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1 11th March 15:27
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Default pdo-oracle + nls_lang environment variable...


I'm using pdo-oci on php-5.2.2 against an oracle-10g server, using
oracle-instantclient (compiled oracle with

The problem...:
I make a simple php script that makes a select from a table. The table
contains spanish characters so I set the enviroment variable NLS_LANG to
SPANISH_SPAIN.AL32UTF8 before running apache (also tried other values that
use iso8859-1...). If I run the script in console (using the CLI version of
php) the returned data is in the desired collation, so I can see the spanish
special characters like "ñ", "ó" and so on... The problem is that running
exactly the same script via HTTP (apache2) I always get question marks
replacing the special characters...

I tried many things... I export the enviroment variable as root and as the
user running the apache daemon, I modified the apache init script to export
the variables just before starting apache, I tried using the putenv function
in php code and no luck at all...

I realized about something that maybe is related... a php script running in
CLI can access any environmental variable, but no any env-var running in
apache... for example the following code: <?php echo getenv("LC_ALL"); ?>
will return my locale setting in CLI but returns nothing via http... is it

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2 11th March 18:56
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Default pdo-oracle + nls_lang environment variable...

Javier Ruiz escribió:

Maybe you have the AddDefaultCharset directive from Apache2 set to
ISO-8859-15 instead of UTF-8 (or even off)? I have worked with php-oci8
and php5.2 without any collation problem this far (using ñ € ans so on...)

Miguel J. Jiménez
Programador Senior
Área de Internet/XSL/PHP


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Constance Hazard, North & South (book I)
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3 11th March 18:57
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Default pdo-oracle + nls_lang environment variable...

sorry, forgot to CC to the list...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Javier Ruiz <>
Date: May 17, 2007 9:46 AM
Subject: Re: [php] pdo-oracle + nls_lang environment variable...
To: "Miguel J. Jiménez" <>

Thanks for the answer.

Nah I checked and apache has support for both latin1 and utf8 charsets, I
tried anyway forcing the output of apache to iso8859-1 and to utf8 but no

I'm almost convinced it's something about php reading the NLS_LANG
environment variable because if I just unset this variable php-cli (and even
oracle's sqlplus directly) behaves the same way as php-apache does (displays
special characters as question marks).

gracias miguel :-D
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