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1 27th March 09:41
arlette & cocoa
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Default The Boy is Back in Town!

Hey everyone!!!!!

We're finally back home...actually we have been since Sunday night, but I've
just been too exhausted to get on the computer.

Well, Cocoa's excellent adventured turned out well despite the very long car
rides; Cocoa endured with dignity and grace 28 hours in the car. I didn't
fair quite so well. On the way down, I was so upset about him being
stressed, I didn't eat the whole day. When we got back, I was crying because
he seemed so disoriented. Raymond thought I had flipped for sure. BUT,
between those two stress points, Cocoa loved his adventures, and of course
set out to take over my mom's house

After thoroughly learning the layout of the yard and garden, he spent a lot
of time playing hide and seek with me while he shortened the bean plants and
stole a few forbidden carrot tops. He also made a run for the neighbours
yard once.

Inside the house, he slowly took over the den and let the Siamese cat know
that a new boss was moving into the territory. Twice our cat Danny wondered
into Cocoa's pen to gnaw on his hay, by the third time, Cocoa charged him.
This only happened once more and the cat got the message. The last couple of
days before we left, Cocoa was chasing the cat out of the den! Poor
Danny...he he he

My mom was impressed by the neat set up with the cube pen complete with
personal bunny fan and litter box night light. Well, Cocoa thought it was
neat too... for a couple of nights...on the second morning, I come into the
den (about a half hour past our usual 8:30am) to find Cocoa sitting free in
the middle of the room..."Hi mom, since you were late, I thought I would let
myself out" Yep, the boy had pushed his way out through the carabiner clips
I had used on the door. How he got his haunches through the two inch
opening, I'll never know. It was just toooo cute.
Ok, so I buy some bungee cords to hold the door tightly morning,
he had gotten the bungee cords off too(but hadn't yet opened the door) and
started chewing the white plastic off the grids. What a guy!

It was really fun having Cocoa with me and not having to worry about him
being alone and far away. He adjusted well to the situations, I just wish
the car rides weren't so long. It is a lot for a nine year old bun to
endure...heck, it is hard for ME to endure!

I took lots of pics of the boy on his adventures, I'll let you know when I
get them scanned.
Cocoa even got me on a new improved early morning schedule so we can go on
Bye for now!

God Bless,
Arlette, Cocoa & Brownie in spirit
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There is no blessing from God so sweet as having
two chocolate coloured bunnies melting in your lap
in the warm morning sun.
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2 27th March 09:41
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Default The Boy is Back in Town!

Sounds like you had a good time in spite of all the riding ... Can't wait to see
pictures :=)
(*.*) Dori ...
{"}{"} BB and Cissy
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3 27th March 09:41
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Default The Boy is Back in Town!

Great news Arlette. Glad you and Cocoa are back. Sounds like the both of you
had a wonderful time. I cant wait to see those pics.
Judy and Precious (my little bunny boy)
( ' ' )
O((''') (''')
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4 27th March 09:41
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Default The Boy is Back in Town!

sounds like mommy is having a harder time than the baby....

beth and her cute little fuzzbutts

(with hair the color of strained peaches)
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5 27th March 18:54
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Default The Boy is Back in Town!

Welcome back, Arlette and Cocoa. The best part of going somewhere is coming
home. Glad that you showed that cat who was boss, Cocoa.

Anita and Jessie
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6 27th March 18:54
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Default The Boy is Back in Town!

WELCOME BACK ARLETTE AND COCOA! Sounds like both of you had a
wonderful adventure. Glad that Cocoa still has a spot of ornery-ness
in him. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Rhonda, Mocha and Eugene
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7 27th March 18:55
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Default The Boy is Back in Town!

happy to have you two back.
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8 27th March 18:55
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Default The Boy is Back in Town!

we missed you arlette!

glad you enjoyed your holiday. guess you're not a "road warrior"
either......30 hours in a car..............believe me, if i heard 10 hours
of driving were required i'd be online looking for cheap tickets in a heart

give that little cocoa some nose rubs from the gang in nj......including our
new little addition.......dipper ;o)

mickey, morgan, thumper and dipper (hi cocoa)
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9 27th March 18:56
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Default The Boy is Back in Town!

Wow - Cocoa is an experienced traveler. So glad the trip went well - well
except for mommys panicing. I totally understand though.

Lisa & the "Fab Four" - Cartman, Wendy, Boo Boo and Hershey

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10 28th March 04:00
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Default The Boy is Back in Town!

*Boy*, Arlette???

Cocoa is **Da Man!**

Welcome back! I was just starting to wonder where you were, gf.

Glad Cocoa got the better of the silly *****.


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