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1 21st September 02:16
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Default Why did my hamster die?

My hamster died last night. We only had him for about a month. He was
only 2 months old. The night before last he was very active. He was
climbing the bars on his cage and running a lot. In the morning we
noticed that he didn't come out, but we didn't think anything of it.
When evening came and he was still sleeping, I went to check on him and
found him in a coma. He was unresponsive. His body was very cold. I put
him on a warm ice pack. He twitched a bit. I knew he wasn't going to
make it through the night to see a vet. He died before midnight.

The hamster I had before also died after about a month. She too was
very active right up to the day of her death.

What's going on? Did I kill my hamsters? I cared for them the same way
I cared for my first hamster Hammie. Hammie lived to be over 2 1/2
years old.

My Mom thinks they may have hit their heads on their ceramic food bowl
when they jumped down from a small ledge. I don't know what to think. I
think they died of illness. What kind of illness kills so quickly?
Their were no signs of wettail.

I didn't change their water bottle everyday. Could they have gotten
sick from stale water? I don't understand, I did the same thing for
Hammie and he lived a long life.

I wash their fruits and vegetables and I clean the cage once a week.

What happened? Why did they die so young? Both were very active right
up to the day of their death. They were sick for about a day and died.
What kills so quickly?

Was something wrong their their teeth? I didn't see anything wrong.
Could they have had bad back teeth and starved to death? I saw them
eating fine though. Wouldn't they have been lethargic for a few days
before dying of starvation?

I don't understand. :-( I'm sad. Why did my hamsters die? What did I
do? I don't know if I will ever get another hamster again. I don't want
to kill any more.

I just don't get it. Hammie lived a full life and I cared for him the
same way. I don't understand.

Why did my hamsters die?
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2 21st September 02:16
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Default Why did my hamster die?

Jenny I'm sorry to hear about your hamster. Its especially sad when they are
so young. If you looked after Hammie until he was 2 and a half you must be
doing all the right things.

I think it unlikely both died from identical accidents. I doubt that a few
day old water would do it either.

Its possible if both came from the same place they could be part of the same
breeding stock and have genetic faults or the same bug.

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3 21st September 02:16
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Default Why did my hamster die?

Is it hot where you are at the moment? its just I live in the UK and we are
having a heatwave here, and one of my hammies died suddenly a couple of
weeks ago, and im certain it was the heat that sadly killed him, he was
fine a few hours earlier, and was eating and climbing about and play
fighting with his brother that morning.
Just a thought, im sorry for your loss
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4 21st September 02:16
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Default Why did my hamster die?

I bought Sophie and Buttertart (the ones who died young) from the same
pet store. I'm beginning to wonder if it is their hamsters that have a

I dunno.

It has been hot, but it cooled off a bit on the weekend. I guess I'll
never know what killed them.


I just wish so hard he wasn't dead. :-(
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5 21st September 02:16
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Default Why did my hamster die?

This is the downside to hamsters. They don't live very long yet they mean
so much to us that they inevitably break our hearts.

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