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1 17th September 08:13
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Default Bonding new ratboys

Hi, I couldn't think where to put this. I hope I didn't make people
mad because I found a new home for the rats I took in. We just never
bonded, I really tried, and my other 2 rats were afraid of them. There
are so many things that make people upset.
I can kind of relate to Samantha, from what I could figure out is she
got some females that were already preg. and got hassled a lot. Also I
believe I have aspergers. I have always had a very hard time telling
apaart jokes, being able to follow conversations with more that 1 other
person, saying the wrong thing and not knowing why.
That said, I got 2 cute little boys between 4 1/2 -5 wks. old. They
are so tiny! One is a ruby eye white dumbo. I was goingto call him
Kippy after Cutter Hayes hero in the Mouse Knights, but he may be
Binky. The other is a white with brown hoody, he is shyer and he has
eaars that might be a little lower but probably regular ears. He hasn't
told me his name yet.
Question. Should I get them out often and keep them in my shirt,
or do the wait till they accept food from my hand, then let me pick
them up to gain their trust? I tend to go with the first one for
bonding but don't want to mess anything up, plus I won't nueter unless
they need it for some reason it a problem comes up.
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2 17th September 08:14
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Default Bonding new ratboys

Hi there,

It if was me.... I would scoop up those babies and put them down my top
and leave them there. I would do this often too. They will eventually
fall asleep ( which is cute as). They will also get to know your smell
and appreciate your warmth. It is a great way to bond with them as well
so its a win win situation.. All the best,

Regard Kate
Today I may meet with injustice, ignorance, denial, all of which are due
entirely to the other's lack of knowledge of good and evil and the
difference thereof.
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3 17th September 08:14
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Default Bonding new ratboys

I second that... put them in your shirt, carry them on your shoulder, cuddle
and talk to them, lots of hands on, etc etc.

Merlene and Daisy (who told me her name is NOT Marisol) received all of the
above and now use me as home base. Nothing quite like

having a rattie jump off the desk and dive into your shirt , nose around,
then settle in for a wee nap.

Julia and
The Mischief Makers

Then jumping on the keyboard
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4 17th September 08:15
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Default Bonding new ratboys

I'm sure nobody is mad, so don't worry ) I know how hard biters are to
live with as I've been there, luckily castration totally change him. I hope
your bite healed up ok, I think I remember you saying you had to have
anti-biotics for it?

I agree with Kate and Julia, and I know Joanne will say the same, pluck
those little cuties out of their cage and put them down your shirt for lots
of snuggly bonding time!

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5 17th September 13:13
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Default Bonding new ratboys

Hi Traci thanks for letting me know people understand, also thanks to
Kate and Julia and Joanne who responded and I agree with you all!
Ithink you are right, Rabbit
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