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1 24th March 23:54
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Default Cissy's Spay (Ronie please read) (long)

I have decided to use the vet, here in Aiken, for Cissy's Spay and she is
scheduled for Sept 8, 2003.
I just wanted to run this all by you and see if you think everything is
acceptable. (It's not too late to cancel if something doesn't seem right)

He says he will give her a Catamine (sp) Injection to relax her and make sure
she doesn't come out of the anesthesia with a start, then he will use Isoflurane
gas by face mask to keep her under during the procedure. He does not intubate.
She will be monitored for increased heart rate while she is under anesthesia. He
does not use the new method of gluing the incision because of possible
carcinogens in the glue, but will tuck the last row of stitches under a fold of
skin so she can't chew them.

He says it is always possible to lose a patient, but not likely with one who
is young and in good health. (He checked her thoroughly) He says most of his
practice is not with rabbits since they are not a big pet thing in this area. He
does agree that she should be Spayed if we want her to have a good, happy,
healthy, long life. He will do a complete hysterectomy (uterus and ovaries)

I'm not sure how many years he has been in practice, but he was here when I
moved to SC in 1981 so he has many years of experience.

What do you think? With this information, would you trust one of your babies
with him? Anything else I should find out before her surgery?

Thanks a bunch for any opinions.

Dori and Cissy (I got a raisin when we went today, but this other thing? ...
I'm thinking I might run away)

(*.*) Dori ...
{"}{"} BB and Cissy
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2 24th March 23:55
lori coates
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Default Cissy's Spay (Ronie please read) (long)

Sounds like a nice vet you have there and I would use him yes.
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3 25th March 18:47
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Default Cissy's Spay (Ronie please read) (long)

He has been Spaying for many many years and said he couldn't give an
actual count off the top of his head, but that he does do more dogs
and cats than rabbits. He seems to be one of those docs who gives it
to you straight and doesn't try to just tell you what he thinks you
want to hear. But Rabbits are not a predominate pet in this area.

He seems to be very knowledgeable about problems that a bunny can
encounter both health wise and during surgery. Still, It's really
hard to know who to trust with their lives.

One thing that impressed me is the fact that he has more technically
advanced diagnostic equipment than any of the other vets within 60
miles of us that we've seen.

Cissy needs to have her Spay done ... I just hope and pray that I'm
doing the right thing.

BTW (OT) I'm still having newsgroup problems ... no server (groan) so
I'm posting from Google.

Dori ... BB and Cissy
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4 25th March 18:47
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Default Cissy's Spay (Ronie please read) (long)

Maybe the owners just dont take them to the vet when they should

Typical conversations that I have with bunny owners go like this ~

"He stoped eating for a week and then started eating again"

"You were lucky, a rabbit that has refused to eat for over 12 hours needs to
see a vet and qualifies as an emergency case"

"Well it cost us 20 3 months ago for the vet to clip his nails so we don`t
want to spend more on vet bills for him"

It makes you want to scream !

On the up side I met someone yesterday and when they said that their bunny had
died two weeks before you can guess what sort of things I was thinking, you
could have knocked me down with a feather when they added that the bunny was 12

I think I will get some cards printed to hand out to the owners of unfortunate
bunnys to call me if they cant be bothered to give it propper care.

What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?

Is there another word for synonym?
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5 26th March 14:35
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Default Cissy's Spay (Ronie please read) (long)

Rabbits are little more than lawn fixtures for most people. Sometimes I
hear stories of what "Thumper" did the time he got out of his hutch. All I
can think is "one time??"

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