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1 18th February 05:40
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Default #29900 : Variables can't hold more than 42.56KB

ID: 29900
Comment by: seanstansell at gmail dot com
Reported By: amir29 at comcast dot net
Status: Open
Bug Type: Performance problem
Operating System: Win32
PHP Version: 5.0.1
New Comment:

Having same (well...almost) problem. Mine are actually capping out at
100,000 bytes (97.6kb). Windows 2000/PHP 5.01

Previous Comments:

[2004-08-30 17:21:26] amir29 at comcast dot net

Whether I use curl, file_get_contents, or fgets php will not put more
42.56kb ... well occassionaly (randomly) it will but most of the time
it won't.

I tried increasing the max memory use from 8M to 64M to no avail.

This bug is in 4.3.5-4.3.9 and 5.01

Reproduce code:
$page = file_get_contents(any web page larger than 100kb);
echo $page // will only display 43kb;

Expected result:
echo $page // display 100kb

Actual result:
echo $page //displays 42.56kb


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