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1 17th September 03:50
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Default UPDATE: SAD :( & JOYOUS :D

Thanks to the people who actually were kind and helpful and answered my

Yes, I keep my males and females separated.
I have one rat cage for every rat I have.

As far as the pregnant rat. Actually, I had 2 pregnant rats already
given to me "that" way... Surprise Surprise... Anyways......

Litter #1 of 11 was born May 28th and Litter #2 of 11 was born June 2nd.

Unfortunately, out of the entire group of 22, Only 12 survived.

They all seemed perky as ever the day before I discovered they had went to
the Rainbow Bridge. :*(

One precious little girl died in my hands today. :*(

I will be taking the bodie's to the vet and maybe they can tell me what
all the deaths within 2 days of each other.

All of my grown rats have been tested for Myco.
All tested negative. This includes the previously pregnant females.
All checked out healthy by the vet.

The way the little girl acted while she passed on, It reminded me of kittens
my cat had when I was about 12. They had Fading Kitten Syndrome and
only one survived out of 6 kittens.

Also, I noticed that all 10 of the dead babies, where you should see the
white milk band, it was a yellow color.

So that is my update on the pregnant rat(s) and the babies.

Samantha in Oklahoma

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2 17th September 08:12
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Default UPDATE: SAD :( & JOYOUS :D

Sorry to hear of your losses. It's not easy even when they have only been
with you a short while. They still tug at the heart strings.
Lots of TLC will have the remaining babies strong and healthy.
Jackie - Jorja and Texas <:_)~ and the Boys, Ronald, Scratch, Rupert and
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3 17th September 08:15
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Default UPDATE: SAD :( & JOYOUS :D

Sorry you lost so many babies. I hope the remaining ones do well.

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4 17th September 08:20
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Default UPDATE: SAD :( & JOYOUS :D

Awww, sorry to hear about your babies :-(
Positive vibes and scritches to the remaining ones xx

Tarn ...............
Dogs: Cheyenne & Tehya
Ratties: Yoda, Yogi, Beau & Sebastian <:3_)~~~
At Rainbow Bridge: Buttons, Patch, Cookie, Fudge, Apollo, Zeus,Ben, Neptune,
Morpheus,Ulysses, Pluto, Jerry, Smokie & Barney <:3__) ~~~
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