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1 3rd December 17:22
External User
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Default How much water does your rabbit drink?

Hi All,

My little rabbit Mui which is a lion dwarf, has 2 pounds. She only drinks
about 50 ml water each day. Is it normal?
I did not give any vegies/carrot recently to her since she eats less hay.
Her pee is in the color or orange to brown. I do worry abit since I heard my
frined's rabbit got blood in the pee and now taking meds.
It is hard for me to compare if the amount of water is normal since my big
lop has 5 pounds and she drinks more than 350ml each day. Her pee is not in
that color.

Please gve me some suggestion, and may take her to see vet next saturday
with some pee sample.

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2 5th December 10:12
arlette & cocoa
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Default How much water does your rabbit drink?

HI Pet,
I would still be giving Sui some veggies, unless she is prone to getting
stasis and really needs tons of hay. But even then, veggies help get
moisture into the intestinal tract and that helps prevent stasis too. Cocoa
doesn't drink that much, but that is because he eats a lot of wet veggies.
Orange to brown pee isn't a problem to worry about; it depends on the rabbit
and what they eat. Getting blood in the urine is quite different. Sui would
be exhibiting other symptoms if she had a bladder infection(which is
probably what your friend's rabbit had): like not using her litter box well,
trying to pee, but not being able too...things like that.

For a small rabbit, that is probably an ok amount of water to drink. I would
still give her veggies; they are good for her!

God Bless,
Arlette, Cocoa & Brownie in spirit (See us here
Need a vet? Click here
Support the licensing of bicillin in the UK.
There is no blessing from God so sweet as having
two chocolate coloured bunnies melting in your lap
in the warm morning sun.
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3 5th December 10:12
External User
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Default How much water does your rabbit drink?


Hi, My bunny Q-tip drinks NO water. I have tried different bowls and
containers. I have moved it to different places and she still drinks NO
water. Sometimes she will wet her lips and that is maybe one a week. I
have even stuck it in front of her nose. Nope, not even a drop. So for
that reason she gets unlimited vegis. She drank when she first came to
live with me but ever since she got vegis she has decided that she no
longer needs water. The Vet sees no long as she's
eating her vegis she gets enough water. And she seems hydrated.

Candice and Q-tip
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4 6th December 01:01
External User
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Default How much water does your rabbit drink?

hey pet, orange or red urine is caused by eating alfalfa hay. if you are
feeding your rabbit any alfalfa, then this is nothing to worry about.

i second arlette regarding the veggies. it is extremely important for your
rabbit to have veggies. start very slowly by giving one type of vegetable a
week. if you notice no bad health problems, then your rabbit can tolerate
this vegetable and you can add another. here are some good veggies to start
carrot tops
radish tops
cilantro (or coriander)
romaine lettuce (not iceberg)

these are just a few of the types i feed my guys.

hope that helps.

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5 6th December 01:01
External User
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Default How much water does your rabbit drink?

Give her the veggies. An all hay diet is no good. All the vitamins and
trace elements come from veggies, not to mention water. Pellets have
vitamins, but not so many trace elements. Skinny rabbits have many more
problems than plump ones. Remember, they are rabbits, not pop stars. LOL
A peanut once a week is good too.

"Nobody wants the girl with the skinny legs."

8-) Professor :-P Merlin & ;-) The Jump
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6 6th December 01:01
External User
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Default How much water does your rabbit drink?

Thankx, Candice,

Becoz she did not eat timothy hay much, so stopped vegies. Do u think it is
a good idea?
Should I give her vegies?? But she will eat little little timothy hay
only...what is your suggestion?

"Candice Gower" <>
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7 6th December 13:04
External User
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Default How much water does your rabbit drink?

Yes. If she's getting sufficient fluid in her diet, she may not drink
very much water.

Less hay than what? Than normal or than your other bunny?

Remember a 2 pound bunny has a tummy the size of a thimble, so she's
not going to eat too much.

Is she getting water from a bottle or from a bowl? Some rabbits, my
Tucker included, hate water bottles. He stopped drinking from a bottle
and I had to give him a bowl.

Rabbit pee changes color a lot, it will also change color as it sits
exposed to the air. Is she peeing orange/brown? Or is it darkening as it sits?

Different rabbits drink different amounts.

Is she acting normal?

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8 6th December 13:04
External User
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Default How much water does your rabbit drink?

Hi, Petrina. I don't give my rabbits very many vegetables, compared
to what some other people give. They get a bread plate (like a large
saucer) covered with various greens, a carrot heart, and a g**** each
evening. The rest of their diet is hay and pellets. They eat a lot
of hay as long as I buy second cut timothy. It is probably hard to
find overseas.

It's hard to know if a rabbit will eat a hay. Mine like hay that is
green and has a lot of grass blades, instead of stems. They don't
like stems at all.

I don't think veggies are an essential part of a rabbit's diet, as
long as he/she is getting the full dose of pellets and hay (or grass).
Good, fresh pellets given in the recommended amounts provide all the
vitamins and minerals a rabbit needs. Hay or grass provide all the

I do think that veggies have a good psychological effect. My pair
delight when I give them a dish of veggies they like. (Unfortunately,
this has not been happening since we moved to Texas. Now they often
eat their g**** and leave the table.)

Anita, Jessie, and Quark
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9 6th December 13:04
External User
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Default How much water does your rabbit drink?

Thats an exaggeration, but you use it to make a point

Twinkle at 3˝lbs can eat a pile of veggies the same size as her in an hour and
then does the un fed bunny act for more.

Pertaining to, or descriptive of, that kind of facial expression which is
impossible to achieve except when having a passport photograph taken.

FIUNARY (n.) ~
The safe place you put something and then forget where it was.
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10 7th December 05:20
External User
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Default How much water does your rabbit drink?

anita, it's interesting that you say that about pellets and hay being
enough. when nhu and i were at bunfest, my vet (dr. doolan) mentioned that
if he had a choice, no house rabbit would get pellets in their diet. he has
found that the pellets cause more problems regarding the alignment of the
rabbits teeth and that they are not worth it. a good hay and lots of
vegetables is all that he would feed.

just thought i would mention something i learned at bunfest

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