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1 2nd June 07:48
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Default broken front paw - surgery today


I remember some of you from several years ago when I read this forum on
a daily basis. I started out with two rabbits, Cecil & Perdie, who are
still alive and well. I've also added six more to my home, all adopted
from my local animal shelter where I volunteer in the rabbit room.

I have really missed the group and am now in need of some of your
expert advice. A friend of mine adopted a rabbit from the shelter who
on Sunday broke his front right paw. I drove him and Henry (the rabbit)
to a rabbit-savvy vet yesterday morning where they x-rayed and found
that indeed it was broken.The two options that were given were
amputation or putting a plate in it. My friend, a very loving rabbit
owner, decided to go with the surgery to put in a plate since they told
him there was a 90% chance or better that he would have full use of his
leg again. Even with it costing 3x as much as the amputation, I was so
glad to hear that he opted for trying to save his paw.

Henry goes in for surgery this afternoon. We are all very nervous. The
recovery will be somewhat long where Henry will have to be confined to
a very small space for two weeks with a splint. Then it's back to the
vets to replace that splint with another one for another two weeks.
Then he goes back in for another x-ray and yet another x-ray a month
after that. The full recovery will take around 12 weeks. If it's not
successful, they will need to go through with the amputation.

Has anyone had anything happen like this? Would amputation have been a
better route to take? They said that if they amputated his foot, he
would recover in about two weeks. Do you think he will suffer more with
just putting the plate in and having a longer recovery time? Any
advice, thoughts, or opinions would be greatly appreciated. I know that
we all have Henry's best interest at heart, but sometimes it's not so
obvious as to what the "right thing to do" is.

Cecil & Perdie
(& Blake, Charlie & Betty, Gabby, Thaddeus, Gizzy)
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