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1 18th September 03:28
mandie @k@ zepherous
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Default ARt and Tars new site and a request

Hi all,
Now that Art is in good health again I am working on Art and Tars new site.
As well as info on Art and Tar and loads of photos of them I will be adding
a section of photos of other Ratties. If anyone woukld like their photos
displayed please send them to me. I will also be showcasing one photo a
month as Rattie of the month for the best photo.
There will also be a products page with items such as clocks, fridge
magnets, keyrings embroidered t-shirts etc (items can be personalized).
If it is ok for me to use your ratties photos on some of the products please
let me know when submitting the photos, if you don't want your photos used
on the products that's no problem.
Now off to get some good pics of Art and Tar if they will stay still long
enough :-)

I hope to get the site up and running within two to three weeks.
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2 18th September 12:00
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Default ARt and Tars new site and a request

I'm so glad that they are doing better!
BTW... I just realized the other day, Art and Tars, that's just a play
with letters that should spell rat or rats right?
Don't forget to give us the link! I've got loads of pics I send.

Owned by 22 rats.

~Ignorance is not innocence but sin. *Robert Browning*
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3 18th September 12:00
mandie @k@ zepherous
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Default ARt and Tars new site and a request

They really are doing so well, Art has became totally nuts since his
recovery, and Tar has a new habit of
wanting to go underneath be no matter where I am sitting or laying, he
starts with a gentle nudge, then a few
head buts, then little nips that make me move. Art has found his turbo
boost switch, he gets excited and just runs everywhere at warp speed.
Art and Tar are short for Artaius and Taranis , I've put a bit about what
there names mean on the site I'm working on. LOL, hardly anyone seems to
notice that Art and Tar
are both anagrams of Rat, Art is mostly white and Tar is mostly black. My
vet remarks on how I never call rats by normal names, beofre Art and Tar I
had a
hybrid femal called Morpheous, she hated other rats and did not care to be
handled too much, I lost her at just over two years old with post oprative
stress, the op went fine
but she really had a thing about people :-( Before Morph I had a pair of
boys called Borias and Zepherous, Zepherous was always in at the computer
which is were the name
for my IT service site came from
I will post a link to Art and Tars site very soon, my embroidery machine
arrived today so the T-shirts etc will help towards paying for it as I can
no longer go out to work as
I am a full time carer for my Mum.
I look forward to the photos, I am just about to take some more of Art and
Tar then clean there cage out, a marathon job as I have had to rearange
things as hammocks can not
be relied on to brake falls from heights due to Arts tastes in chewing them
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