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1 12th August 00:21
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Default My musings on problems I've had with the PHP

In response to "Daniel Brown" <>:

Are you implying that I'm being inappropriately sarcastic, or that I'm
misunderstanding sarcasm when it's used?

Thanks for pulling out your original reply. I intended to post a link
to the message thread, but today's been crazy. Hopefully I'll find time
to update that post later this week. Now that you've reminded me, you
_were_ one of the people who responded in a positive manner.

It's possible that the focus of the article is off, as I wasn't as much
interested in the mild misunderstandings that occurred on the mailing
list. The two things I'm frustrated by are:

1) The use of "not a bug" to close things that look like bugs with no
further explanation
2) The fact that I submitted a fix to a bug 2 weeks ago and nobody has
even acknowledged it.

Of course, any time you attempt to levy constructive criticism, it's
liable to be misunderstood. The fact that you're calling it
"demeaning" is hard evidence that's already happened. My goal here
is for others to understand the problem, otherwise, nothing can be done
about it.

As far as the "public" posting, I assure you that hardly anybody reads
my blog
(yes, stats collection has been broken for the past week, but you can
see several months of demonstration that nobody cares what I think

Additionally, I think this discussion is of general interest to all
open source groups. A good friend of mine at CMU has been studying
open source groups and how they attract contributors, and how they
sometimes scare them away. My opinion is that the lack of response
from core developers is going to make contributors think their time
is better spend elsewhere, and I'd prefer _not_ to see that happen.

Bill Moran

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