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1 13th August 03:22
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Default online resources for breeders, handlers, trainers, vets etc.

Don't take this as gospel, but I would think if you can devise anyway
of helping via pedigree, one breed would be optimum. Knowing the
pedigrees of one breed and what they carry and have to offer is the
work of a lifetime. If I have missed the mark on what you intend, I
apologize. Just ignore my post in that case. The number of people
who will tell you what is REALLY in their pedigree is close to NIL.
99 percent plus will tell you what you want to hear. It is such a
habit with them, as otherwise they would not sell their puppies very
often. Human nature being what it is, progress is in fits and starts
and usually due to a VERY small portion of the breeders who are
willing to sacrifice a whole lot to build and maintain a real
bloodline. 99 percent of breeders what puppies and studs from BIG
winners so they can maximize their income from the sale of puppies.
They either make little progress for the breed or push it backwards by
using dogs that WON WON WON but carry very serious problems and pass
them steadily to their get. After over 50 years in dogs I can assure
you that the above is at least my experience which I relate in all
honesty and full disclosure. People talk the talk but seldom walk the
walk. Their speech consists mostly of ba ba (sheep talk). They go
along to get along, and not only in dogs.
Good luck.
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