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1 11th August 04:28
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Default #42915 : mod_proxy + php5_module + URL UTF-8 = HTTP 404

From: yeti at na-svyazi dot ru
Operating system: Win
PHP version: 5.2.4
PHP Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
Bug description: mod_proxy + php5_module + URL UTF-8 = HTTP 404


LoadModule php5_module "C:/SOFT/PHP524/php5apache.dll
PHPIniDir "C:/SOFT/PHP524/"

<Location /demo>
ProxyPass http://iis/demo
ProxyPassReverse http://iis/demo

in browser:

browser send to apache:
GET /demo/%D1%84%D1%84%D1%84.txt

apache send to iis:80 :
GET /demo/╤%84╤%84╤%84.txt

(i.e. %D1 convert to chr(0xd1))

if php5_module is not loaded apache send to iis:80 :
GET /demo/%D1%84%D1%84%D1%84.txt

tested on: Apache 1.3.39, 2.0.59, 2.2.6 & PHP 5.2.4, 5.0.5, 4.4.6

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