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1 26th January 06:29
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Default Need to Vent - kinda long

SIGHHHH - is rabbit ownership ever easy? I'm gonna start Bicillin shots on
Rufus and Poofie today - and i'm kinda nervous, kinda excited. The protocol we
are following is from here:

Last nite i was looking Rufus over, woe are they for having a vet tech mom, and
i noticed he has WARTS on his lower lip and on his lower gums in his mouth!
and he broke a tooth! sighhhh - and EWWWWW I hope they are not genital warts
IN his mouth! hee hee I've seen 2 rabbits with genital warts.

Poofie is in good spirits - she was raising hell in her cage this morning. I
still find it funny that the buns who's cages DON'T have doors, are the ones
that love to lay and play in them. LOOK OUT if i DO try to block the opening
off and "lock" them in there!

So Poofie had some nicely laid out newspaper in her cage and a phone book for
her entertainment. And boy did she let loose this AM. Looks like a HUGE mess
now in there. a HEAPING pile of scrapples newspapers and some yellow from the
yellow pages! i wonder if something she read offended her....

Neighbors saw lee and i outside last nite with Rufus and came to ask me if I
knew anyone that would take their 2 buns. The daughter was going to college -
one that's only 30 mins away, and WILL be staying home. But she can't take
care of HER rabbits anymore. She's going to be a vet tech by the way - sigh -
lousey start for her! I told them the most time i EVER spent with my buns was
while i was in school! I would go in their room and study and lay with them -
the loved exercise time, cause i had some cool books to chew on.

One is an all white with ruby eyes HUGE male named Ozzy. He's got to be 13-15
lbs. and a flemish giant! i fell in love with him - reminded me so much of
Floppy, who i lost at this time last year

the other was Buttercup - also a REW, but smaller, maybe new zealand size.
Butter cup was found on a curb of a main road here in the cold in her cage.
The mom took her in, but says it's her daughters and they don't want these
rabbits cause the daughter "wont' have time to clean cages"

The mom ALSO has a rabbit. A mini rex, but she wants to keep her, cause she
uses a litter box. NONE of the rabbits are altered. The 2 white ones are
young. The mom's rabbbit is older and i warned her about cancer, but she
thinks that 5 is too old for a spay -= SIGHHHHHH

so now i can't get Ozzy off my mind. He was so big and handsome. They came
over to my yard, were put in a pen and i did nails and scent glands. they were
so cute. they were trying to dig in the grass, but you can tell they didn't do
that much cause they we so "sloppy" about it - hee heee....

The daughter was totally grossed out at the scent gland cleaning and never did
her rabbits nails - can you beleive she's gonna be a vet tech - i started
telling her of the gross things she will have to do and she said she could
handle THAT. Just not scent glands - sighh - they didn't even know that
rabbits had scent glands or got uterine cancer

and I think Milton is drinking too much water - Lee and i are staring a log to
see how often we give the twins (Ling and Milton) water. SIGH - PLEASE - NO

I thank Billie every day for being healthy - he's the oldest and i think he
should be the one that is sickly - not the young ones here......But Healthy is

Anyway - more venting - i've been so lazy since BunFest has been over - all the
camping stuff is STILL in the kitchen and living room. My car was to be
inspected in JUNE, but it's now July, i have to goto the vet today to get the
penicillin for the kids and call to get my car inspected - which a dread cause
last year it cost $1800 in repairs to get it to pass - woe is me.

I need to shop vac the house and do litter boxes - the poor kids haven't been
changed since i got home from BunFest.

But Rufus is chinning my foot now, encouraging me to START my day at 1:15pm. I
need to send resumes out and i really don't want to cause i dread starting a
new job, but i miss my new career so much!

Rufus is still chinning me - my heels now! i'm soooo his! Billie is happily
chewing a new hole in his hidy box - i guess everything will be ok...

Thanks for reading my scattered thoughts, i have to get started now!

see ya later

Ronie CAHT, Billie, Poofdarina, Rufus, Ling and Milton
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2 26th January 06:30
kim mason
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Default Need to Vent - kinda long

I know how you feel abour rabbit ownership never being easy?

I was going over soem of the vet bills today and I can't believe how many
there have been. It seems I can never have all of them healthy at once.
Lately it seems that I can't have less than one sick at a time.

I also know what you mean about car repairs. We just spen over $700 ot fix
Murrays car and that is just what had to be fixed right now there is way
more work still to be done. I wish we could get rif of one of the cars and
take the bus but Murray works out of town and needs a car and I start my
shift too early so I can't get there on time on the bus (it is a 30-45
minute drive so biking and walking is out of the question to.)

I hope your gang starts feeling better soon. I will be thinking about them





1:15pm. I


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3 26th January 06:30
External User
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Default Need to Vent - kinda long

Yes, Arlette!

Ronie will be GREAT!!!!!


Bucky, Jackie, Mouse, Junior, Sasha & Patches!
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4 26th January 06:30
External User
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Default Need to Vent - kinda long

ronie wants a BIG BUN!!! hehehehheeeh love dem buns.

beth and her cute little fuzzbutts

(with hair the color of strained peaches)
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5 26th January 06:30
External User
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Default Need to Vent - kinda long

YOU **** - lee says the ark is full - and there you go rubbing it in! HEE HEE

I know i'm not on the BEST side of the UHF, but do you think they can help me
SNEAK Ozzy in?!?!?!

Ronie CAHT, Billie, Poofdarina, Rufus, Ling and Milton
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6 26th January 06:30
External User
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Default Need to Vent - kinda long

That would involve you chartering Hair Force Bun
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7 2nd February 03:12
External User
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Default Need to Vent - kinda long

poor Rufus!

Lisa & the "Fab Four" - Cartman, Wendy, Boo Boo and Hershey

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