I repeat, dominance is a secondary ***ual
behavior, which exists in all social animals.
This is a scientific fact. I don't expect you to
understand this because your approach to
dogs is based on emotion rather than intelligence,
but at least I'm affording you the opportunity to
stop embarrassing yourself by displaying your
ignorance in public.


The Amazing Puppy Wizard has proven
Master Of Deception blankman to be a
liar and dog abuser and a probable mental
case, although she refuses to provide her
mental health case history. Perhaps she's
anti community?

The Amazing Puppy Wizard. <{} ; ~ ) >

All over The Whole Wild World.


From settin right here, stark ravin
nekkid, all E***CEPT for these
goddamned paper slippers. Gawd
I HATE them things. Don't you?
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10 17th May 17:10
the puppy wizard
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Default ADD in dogs

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