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1 7th June 10:33
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Default #37782 : php.ini in CWD not parsed

From: lordi at msdi dot ca
Operating system: Windows 2003
PHP version: 5.1.4
PHP Bug Type: *Configuration Issues
Bug description: php.ini in CWD not parsed

Based on this page:

a php.ini file located in the current directory should be parsed before a
file located in c:\windows\php.ini

If I use the php-cli.exe to parse files from iis, the c:\windows\php.ini
is parsed even if there is a php.ini file in the local directory of the
called script...

I tested the directory with getcwd() and it showed the right path...

I ran sysinternals filemon and I confirmed the bug or at least the
do***entation problem...

Tracing the disk access, I saw php-cli.exe tried to access c:\php.ini but
got a not found error
Then the process tried to access c:\windows\php.ini which succeeded, but
without trying to load the php.ini file from the do***entation as per the

This worked fine in php 5.03, I just upgraded/clean reinstalled today

It might be a big security risk for people relying on local php.ini files
since it's another php.ini file that gets parsed

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