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1 13th July 19:30
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Default #40781 : invalid HTML

ID: 40781
User updated by: php dot net at steltenpower dot com
Reported By: php dot net at steltenpower dot com
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Session related
Operating System: Linux
PHP Version: 4.4.5
New Comment:

Keeping the current thing as a default would be good.

Saying that it works on a few common browsers is forgetting about
semantic web and accessibility.

Previous Comments:

[2007-03-12 18:05:06]

Browsers from Netscape 4 and up have no problem parsing tags like
<br /> so this is not going to be changed in order to keep xhtml


[2007-03-12 11:44:28] php dot net at steltenpower dot com

I'm using PHP's built-in session system through session_start() etc.

In the HTML output this results in lots of things of which
<input type="hidden" name="PHPSESSID" value="8748someLongId865" />
is part.

in there should be removed to make it valid HTML

is needed for XHTML (which might also need
replaced with

So to be able to use the PHP built-in system for both valid HTML and
valid XHTML a switch, flag, ini setting, or something is needed


[2007-03-12 09:29:33]

Not enough information was provided for us to be able
to handle this bug. Please re-read the instructions at

If you can provide more information, feel free to add it
to this bug and change the status back to "Open".

Thank you for your interest in PHP.


[2007-03-12 00:19:34] php dot net at steltenpower dot com

<input type="hidden" name="PHPSESSID" value="..." />
is generated and the / makes it invalid HTML.

XHTML needs the /

So to be able to output both valid HTML and valid XHTML an ini variable
or something is needed


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